Monday, August 07, 2006

Not a normal Sunday afterall…

Our Sunday morning is normally like this
Wake up
Feed baby
Bath Baby
Pack things
Go Breakfast.
Then decide where to go jalan-jalan.
But this weekend its different. Cos Mr.Chan wants to go car-shopping. So let’s go.

Jayden also checking out the cars…
Papa.. can u buy the mah si li for me..
I don't know why Mr Chan is so semangat this Sunday. We went to 2 different places to see 2nd-hand car. Then of cos, its my turn pulak to shop lor.. Went to Sunway Pyramid and had lunch. Venue: Bar-b-Q Plaza, Sunway Pyramid. Origin: Thailand.....

I think it’s a new place cos the deco looks new..the tables look new..and of cos the wok look damn new oso. So here's what we ordered...

Pork bbq set and top up RM1.50 for the Garlic Fried Rice. The BBQ set comes with Pork Slices, Bacon, Prawn, Sotong, Cabbage and errr that's all la. Then, got the sauce la..
Special Sauce BBQ Sauce, Garlic, Cili Padi and Lime. Mix all together...and dip the pork when its cooked. It's not bad...quite nice oso. Here's how you cook the babi...(tidak dijamin halal ok?)

So what did we use to oil the wok? 2 pcs of pork fat. Just leave it inthe middle from the beginning until the end. Usually when we go makan-makan in bbq or steamboat places, its damn hot and stuffy. This place is so cold..and most important the ventilation system is good. Looking at the plate down here..I believe we'll be back for another round-but not so soon. Continue reading to find out why... Just when we're leaving....

Then we went back to my mom's place. Sundays normally is Family Day. Ah Ma cooking day. The day that I will have my Vinegar Pork Leg/Sambal Udang/Salted Fish with Toufu Pok/Big Big Steam Fish/Sweet Sour Pork/blablablablabla. The dished that I normally don't cook. But mom came home late from somewhere and she said ..." Let's go Jalan Alor eat Ah Wah Kai Yek". And our usual orderings...Of cos..Wong Ah Wah Kai Yek..Then My Balitong..cos i wanna practive my kissing ma.. hehe
Then our Usual Fried Rice
that usually goes with this Everyone did quite a good job...But of cos i never forget about you la....Nah..this is for you.
*sigh* You see la.. how to loose weight? Luckily not very Sunday oso like dat. If not, I can join Lydia Sum's gang already. Anyway, after eating BBQ,CHIC WING and all the blablabla up there..sure got sore throat must drink...

*slurps* Ahhhh like this only complete wan ma..


  1. fiuyooh so good.. yesterday my yellow face granny went hit mahjong. i hentam maggi mee oni....

  2. Ahhhh the BBQ place!! It's yummy, i ate at the outlet at One U and wanted to post the no need oredi lor since you've got more photos..

  3. aiyooo... foods again, makes me cannot keep fit again. The more i see the more hungry I will be.

  4. wuaah, a very 'foodful' sunday.