Thursday, April 19, 2007

Which is the worst?

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*sigh* Why the Parents all so gila wan?

Note to Big C: We're not bad as parent. We only put our
son in the bag. Not as bad as those ang moh up there.

Note to kind soul out there who's so worried about Big C's safety last night : HE IS STILL ALIVE!


  1. Not all ang moh gila wan. But the pictures above are really gila ang moh! kekeke

  2. very funny pics you've got there! but i must say i shrank when i saw the bb in the micr.oven. iish! god forbid!

  3. Oh well, a lot of crazy parents in this world. Tsk tsk tsk..

    But I'm not surprised that the baby smokeslah. One photographer captured a photo of her 2 year old son smoking. Scary innit?

  4. AceOne118 : HAHAHHAHAHA maybe u gila-er!

    suzie : Haha Yeah the oven pic really freaks me!

    Nadia : Shuck! Smoking 2 yrs old?

  5. Super child abuse!

  6. Don't think the pics are for real lar. Maybe just posed and snapped for fun leh.

    I used to put Des into a pail and even now she enjoys squeezing herself and sitting into it eventhough she a bit too 'long' in the pail. (heehee)

  7. china really got a mother put her son into microware and "ting ting" le...even the news broadcasting it..terrible!!

  8. sue :Outrageous!

    Kenny Ng : Yeah Gila!

    Tracy : OF COZ LA!!!Pail is okay la

    huisia : CRAZY!!! STUPID!!

  9. mom2ashley4:01 PM

    argh..although it's looks cruel..

  10. Glad ur Big C still alive :D

  11. Oscar's Mommy11:58 PM

    crazy ang mohs! especially the one that put the kid in the microwave, cos if you can see, the microwave is ON!! chi sin!!

  12. Anonymous12:48 PM

    the pics really nuts..

  13. hehe..ya i receive this e mail too..

  14. Anonymous12:15 PM

    ahhhh.. now i know what to do with ash when she cant stop running around the house (ie. tape her against the wall!)

    thanks !

  15. ha funny ya!! where did u get all these silly pictures??