Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Me and My Teddy.



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He was going through his toys and he found his abandoned teddy lying in the toy area. He looked at me and gave me grin, Big Grin. And then he reached for his teddy and .............poked teddy's eye. A very normal act if he likes someone. Normally he will poke the eyes, nose or the mouth.

And then i we jumped into the play pen and he found another pacifier. He will suck on one, and look at the other one. And the spit the one that he is sucking and exchange with the other one. So i took the other pacifier and teased him by placing in front of teddy's mouth. He giggled and we continued to joke about that. And finally....we took a picture for remembrance. He then kicked me and asked me to get out from his crib. Haha

By the way....this is pocoyo.

This Pocoyo. He tried to dance like Pocoyo but he fell down and bit his lips. Ouch!

Eh you guys really read my blog or what? Forgot that his bday cake is pocoyo meh?



  1. Soo now the happening one is popcoyo... okey noted !!!

  2. I think they didnt pay attention to pocoyo laaahhhhh hahahaha... duplicate the pocoyo dvd and pass a copy to them...

  3. Esther11:05 AM

    Frankly, me also dun kw abt 'POCOYO' cause i dun subscribe Astro at home, HAHAHA. My boy only watching Barney and kid songs, which i bought frm 'Pasar Malam' HeHeHe

  4. I read but I don't leave it into my memory...sorry 80% are my children stuff in there. Need some housekeeping too and scandisk on my memory...hehehe

  5. Desperate Mummy1:12 PM

    Eh, see-see ar u little bit look like Pocoyo ler :D

  6. Eh, the other brown kaler doll looks similar like mr bean mia doll liddat wan..hahaha

  7. aiyor so cute wan with pacifier !!


  8. mom2ashley2:02 PM

    how to remember la...reading so many blogs in a day! hehehhehe

  9. Now young time enjoy Pocoyo...
    Next time big ledi go for Pukiyo.

    Hahahaha! *evil laughter*

  10. walao laughing at cocka's comment,,,falling of the chair leow...

  11. See, told u I'm ur loyal fansi who digs into ur blog every day.

    Destinee said
    Don't blame the aunties, Lenglui Auntie Sasha, the little jieh jiehs, kor kors, mei meis and di dis will know who Pocoyo is. But hor, my gila mommy is oso a great fansi of Pocoyo. Heeheehee.

  12. Teddy's so cute! :)

  13. Oh! SO this is pocoyo la? Keke! Now i know ledi!

  14. that time din read ur blog yet duno ma..haha now i cute !!

  15. Anonymous12:45 PM

    ooo... about teddy bear.. i got pics like tht to share too. hehe.. your boy indeed cutie!!