Wednesday, August 09, 2006

B Free Bottle

I wanted to blog about this long time edi..but think think no point la... But think again..good things must share ma.. right?

Anyway, my son get colic very often although we're using Avent-the so called best bottle around that can prevent colic.Then my friend recommended me BFree. According to her, you don't even need to burp your baby after feeding.But I still try to burp him..cos that's when i bond with my lil darling. Since PlaneteEnfant is so near, so I decided to go and just buy 1 to try.

The design is very much similar to Avent and Dr. Brown. But the special feature of this bottle is the teat-super soft teat. This is how the bottle looked like:

So What's the function for all the funny looking parts in this bottle?


Super soft teat. My Jayden loves it. I've even changed my Avent teat to Bfree Teat so that my Avent bottles don't go to waste. Here's what they say about the teat:
The teats are designed with the most delicate mouth in mind. The vent guarantees that the teats will not collapse. This means we can make the teats softer than any other type of silicone teat. The teats are available in 4 different flow rates to suit babies from 0 to 18 months.


You will see uncomfortable air bubbles develop in all conventional unvented bottles. This is caused by vacuum pulling air through the teat into the bottle. These bubbles mix with the liquid which more than quadruples the amount of air that can enter the baby’s digestive system. If swallowed during feeding, these air bubbles can cause colic symptoms such as wind and posseting.

When a vacuum builds up in conventional bottles, your baby is forced to suck harder and harder to create a flow of liquid.Scientists have established that this sucking can cause a negative pressure to form in the middle ear. This can pull harmful liquid along the Eustachian tube into the middle ear. Medical studies verify that this pressure is a contributing factor in causing middle ear infection. The unique vent on the B·free® feeding system prevents the need for sucking unnaturally hard and thereby reduces the risk of middle ear infection.

The revolutionary air vent has 3 simple snap together pieces. At the end of the anti-bubble tube is a heat sensor device. It will change from purple to pink when the temperature of the feed is heated above the recommended level of 37°C.

The anti bubble tube inside our bottle agitates the granules of the formula milk. As you shake the bottle the granules hit the tube and break. This makes it easier to mix the formula. You just have to shake the bottle gently from side to side 3 to 4 times.

THE BOTTLE - Do not contain Bisphenol A
Bisphenol A is a hormone disrupting chemical considered to be potentially harmful to human health and the environment. See the WWF website for more information.
But to me, the most important point here is that Jayden is not drinking from a bottle which contains dangerous chemical and another important : he don't get colic so often or ever after using this bottle. His appetite increased, he started to drink 6oz every 3 hours, then he got sick and only drink 2oz every 3 hours and now he drinks 8oz every 2 1/2 hours. Maybe you'll say that its because he is growing that's why his appetite increased...But i believe its because he is growing and his tummy is free from wind. :)

Relaks la brader..kita minum dulu!

All pictures and information is from BFree Website except my Jayden's picture la...

How about the price? For 9oz: RM29.90, 10oz:RM35.90


  1. informative, i'll check this bfree thing out.

  2. wuah now got new valve ledi .... last time my son use that time no valve one but the construction more or less the same ... priced at RM35 also

  3. woo.. i oso like sucking nipples very much.

  4. Now days babies so lucky... got macam macam new invention. Anyway, it's safe for babies too...

  5. apparently, i have 2 of such bottles at home... and I don't even know it! (it's a gift from someone)

    thanks for the pointers though...

  6. wah so detail explanation u really terror la!

  7. You may want to mention, Bfree and Dr Brown are the same, I think they are targetted for different market (Europe vs US). I'm a great supporter of this bottle, Zara has been using this since she was born. It is a good bottle to use to for breastfeeding mum.

    Btw, not sure if the PlanetEnfant guy demoed to you. With Avent bottle, if you tilt it, there's bubbles formed.. but with Dr Brown you don't get it. It shows, Avent allows air into the teat, the latter doesn't.

    Glad you share this with other parents.

  8. Wingz: Last time oso got edi? Why my mother never use for me wan ? hehe

    Ah Pek : I know u like suck suck nipples. hehehe

    Kenny: Safe = expensive

    Mike: No Prob

    Laundryamah: Nolah. i copy and paste from the website. kekeke

    Zara's Mama: Yeah, they did. But Dr.Brown's dun have the heat thinggy. But more or less the same la. If u have any tips about kids , share share ok?

  9. i mean 4 yrs ago my son also using ler ... not i use duhhh


  11. Hey, my bro so damn macho la wit de milk, u know who am i?

  12. Boontz: Of cos my son. When u wanna bring mommy go lunch ?