Friday, August 11, 2006

Damansara Village Restaurant

Like I’ve said before in my previous post, GOOD THINGS MUST SHARE MA!!! So…..

LAI LAI LAI!!!! Got new and happening restaurant to introduce to you guys. I’m gonna go there this Sunday to makan…so hope to see you guys there also. Was there to 8 last night and found out that , that place memang very confortable and its very family oriented. Got Pet Petting place..(didn’t see the owl and iguana last night) and they’re building this pond to put longkang fish into it for children to fish (with fishing net la).

The place is surrounded by plants and vegetable and will be labelled so that child can learn about plants and veges. And the coolest thing is that they have a baby changing area!

So a sneak preview of the restaurant….
This is the main area...
And this is the makan makan place..

The normal package menu....

Will write and post more pictures on Monday (hopefully).

Here's what my sis-in-law wrote about that place:

1067, Jalan Jenjarum
SS23 Damansara Jaya
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 7803 1832


  • Superior quality low fat clear and Thai Tom Yam soup stock.
  • Fresh seafood from Pulau Ketam.
  • Velvet smooth tofu, crunchy vegetable & fishcake and Teochew fish balls, otak-otak fish Cake, delicate sui kao.
  • Fresh & crispy vegetables.
  • Friendly and efficient service.
  • Dine under the stars or in shaded cool comfort.


  • Longkang fishing. Pick up a bucket and a scoop and try your luck catching fast and elusive fish in our gushing "longkang".
  • Vegetable garden. Let the children see and learn how plants and vegetables grow.
  • Say hello and take photographs with our team of owls, iguanas, rabbits and guinea pigs.

For reservations and enquiries please call 03 7803 1832

Here’s the map…

If you cannot see the map..nevermind..please visit my sis-in-law's page to see better.

See you there this Sunday!


  1. ahhh... started hungry liao, food again!!! but i like... it looks like Tupai Tupai next to Dewan Bahasa there. Anyway... will try it out one day. Thanks for recommended.

  2. ok ok.. now I know where it is.. :P