Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My Jayden Boy

Hmm Jayden is down with fever again. This time it's only fever on the head and not the body. Weird eh? can't blame him...cos his mama also liddat wan....

Anyway we took him to the hospital and we was busy kicking and blablabla-ing and when got into the doctor's room, he can't stop smiling while looking at the doctor (nope, not a lenglui doctor..) And he was busy grabbing her hands while she was examining her. And when we took his temperature with the ear thermometer, he was only 37. somethin something. But then when the doctor took his temperature with the thermometer (she put into his poot poot) he was actually having high fever 38.7. It was an internal fever...anyway this morning he got much much better.*phew*

Yesterday i had a conversation with his nanny. Nanny May said that my boy is the first baby under her care that is very "pantang". He said that normally she dun believe all this but she realize that everything time after someone praised my son, the next day sure sick wan...That's what I was thinking also..but didn't dare to tell her cos she's very kwai lowe type wan. So no more praise praise Jayden boy in front of him.

My hubby don't understand this "pantang" thing at all...he always say "how can you say my son is ugly when he is not?". So sometimes he comes back and say "Jayden ah..u so ugly la.." and turn around and tell me " I really dun get how this thing works!". Men....*shaking head*

Anyway here's a video of him before he's down with fever...yes, he is a talkative boy although he is only 5 months old.

and i never get enough of my little boy


  1. Oh,his talked very rhythmic!

  2. wow first time hear can get fever on the head but not the body. Luckily you all found out huh!!

    Me sometimes oso pantang, don't dare to say, scared say oredi become opposite

  3. HuiSia: Hehe Talk like donald duck right?

    Jazzmint: Yeah, he followed me ma. My fever always got stuck on the head only. Very dangerous wan..

  4. Talk about pantang, I had to pantang for 4 years with Ryan as he was sick so often :( Good of you to censor the pix of Jayden. Lol.

  5. wey! did u get Jayden's approval for posting his topless pix or not? Heard of kids suiing parents woy..hahahaha..anwyay never heard of internal fever leh..dangerous la liddat cos i got only the ear thermometer wor...

  6. I also cannot understand the pantang thing woh..

    And also don't know how come rectal reading of temparature highter than the other.. hmm.. got such thing as internal rectal heat one ah??

    Aisay man.. Hope he's getting better already.

  7. I also used the ear thermometer and the doctor proved me wrong. *sigh* so scary kan..got internal fever..fever cannot come out so stuck inside jayden boy's body.. no wonder he felt so uneasy. Anyway, he's much better now!

  8. HUH? got such thing as internal fever??? Now that's worrying...

    How you found out abot it then????

    Oh, little Jayden so cute... his babbling very cute.... :D

  9. Shannon: cos I'm also like that. Got fever but the heat do not travel to the whole body. Only on the head mia..