Tuesday, April 10, 2007


*sigh* i just got back from work...and its near to 11pm.
Nevermind...let me cerita to you what happened this afternoon. Gotto rush to my agency's place for some focus group. And they told me they cannot find that particular brand product anywhere near their office. So i stopped by 3 petrol stations and 1 Giant supermarket and still cannot find that particular brand. I TELLYIU! If you wanna market your brand...PLEAZZZZZZ make it easy to find!
Anyway once reached the Giant supermarket...as usual the Bangla guards will be stationed right in front of the entrance. And he used his 3 fingers and moved it a lil bit, indicating to me "COME HERE". So i went and ask him " Yeah". He told me " Ini Bag Kasi Letak Counter". And i shouted at him...."NO! THIS IS MY COMPUTER!!!!" and gave him a "you stupid moron!" look. Seriously i dunno what got into me, probably knowing that i need to work late and all. And moreover i love my laptop..wanna die ah? Put there then missing edi who's gonna pay me back? Stupid idiot. I guess i scare him off....and then he geleng his head, indicating "ok...Ok". And i went in with my laptop bag.
So as a summary, please do not disturb a mother who knows that she gotto work late and will miss her baby, went to 3 petrol stations and 1 supermarket and couldn't get what she want, Carrying a big laptop bag and born under the scorpio sign.
We snap quite easily.


  1. Wah.. you so fierce ar?? Luckily I fast fast visit your blog when you ping me. Don't angry la..oso don't scold the bangla la.. nanti the bangla rape you then u know.. :P

  2. Desperate Mummy11:49 PM

    Wah, why so garang one. Don't play-play wif bangla like wat Yvonne said nanti rape u then u know :P

  3. Yeah lah, the security ppl thinks they have authority over us. Ask lah nicely. I also kena once, also in Giant. He doesn't allow to bring my small umbrella in. I am so annoyed, I told him I want to go into Guardian not GIANT. :P

    What brand you looking for?

  4. Er, bangla damn wolf ar? Just chill, Sasha. I know your work has been quite taxing..but so late at nite, better not run into petrol stations, giant mkts, etc..not safe la.

  5. Ei, Giant very the teruk and strict nowadays leh.. I was refused entry a few times already coz the bag i was carrying was too bag for their liking. And I refused to leave my bag at the counter.. i tell them my bag costs rm2500 leh, last liao who gonna bear... they just shrug and say MUST put at counter. *sigh* i just left lorr, no other hypermarket meh??

  6. wah,nowadays Giant so strict ar?? then how about lady brings in the baby bag, also can't ar?

    relax relax sasha...don't let the wrinkles out..

  7. LOL! yea...true....don't mess around with a mommy who has to work late and misses her baby and family back home yea? anyways..the guard was just trying to do his job ler....:)

  8. Aiyah... mummy dun so garang, okie.. cool a bit oni nia... me also scorpio same same like U we show them a little bit of color oni dun so much...

  9. how come more and more cursing post since you started new job ah? :P

  10. wahahaha... dun play-play with hot mama.. she can kill !!!

  11. wah!! next time i must shout at them oso!!

    one hand hold purse..one hand hold phone..how to hold groceries!??!?
    (i dun use trolley lar..onli like 2-3 items nia)

  12. phooooowarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr




  13. Etcetera~Mommy: Yeah i very fierce wan WHEN I WANT TO.

    Desperate Mummy: Dun play play with me...*roar*

    michelle + Vien + mom2ashley: The banglas damn lanci. What i'm pissed with is they just wanna ek si ek yong u know. they can say it in nicer way ma...Use finger to call me.

    sue : on the way wan mah....dun wanna be late for appointment

    huisia : i have no problem bringing my baby bag....cos i stare at them..haha

    Wennnn : okok a lil bit yeah,..keep some

    Egghead : where got cursing? scolding only mah

    janicepa : no la..i can break KKC only

    Huei : U try and shout and see....Sure work wan

    mott : U ah ..abit saddist..like to see my anger wan..

  14. wuahaha..the Bangla chose the wrong time to mess with you ah...;)

  15. cool down cool down, i know how u feel.Working late and miss the kids at home...i understand..
    Dont angry ok..buy u strawberry dip in chocolate...hahaha

  16. Oscar's Mommy9:52 AM

    wuarharharhar... come la, ngo sek fan lei ler... wa until 11pm so bad wan ah this company... poor jayden...

  17. Esther10:04 AM

    Seems tt, ur new job give u lots of pressure wor... Come, hav a deep breathe, u will feel better!! :))

  18. come scorpio mate... BIG HUGZ
    weekend soon...

    if the job continue lidat ar, i think i will wish that u get fired also lar...

  19. aiyo - you scorpio ah? no wonder so garang. BUt scorpios also have a very generous heart la - speaking from personal experience

  20. If i'm the guard there, I mati mati oso ask you to leave your bag behind or else kenot masok!

  21. Leng : Yeah . Wrong time

    Annie Q : Oi i no more angeri lah

    Oscar's Mommy : I hope only once in a while la

    Esther : I hope its good pressure

    ShannonC.: HAHAHA hope that i got fired..yay!

    HMom: Yeah ..i got generous heart IF i want to

    AceOne118 : SLAP ACEONE!

  22. Looks like you are really stressed up. But then, I will be like you too if I'm in the same situation. Maybe worse.

  23. warao eh! no mess with you mama!

  24. One thing good about shopping here.. is the "angmohs" they donch harass you .. like the security guards back home. The useless "angmohs" security guards here.. only harass the children.

  25. hahahaa

    cannot mess with this hot mommy!!!

  26. Aiyo...poor thing. Must drink lots of 'leong sui' to cool down leh :D

  27. You carry laptop only ah?
    Winn carries her laptop, printer and server etc all in her bag.
    You should see what a big bag she carries! LOL

  28. TheBlueRanger: Nolah...only sasha is like dis wan

    laundryamah :Amah u say la..if u u slap him edi

    mama bok : Yeah i guess angmohs are less strict

    mommy of two angels : Can Can....Can joke la

    Mommy to Chumsy : U make for me?

    Cocka Doodle : Actually i smuggle my son to work with me

  29. wahh... shouted at him eh? sounds nasty...

    so easy for girls to always put the blame on their gender eh?

  30. Hey..Sasha,
    It's not less strict.. !! it's the damn human rights thing lah..!! everything also invading on their privacy..!! can die lah..!

  31. My dear lady - you summed it up perfectly! I scold a lot of people also and then hubby will say to me,

    "Hmm...no wonder people don't like woman bosses...esp those born under the year of the Tiger...so b*tchy..."

    I didn't know Scorpios are like that too [gimme me a five!]

  32. My husband always says woh.. these ppl (the Bangla guards).. give them a little authority and they very LSLY one.