Monday, April 09, 2007

Saturday (running out of "tittle" idea)...

I spent the whole Sat afternoon with my Lil J cos his Dadi gotto go for some training in his office (dunno maybe training with the piao mei or something hahaha). Early morning woke me up and half dead i have to layan this lil fella. After all the cooking cleaning and all, i logged on just to realize that i havent even brush my teeth .....after my nescafe. Hahahaha Okay cut tha crap. Lets rant.

So i spent the whole afternoon entertaining this lil fella, Hugging him and all. And as usual I will tease him "Jayden give Mami a lil kiss pleaseeee???" I tot he will gimme me the shy grin and turn away. But.....He held my face and gave me a smooch with his mouth opened so big! And he did it like 5 times or more! i was so shocked that he close his eyes and open his mouth so big while kissing....Mana belajar? Not from me of cos.....hahahhahah

We went to
BARBQ plaza at night (i can see angie, nodding her head and licking her lips edi haha), I damn suka this place..i dunno why. Then while we're busy cooking and all, sekali turn both Big C and I nearly fainted. Cos Lil J was busy LICKING THE SAUCER WITH THE CILI PADI! See the cili padi down there? on the tripple saucer??? Chopped Cili Padi.

So i rushed and ZUUMMMED him off to the sink nearby and tried to clean his mouth and hands. But he closed his mouth tight tight refused to let me take out the cili padi in his mouth while his dad continue to eat (aiyoh.....always so calm wan). Anf then i tried to give him ice green tea. Tak Nak Minum! Apa ini????? Not spicy at all. He turned and looked and me and gave me a grin....Kecik kecik cili padi???

And then while walking ard in One U, he whistled. I was like....Jayden do again...and he did it again... "phiiii phiiii phiiiii " he whistled! Aiks...Mana learn wan?

And he walked ard in the concourse area playing with the Nissan Cars that was on roadshow. You know very weird feeling while looking at him walking around by himself. I used to think ..."Sigh...when is Jayden gonna be independent, walk, play and sleep by himself leh?" And now since he is walking by himself, play by himself and sleep by his own in his own cot....I kinda miss him.

Okay I know..i like to rant. Happpy, rant. Unhappy, rant. Eh..what is the use of a blog if cannot rant? Better i write in my secret diary and lock it right? Hahaha


  1. hahahaha few more months, he'll ask for tomyam, tambah cili.... :D

    jayden really big boy liao... know this know that... somemore all of a sudden picking up so many things... tsk tsk tsk... no wonder the mommy wants a bb... :D

  2. Foowah! Cili padi, ey? *salutes the lil' fella*

  3. wow..eating chili padi? i tot cruz eating chili sauce already super "geng" mana tahu Jayden more "geng"!!!Chili padi!

  4. wahh.....u no need to worry leh next can order anything with chilli..sure he whack one!

  5. Wah good hor... Jayden can become my toudai man.. I teach him to cook with all the chilli padi la.. Come come Jayden...

  6. Jayden is a fast learner. I taught him all the tricks and tactics wan. one more secret mischievous act he didn't show you meh? kekeke

  7. mom2ashley12:17 PM

    the little fella knows how to whistle somemore??? keng la

  8. Hehehe....this Jayden boy is so cheeky. I can imagine the scenario at BarBQ Plaza. Yeah...the man is always so calm eh? Mummies are the ones who act like crazy women. Very "pooi fook" both of you...can still cook and eat at the same table with a kid :D

  9. "Mummy! Chilli padi, I like!" Little Jayden.

  10. Geng! Can eat cili padi already. And can whistle some more.

    I dont even eat cili padi cause its too spicy for me. Errr... I cant whistle also.

    Little Jayden is so smart...

  11. Oscar's Mommy1:26 PM

    wei eat bbq never call me ah. haha eat cili padi ah jayden... shiok tak? *muaks* from aunty angeline...

  12. wah so keng one cilipadi also tak rasa...maybe he is the "real" chili king!!

  13. Eh u'd be surprise some kids no rasa on pedas things one like my niece. Any pedas just hantam... no feeling!

  14. babykhong3:31 PM young already eat cili padi...kecik kecik cili padi ehh!

  15. ShannonC: Haha Good can share with me

    Nadia : Eh luckily i'mnot wearing specs..if not specs also jatuh

    Annie Q : Muahaha Cos i ate cili everyday when i was preggie

    mott : eh sekarang i cannot eat kari mee ..maybe next time i can share with him

    Wennnn : Hahaha next time i send him to London

    AceOne118 : SURE OR NOT FOLLOW U!

    mom2ashley : Whistle...not to kau lui ah

    Mommy to Chumsy : Eh i small small also bring himthere edi hahah

    Kok : Hahahaha share with KOk kor kor

    Malaika's mummy : Aiks????? why cannot whistle?

    Oscar's Mommy : See i know u sure scold me wan

    mommy of two angels : Eh i sked o...pplk say kids likes to eat cili very notty wan ...aiks he is already notty ma..nemind

    Julian : Hahah the toungue not yet fully develop the taste buds

    babykhong : Yeah..follow mommy!

  16. one Word --> Like Mommy


  17. Jessie: U ah dat say me meh? :P

  18. Wahhhhhh, keng ahhhh... small small kuchirat can eat chilli padi liao, samo whistling away... *cubiiiiitt*

  19. Wow.. your Jayden boy suddenly picked up so many new tricks??? So geng!!

    He can sleep on his own now? Teach teach.. what's the secret??

  20. Like mommy like son!! Samo know how to whistle ledi. Wuiyooo!

  21. So ngam, Sat, I also had BBQ, my son sez not BBQ mummy. BarBQ. Sounds like porkQ.

  22. You mean dia makan chili tapi tak rasa pedas?

    And he's learning young.. can start whistling to piao meis already. :P