Thursday, April 19, 2007


Sasha: Hello? Jennifer!!!
Jen: Halo Sasa...What can i do for you!
Sasha: Hey Jennifer i wanna ask you something!
Jen: Ah what izit?
Sasha: Ermmmmmmmm........................................
Jen: You forgot what you wanna say again ah?
Sasha: ah...hmmm..
Jen: When you know what you wanna say, then you call me again la..ok?
Sasha: Okay...bye


Sasha: Hey Steven!
Steven: Hey morning! what can i do for you?
Sasha: Neh...i wanna tell you that..
Steven: Yah Yah What you wanna tell me?
Sasha: Hmmmmmmmmm
Steven: You forgot what you wanna say again ah?
Sasha: you know me well...
Steven: Hahaha Okay la. Call me back later.
Sasha: okay bye.

haha....This used to be the normal scenario at my old place when i called my supplier. And they know that i will forget what I wanna say if they disturb me when I'm talking half way or when they say HI. as soon as i remember what i wanna say, i will call again and totally ignore the "hi" part. Ppl said its normal for mommies to be more forgetful after deliver. How about you?
P/S: but i can remember well who pissed me off. HAhaha i guess i have selective memory eh?


  1. Write down what you want to say on paper, law.
    I often forget whether I have locked the door.

  2. You know I was voted the President of 'Forgetful' Club by my friends. But after delivery my memory seems to improve wor instead of deteriorated. Now I can nominate successor already....u wanna join my club or not??? :D

  3. Sign of getting old liao la wei!!!! hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i also same thing...
    more and more forgetful day by day...
    siao liao

  5. Hi5

    same same la :p

  6. Sounds exactly like what happens to me all the time. I always talk half way to my husband and pause for a long time. That's his cue to go and do whatever he wants and come back for part 2 later. And I'm not even a mommy yet. Haha.

  7. normal la..happens to me all the time, no belif ask Angie la..she gets it most from me.

  8. same-same here lar. :)

  9. Eh...I'm not a supplier..but you did that same exact thing this morning on MSN!!!!!!!!!

    APA TERJADI???????!!!!!!!

  10. Sasha,
    I never know you're so forgetful! Next time should borrow some $ from you. Sure you forget to ask from me. hahahaha!

  11. Haha... same same la... specially when I'm talking half way and got interruption :P

  12. u easily distracted la!! haha like kena jampi like that!

  13. Oh looks like we can form a "forgetful" club. But then we would forget that we even had such a club. Hmmm... As long as don't forget where you put your kids. It's okay to forget how old you are. Hahah.
    By the way, my bookshop is having lucky draw for this month. RM20 gift voucher is the prize. Not much but enough to get a free book or two. Do enter.

  14. Aiyo, so young oredi so forgetful.

    Do agree with Aceone – sign of getting old lor, kekekekeke.

    We tend to forget what we want to remember but will remember what we don't want to remember ... (what am I saying?) Hahahahaha.

  15. All women have selective hearings.. hahhahaa!!

  16. So young already nyanyok ah? Cham lor...

  17. Err....errr....shit! I forgot what i want to write already.

  18. Desperate Mummy7:46 AM

    Dun worry cos I also nyanyok alreadi after my 2nd child.

  19. Dis wan because you lack of sleep mah, have to jaga baby, me oso lidat but I dunno why, my boy sudah 12 years old oredi :o)

  20. haha...sound like most mummies are like that...don't worry, you are not alone...

  21. khengsiong : Hahaha write down..that one really like alzheimers!

    Etcetera~Mommy : Hahaha so bad!

    AceOne118 : U wanna kena whack?

    ShannonC. : Kaka i got this post idea from u lah!

    Jessie Woo : Kakaka pls hold my hand and we walk together

    CC: NOT YET HAVE BABY ALSO LIDAT? hahah maybe like etc mum will improve after give birth!

    laundryamah : HHAAHAHA U spread the disease to angie?

    nyonyapenang : AH! i want to buy lottery! my silent reader comment liao!

    mott : Hahahaha cos u owes away!

    Kok : Eh i told u i have selective memory ya

    sue : yeah esp that!

    Winn : jampi lain cerita hahahah

    Lian : that i wont forget ok! hahah

    Tracy : i get what u're saying! haha so bad ah u!

    Mama BoK : YES! but men also like dat ler..

    Kenny Ng : What u say? i dun fren u ah!!!! er....what i said ah? forgot edi! hahaha

    Cocka Doodle : Hahahaah u forgot to zip yr pants!

    Desperate Mummy : Kakakaak shit i think i will be worst after my 2nd

    FireHorse : Hahaah not becoz of lack of sleep la

    KK & WS : Hahaah all because we sacrifice for our kids eh?

  22. eh, that happens to me too. Sometimes, when I call someone and while the phone is ringing, I forget who i called..

  23. Hahahaha.. yeah, that happens to me sometimes too. Naik atas nak take something, and when I sampai upstairs I can't recall what was it I was supposed to take. Haiyaaaa...!!!

  24. ya lor.. me getting forgetful too.. but like you .. if ppl make me tu'lan.. u sure remember wan !! kakaka...

  25. Surprisingly, I'm the forgetful one... lately always forgetful, dunno why...

  26. HMom : Hahah u too? Thats cool! now i';m not alone! hahaha

    Nadia : Yes same here! Taking things

    janicepa : Yeah dun mentioned about the tulan part...

    Julian : HAHAH u only contributor wor....

  27. I think this is common "illness" that we woman will get after giving birth? hahahaha..except for Yvonne..

  28. sei lorrrr

    i never deliver b4 oso bad memory! >.<

  29. i think it gets better as the baby grows

  30. Haha..I used to have that problem too after I gave birth to Keith. I've been taking health suppliment lately which is really helpful in boosting up my memory.Hehe

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  33. ehh sori ah, dunno what's wrong ler, my comment deleted.
    anyway, so young forgetful how ah? but nvm lar, i tell u, yest i was cooking the rice. then when ready to eat, i open the ricecooker. guess what i saw? i forgot to add water to it.. hahaha.. u say how ah?? so dun worry..

  34. 1. write it down
    2. blog it down
    3. record it down

    thanks to today technology

  35. It happens one..somemore i got 2 kids's always worse during the first 5 months...yes , not enough sleep has got a lot to do with it too..

  36. simon6:54 PM

    eh. my fren say drink gingko drink good for memory u know...:P

  37. Annie Q: I know why yvonne got good memory! nyak nyak nyak

    Huei : Sei lor!!!!

    TheBlueRanger : My son is already one. Anyway, only work related is affected..hahahah

    Sabrina : Gingko eh?

    khai khee : Hahaha god! tat happened to me b4 also

    frostier : I only get nyanyuk when its work related...

    eve : Haha yeah . when the kid get bigger then it'll be better

    simon : Yes boss!

  38. Just want to mark my attendance her. ;)
    I think for me, the forgetful parent is me... wifey never forgot one. does this mean im older already.. Kekeke.
    B4 forgotten. u voted as 1 hot mama. there u go, my 1st comment and vote for you. Ha!

  39. walao.. u serious ah so 4getful? den u should take ginko la.. is good 4 memory.. i oso very 4getful lately la.. i even 4get my own room number. nit to work smtg on it. if not later my own name oso 4get..LOL!

  40. You pregnant liao is it?
    That's my diagnosis.. pregnant = forgetful.