Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ghost Story - Japonese Doll

Okay Okay Now Sasha write about ghost story edi. You want to read or not? Want to read mai read lor. HAHAHAHA
Anyway, since I'm new in this company of cos got new story la!!! One of the manager here told us that she don't like to stay in hotels because she was haunted once for almost half a year. That one in series 2. Now i wanna talk about Japanese Doll.

There was this aunty that loves to collect Japanese Dolls. And she had 3 which was her favourite being displayed underneath her altar. So everyday she will perform her chinese prayers, burning insence and offer all the chicken, meat , fish and whatever whatever lah!

So one night, she felt that she was soooooooooo thristy, she went to the kitchen for a drink. Of cos at night, you don't wanna switch on the lights and spoil your sleepy mood. And like many chinese ppl practise, they're swicth on one dim light in the house so they can see abit and don't see abit.

So GuLp! GuLp! Ahhhhhhhh nice .......she finished her drink and wanted to get backto her bedroom and she walked passed her living hall. She thought she saw wrongly.....she stepped back abit and guess what she saw???

(Pic source)

Yeah, her favourite dolls , 3 of them was standing in the living room, looking at her.

WUAH! she fast fast run and hide in her room until the sun come up! And she was so afraid to touch or throw the dolls. So she went to the temple and the master said that, very wrong thing to do to place the dolls anywhere near the altar because if there's nuthing inside the doll and you pray to it everyday, apparently "something" will masuk and live in it. So she gotto bring the temple ppl to come and take the dolls away, including those which she never place near the altar.

Actually my mom said that it's better not to keep dolls like this for too long, now i know why. Especially in those older days where they place a bride in front of the car for the wedding. If you keep it for too long, the "girl" will come out and disturb you husband.

Sked......sked......But now we use Hello Kitty and Bear for our Car decoration. Should be safe hor?


  1. Err.....last time mine no dolls one..just one bush of flowers and some leaves sticking out..tu je..

  2. story macam itu horror movie about dolls one... but yeah some dolls are scary at night.

    And yes, hotels manyak hantu. Even our hotel here also ada hantu one... got few rooms numbers u dont want to stay in... hehehehe

  3. imagine the Japanese Doll have white face and little red lip, so scary lar..

  4. We used to put dolls in the altar glass cabinet also. But after someone told us the same thing you mentioned, we took the doll out.

  5. Anonymous2:28 PM

    waaahhhh...so scary leh

    my house got hang those korean masks and beautiful chinese emperor and wife potrait..izzit ok?


  6. skeerry
    like that ar, cannot buy soft toys liao... :D

  7. tt's very scary, I ever heard of that b4 from my hub (who was a tangki).

    We ever encounter that ppl dispaly a wooden piece buddha without praying in the house, 'those things' also will go into wooden piece buddha.

  8. scary ..... my display cabinet got lotsa doll lah .. my MIL wan to put it there lah ... hm....

  9. Woah! liddat i must display one I-piao mei la!!

  10. I think Missy Bear Bear will come out look for my hubs and I get the "Tai Hong" instead.. :P

  11. aiya..so so scary la..fortunately the dolls didn't pat her shoulder while she was drinking water..else, choke mungkin jadi..

  12. waaa, scarry. Saw many stories involved dolls like this before. They always give me the creeps.

  13. eeekks, scaryler. my grandma house aso got one japanese doll like the pic. but luckily she nv placed it near the altar. i think i better go tell her ur story..

  14. Aiyerrr...I got 20 years old Garfield and 15 years old Barney. Later they become alive and molest me how lah?

  15. tin put par dei put par!

  16. I kena the same situation when I was a kid during my grandpa funeral.

  17. eve: Got flower mine all the hamper wrapper only

    Julian : hotels ghost story lain kali cerita.

    EstherL : Sexy lips Muaks!

    TheBlueRanger : Oh Thank God!

    Anonymous: Take out!!!!!

    ShannonC.: Can Can buy cute one.then at least got cute ghost

    OuR NeW LiFe'S : u just reminded me that i need to remove some also in my house

    janicepa : Throw away la!

    AceOne118 : U sure or not u want?\

    Etcetera~Mommy : eh tai hung not bad hor?

    huisia : GULP! u can really think eh?

    cc : i dun like esp the clown ones

    khai khee : haha scary eh?

    5xmom.com : barney so old edi?

    laundryamah : of cos la u got big brother ma

    Kenny Ng : kena apa?kasi cerita.

  18. har.. i keep alot of soft toy in my house woh -.-". Really one or not? i give u lar then :P

  19. Eeee...so eerie. Whose aunty that one? :)

  20. I used to have CLOWN PHOBIA, but not anymore. Must have disappeared as I aged.....oh I AM YOUNG damn it. :P
    Back to the subject, I recalled watching this true or fiction program, one of the epi was about this old lady who collected lots of dolls. And she treated them like real human beings. One day she was murdered and the doll helped solved the case. Something like that, don't remember it clearly, must have black that part out from the creepiness.

  21. babyfiona : eeh no need no need..thank kiu

    King's wife : my coliks aunty la...eeee

  22. very scary leh...ya that's why i dun play play with all these carvings, dolls & stuff...mana tau what they have inside...eeeee

  23. Sasha,
    Eeee...So scary. Don't know Barbie Doll got this kind of thing or not. If got, Barbie Doll going to "zap lap" soon. haha!:P

  24. Ei Kok, good point there, I never found Barbie doll to be creepy though. Weird.

  25. eh, my girls wish all their soft toys become REAL ler, so shall I pray them now? :P

  26. mommy of two angels: Heheh for me i just dun like clown

    Kok +cc: I also dun like barbie doll! I think she went for plastic surgery!

    Jesslyn: EH TRY AND SEE!!!!!!

  27. ok now i got chills down my spine


    *run away*

    whens my colleague coming backkkkkkk???? >.<

  28. eh, the japanese ghost stories are dam scarry - remember seeing some movie (forgot the title) and it was so eery

  29. CRAP! Scary shit! Haha!

  30. The aunty sleepy lar.. dreaming.

    My house got lots of soft toy ler.. how?

  31. Anonymous4:31 PM

    eh, i think this story true also leh...

    cos we also pray guan yin, buddha etc in a doll form(replica) so it do make sense that the japanese doll became real too...eeerieee!!