Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My Little Soldier Is Sick...

Didn't blog for so long edi...Why? Cos my little soldier is down with Bronchiolitis. Started with lil cough, lil cold and lil phlegm. Then fever, high, low, gone and the cycle started again. Took him to 2 different doctors and finally to the hospital. All said the same thing; it's because of the haze. And because of that, there's this lil virus thing that attacked the chest and lungs. For infant, it will attack the bronchioles, making the air vent to be slightly swollen thus making it hard for the infant to breath.

We did everything..Using vaporizers, sponging him, using swabs to cool down the temperature (taught by my gynea during my fever viral when I was 6 months pregnant with Jayden) and even VICKS aromatheraphy, cos you can't use it direct on infant's body. It helped a little but still it didn't cure his fever.

Not taking the risk, we opt for Chinese medicine too. We gave him "Ling Yang", or in English Antelope's horn. Of course I've asked around the aunties and all recommended this. However, for infant it is not recommended unless for severe case. No more fever after that. But we still have another problem to kau tim.

The phlegm. Another recommendation from the aunties: Hao Zou San, or in English Rhesus Macaque Bezoar. Commonly used for treating bronchitis, it actually breaks the phlegm into smaller bits to be disposed by the body either through poo poo or vomit. He still coughs very badly..Cos we only started on the Chinese medication last night. Hopefully he will be better today...


  1. That "Rhesus Macaque Bezoar" costs a bomb! yeesh!

  2. yeah. It's damn expensive!

  3. I wanted to say the hoa zhou san i bought for Gordon last time is from Yue Yan Sang and damn mega$$$$$. Teensy weensy bit oni. Hope Malcolm wont be needing this. I pray hard he recovers soon.