Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Heart Attack!

I tell yiu.
I just had a heart attack just now.
I received a call from my neighbour. She was shouting, saying my BoBoChaCha ran out of the house and went to the taman FAR AWAY from my house! She told me that Big C came home and left the door unclosed! And her DIL passed by the taman and saw them wandering around at the taman.
I was speechless and called BIG C immediately. He can only say "Shit. Okay Okay " . My hands was shivering and tears started to come out. I was talking to Shannon and she was like "Don't think so much, Don't think so much" Trying to console me.
I wrote about them earlier (the post below) and kept the post as draft just in case I'm too busy to blog. And my eyes was like twicthing for the past 3 weeks. If you're in my shoes, what is the first thing that will pass in yr mind, you tell me?
ChaCha is miniature Shih Tzu and there's not many around. BoBo can take care of himself but ChaCha cannot. I was thinking..."Oh No. Either a car will bang her while she's crossing the road or dognapped". I cann't stop myself from thinking negatively. I called big C and he didn't pick up my calls. Fine! I used friend finder to track where is his exact location and I can see that he is going back towards our house.
And he called me, "I found them" . And he TRIED TO EXPLAIN saying that the autogate didn't close properly and there's a small gap in between so yadda yadda yadda. Hey, it's not the first time that they got out of the house because the gate was unlocked - caused by _ _ _ _ .
I always said that just stay for a few more seconds and LOOK at the blardy gate, make sure it COMPLETEly locked and then only drive off. No. But sOmeone said that "Nevermind, will close by itself".
I just replied to him " I HAVE NOTHING TO TALK TO YOU NOW.
Man....this really piss me off!
My earlier sweet sweet post about my doggies......
This is IKEA storage container. Cost you RM6.90 if i'm not mistaken.You can put many things inside. Toys, Books, Soft Toys and etc.

But I used it to put my ChaCha when i mop my floor. And she will stay put inside.

And then guess who will come and disturb her?

And this is her BF. He still dunno how to *ahem* Maybe i need to send him to LIN COCKA WINGZ institute.

Totally neglected them since Lil J is born. Somehow I will try to Bath and groom them when I have the chance.
Winn, when you wanna send Liucas over to play?


  1. Heart attack no more..Lin Peh got this kind of serbis wan - to jaga yr dog! hahaha

  2. Gosh.. Its really a heart attack. And its good to hear that your hubby found them.

    Don't be angry le.. Got to be happy that they r found. Maybe they r going for a small honeymoon by themselve leh? :)

  3. hahaha... that time i also heart attack sekali with u...

    BIG C ARR!!! next time make sure the door is FULLY closed!! lucky this time nothing happen... else.... tsk tsk tsk....

  4. Aiyo yo! I can imagine poor Bobo and Cha Cha wandering around and don't know where to go.

    Luckily they were found if not ..... (choi choi choi)

    Ish...ish....ish ...*shaking head* Mr. Big C, haiyo, alamak, I've got nothing to say too. Men!!!!! *feel like knocking ur head and kicking ur butt* heehee.

  5. such a cute pet... i can imagine if i were to lost one...

  6. If Ah Pek and I were passing your house hor.....habis!
    We sure claypot Bobo Chacha liao. LOL

  7. Thank god Big C found them. Oh well, you know how men are. Sigh. Nothing else to say....

  8. oh, luckily found them know la, orang jahat banyak le..somemore i believe people will take them away if they saw them..

  9. Actually..not to sound mean or anything..but y your neighbour never help you by taking the dogs in for the day?

    When my neighbour's dog ran out..while the gate was closing, I saw..and quickly shooed her into my house. She waited in my house, until my neighbour came back.

    I mean.... cute dogs like that..sure kena culik one!

  10. My heart also went 'bom bom bom' when I read your post :D Luckily Big C found them. Guess he'll be extra careful now ;D

  11. sasha,
    forgive Big C lah. Sometimes, men do make mistake mah.

    The puppy really cutteezz leh. And how come bobochacha leh? Don't want kikilala? haha!

  12. luckily they are back safely. if me i also will have heart attack. your 2 dogs are sooo cute. i aso got another dog here exactly same type with ur ChaCha except mine's brown in colour..

  13. oh, u dun mind me linking u to my blog, yeah..

  14. thank god Big C found them...

  15. Dont angry with Big C.. am sure he learnt his mistake now. Importantly your 'po pui' are back to home sweet home~~

  16. Wah! Mine peebo also ran out from the house this morning because my SIL open the gate wide too big for her to got the chance to run out. Luckily today my hub not feeling well and when my SIL called me the time, my hub still at home..Peebo ran inside my neighbour house, inside their living room somemore -.-""

  17. Hey.. Sasha,
    Donch get too mad with Big C... la.. ! i am sure he feels really bad already..! It's human to err.. eh..?? take it easy ya..!

  18. Found already ah, angry a while can liao ok? :D

  19. myst becareful..the last time my sis dint lock the game, i lost my yorkshire terrier:(.....

    my fren also..jus recently lost hers coz the gate din lock properly..

    ur dogs so cute! looks young!

  20. I have the same thoughts as Mott: why didn't your neighbor go after them?

  21. Desperate Mummy7:48 AM

    Aiyo luckily found :)

  22. AceOne118 : He will cook my dog and eat . Lagi scary!

    OuR NeW LiFe'S : Hahah Honeymoon? They have the whole house to roll ard when we're not at home!

    ShannonC + Tracy: He read yr comment edi...

    Julian : *sigh*

    Cocka Doodle : If missing i report police and send them to u two!

    Nadia : *sigh*

    huisia : Thats why i'm so worried!

    mott : She is sick la..JUst went for breast cancer operation. Last time she went and find them for me. In fact this morning she told me, she went and tried to find them But cannot find them and samo she gotto rush to the hospital for her follow up check up. Thats why.

    Mommy to Chumsy : Bom Bom? Mine no more heart beat EDI!

    Kok : Forgive but not forgotten yah? Kiki Yr head la. Bobo was given to us when his name is already BoBo for many years. Chacha was given to me as bday pressie by Big C few years ago. Thats why la...hahah kikilala..apalah!

    khai khee : Hey no prob! Eh yrs brown colour is what gender?


    Etcetera~Mommy: Angry? For what? Make my life miserable?

    babyfiona : Wuah! u oso quite lucky !!!

    Mama BoK : I know but....when reminded too many times and still happened..i guess we can't blame human error eh? When to blame? when death happen?

    sue : No gas liao

    Winn : Yokshire terrier very easy kena stolen wan!!!!!thats why i shave my bobochacha not so hensem andpweety and ppl dun wana steal ugly things eh?

    Vien : OO pls refer to my comment for mott.

    Desperate Mummy : Yes luckily!

  23. omgg i almost freaked out for u too!! luckily u found them!!!!!

    can i play with themm??? ur bobo wants another gf anot?? i got a doter!!! =P heheheh

  24. is male. almost 3 years old already, but till now still no girlfren...haha

  25. Huei : Hey next time i bring them and play with u !

    khai khee: Aiyah but u stay fo far leh..

  26. So cutee leh Bo Bo Cha Cha... I want to play with them also... so cute until I can die...

    Btw, you got tagged :P

  27. hm.. y dun put them in a cage whn go work wor..

    Next time be more careful ler..

    Cute dog lidis.. sure got ppl eye on ..

  28. Cool down yeah .. dun lau lau adi jor la :D

  29. oops!

    *slaps mouth*

    *slaps cheek*



  30. Cha-cha is so cute in the last pic - she looks like MashiMaro! Now I see why people love little dogs like this...

  31. babies like that no wonder they are your 'sum gone ding'!!