Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Male Pregnancy

Can someone tell me if this is for real or its a hoax again. But come to think of it, if its real how come its not in the papers or something liddat? If its real, it should be on front page of every damn paper and not stories like who-who is going to get married or something liddat la...

If its for real why the hell did i go through 38 weeks of pregnancy and 18 hours of labour?!!!

Also, do you think he need to go through confinement like us? or have post natal depression like me??

Hmmmm...Or maybe the story is like this...

Jackass : Can you pee while standing up?
Wife : Why not? (wife then pee using this..)
Jackass : "can you go naked and run around"
Wife : Why Not? (go naked and run around in Bondai Beach)
Wife : Can you give birth like me?
Jackass: Can....(So he went to this hospital, signed up for this program and got pregnant)

So, that story boleh diterima ka? Muahahahaha

Anyway, i still think woman being pregnant is much more beautiful and natural..Don't you think so? So any guys wanna get pregnant? I volunteer jadi your confinement lady. Hahahahah

Jackass's picture is from here.


  1. ahhh!!!!!!????? got such thing one ah? sure or not? i still cant believe it. to me... i dunwan lor!

  2. They don't have breast.. makes the big tummy looks horrible!

  3. aiyer, Mr Lee so geli-looking wan.

  4. that picture looks more like a beer belly than pregnant kekeke

  5. Kenny: Tats what i want to know oso. But i think bluf wan la.

    Zara's Mama:Mr Lee should get breast implants also right?

    Nyonya: Damn geli...

    Jazzmint: Tats what i think oso! LOL

  6. it's a hoax... it was circulated years ago... if real surely gave birth already and made world headlines liao lor!