Monday, April 09, 2007

Drama on the road

Was driving in Glenmarie...La La La ..

Suddenly can feel like something rushing towards my car.

I looked at the mirror.

I saw a Lorry Flashing and hitting his brakes.


I looked back. I saw. A Chubby chinese Guy giving me the look "SEI PAT POH! GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!".

"Fine, u want go reincarnate, i won't stop you" So i tried to go to the left lane. But...CANNOT!

Water pip burst, making fountain like KLCC fountain.

He hit the brakes again...

I hit the brakes tooo....


Then i moved forward and went to the left lane.

He zooomed off and cut through a Kia Sephia in front.

He tried to block the kia sephia....swayed left and right...obviously blocking the Kia.

They both hit the brakes....

Kia guy got down.....!@#$%$%%% walked toward the chubby Chinese fella. (did i mentioned that Kia guy is chinese also?) Chubby guy stayed in the car. Kia guy walk back. Lorry guy open door and scold .....!@#$%$%%% The kia guy turn ard...(he's a skinny guy) and went to open the lorry door. The lorry guy close his door and locked it. Kia guy failed to open lorry door. Then kia guy turn around....Lorry guy open door and scold and close the door, move his lorry abit, nearly hit the kia guy. Kia guy walk back into his car.

Everybody continued with their journey.

MY EYES BEEN TWITCHING FOR MORE THAN 2 WEEKS, MASUKING MY 3RD WEEK!!! DAMN IRRITATING!!!! LEFT SIDE MEANS BAD THING WILL HAPPEN!! Sian! the last time it twitched like grandma passed away. Aiyo i fast fast rub it so that it wont materialised...But it keep on coming back! Shit!


  1. Fuiyohh!!! 1st again.

  2. CHUP sama luuuu!!!

  3. waseyman, you should record it ma! apa lu!!!

  4. Not jammed? Hehe...very detailed report!!
    Sometimes i do believe eyes twitching..pray hard for you...

  5. Don't worry Sasha. The bad thing happened already when you saw the lorry moron on the road. No more 'sui yeh' .. dont worry ya.. :D

  6. don't think of bad things la..think either side oso good one!

  7. Hi!! It can be explained why your eyelid twitches! Don't worry! Drink more water and rest more! nothing to do with bad/good luck! :)

  8. simon7:43 PM

    aisey, this is how road fights start la! Too bad you didn't record down, can put up on youtube...

  9. Your eye twitching ah? Cheh! and I thought you were winking at me giving me the 'come-on' looks tim that day.

    Don't worry, its the result of peeping at too many lengjais in your office. Next time switch to your other eye.

  10. Today got a lorry turn turtle near BMW showroom Glenmarie there... was damn so heavy rain la.

  11. Eyes twitching is b'cos of low potassium in your system la. Go eat some bananas la!

  12. Don't worrylah. It happened to me for 2 weeks too the last time but *touch wood* so far ok ;)

  13. u should've blocked the way!!!!


    eh dun worry..guy right..left got sekret admirer!! =P

  14. i thought if eye twitching means money coming in!!

  15. AceOne118: Aiyoh Chup ? Haha coca cola....

    huisia: Jammed thats why they gotto get down from the car...cos jam and all the cars blocking...and thats how i can see la

    Etcetera~Mommy: Sure or not? Hope tat u're right la

    laundryamah: Someone gonna buy me dinner...must be u la

    Me: Drinkmore water ah? Okay Okay i go now

    simon: Record samo??? Want to get into accident meh?

    Cocka Doodle: ;) like this? Hahhaa
    My opis only got lowe peng.

    Kenny Ng: Yeah going home time ma..

    Vien: Banana ka? shopping list got longer edi

    IMMomsDaughter: Oi bila mau makan ?

    Huei: Blocked and get banged? Hahha asecret admierer? this is new..

    HMom: SURE OR NOT?? WUAH!!!!!!

  16. I tot the drama ended with ppl bashing each other... tak ada pula.

  17. I was kinda hoping to see a dramatic end lehhh, something along the lines of the Kia guy gets so pissed with the peek-a-boo the lorry guy is doing and bash him up... something liddat... :P

  18. eh can kormen now...dunno why just now cannot...mayb line slow

    ya la me thot got terror terror ending..big fight la...or something! so bad hor!!

  19. Keep me GLUE to my monitor .. then see see aiks --> Everybody continued with their journey.

    I tot got fighting scene tim :P

    Just like the way u blablabla keep it up !! always full of suspense wan :P

  20. Hehehe...I like Vien's comment, eat banana. Trying hard not to translate. ROTFLOL Aiyah don't be so superstitious.

    Aiyah KL/PJ/city drivers all drive like they owned the road & get all fire up. Stressful karma, bad energy.

  21. Lots of big bullies one ler on the road.. Those lorry drivers always think the're big.. can bully ppl.

  22. nia... i tot ppl say 'jor kat yau hoong'... meaning left is good leh

  23. blackcadillac734:20 PM

    Descriptions so vivid I covered my eyes. You should take over Yusuf Haslam and direct some action movie.