Thursday, August 10, 2006

I Hate Chain Letters

WTF! Received chain emails again. Why ah? Why ppl like to forward forward chain letters.

Cannot send something like this to make ppl's day better meh?

Or something like this...

Or something like this...
Or something educational like this...

*sigh* Before I get the letter oso, I kena bad luck already. Early in the morning kena stung by a bee...a dead bee. Shit. Die already still wanna harm people. This is the pikture of the sei pok kai that stung me...Meet ah Keong..The Sei Pok Kai Bee
So, my leg is a bit swollen but I still gotto go to office (cos i'm car pulling, must send ppl to work).

Masuk the car, Shit! No petrol. Nevermind drive drive to petrol station and fill up the petrol. Drive Drive again...Shit! Forgot to bring my company tag. *sigh* Damn forgetful edi. People said after give birth will be more I believe...

Anyway, then reached office and I went to see the doctor. Doctor said must take jab. First say jab arm, then think think , wanna jab poot poot. So i just lie down there and show a lil butt lor. Then he think think wanna jab hand again. *pengsan*

*sigh* Baru early in the morning so Suey already.....

Source: All images is from the FWD mails I receive everyday...


  1. Ayo this doctor from where one? C ppl's butt then say jab hand! So teruk one! Ayo, choi choi....

  2. Hi Hi Hi dropping by to say Hi!! lol

    How's the jab on your hand?

    This is a chain mail. If you do not forward this letter to another 3 person, the doctor will jab your poot poot and arms so you cannot wear thongs ever again!! lol

  3. Laundryamah: Yalor *shy**shy*

    Helen: Hi! Now the hand abit cacat-ed.Luckily on left hand. Muahahaha I long Long time cannot wear thong yet cos i havent loose the post natal weight yet. Nevermind lo. LOL

  4. Hi, 1st time visit wor :) I hate chain mails too, never forward them anyway, just click *delete*

    R u allergic to bee sting? If not, be like melah, I just let it swell till big big then gets better by itself...ha ha

  5. I very tulan chain mail one... never belief it at all, if so chun ah... I no need so cham la. The doctor saja wanna see ur butt kua? jk jk... hamsap doctor ah? hahaha.

  6. aiyer, 'bor song' liow ler... see ppls buttock then decide to jab hand.. phuit! now yr hand ok liow ahnot?

  7. immomsdaughter: I always just delete the chain letter. I think i'm not allergic to bee sting. But since its free to vosot the doctor in my office, just go and take a jab la. :)

    Kenny: I think he's not ham sup. Cos his tangan tak turun wan. ;)

    lil Champion: hand damn painful for whole day. But the bee sting no feeling. Then got home, hand not pain, leg itchy pulak. This morning worst, hand pain and leg itchy. Arghhh!

  8. immomdaughter: Typo...VISIT not vosot.

  9. you are making helen real happy by saying you haven't lost that post natal wieght.

    do your tummy look like immomsdaughter?

  10. i hate chainmails sien of forwarding the mail huh