Friday, August 04, 2006

U wanna loose weight?

There was 1 point in time that I was under postnatal depression. Mostly due to the postnatal weight gain. No time to go exercise...must continue to eat...but wanna loose weight...What can you do???

So buy U-zap lor.I know I was buying "hope" instead of reality but I was under depression ma...Cannot meh?

What's next? See doctor to get some medicine to loose weight lar... Confirm to loose 5 kgs in 2 weeks time plus NO EXERCISE wor!

Here's the magic medicine...

One works as suppression, one to break the fats and another to flush out the craps from your body.

Not only that... Here's your Menu

BREASKFAST (Before 8 am)

Choose either 1 of these:

  1. Toast 1 pc White Bread (+/- Margerine) - For Man x2 pcs, for ladies x1 pc
  2. Quaker Oat (2-3 table spoon) + Hot Water + Sugar + Coffee Creamer
  3. Cornflakes (2-3 table spoon) - Chew Only

Then drink 1 cup of Nescafe (+/- 1/2 teaspoon of sugar and +/- 1 teaspoon of creamer)


What lunch? NO LUNCH.

Water Consumption-IMPORTANT :

  • 7am - 12pm : 1.5 L
  • 1pm - 7 pm : 1.5 L


Choose one of these:

  1. Soup (Chicken, Fish, Beef, Blablabla) any amount
  2. Yong Tau Foo (Stuffed Fish, Lady Finger, Chili, Toufu with Chili gravy only)
  3. Sotong Kangkung 1/3, Steam Boat Style
  4. Stuffed Toufu , Steam or claypot
  5. Chicken Sausage 1-2 pcs (Steam or boiled) + salad
  6. Any of these - tuna, sardine, chicken, prawn, beef or 2 biji of hard boiled eggs) + vege/salad
  7. Broccoli 300g boiled with cream of mushroom chicken soup in microwave for 5 mins

Dessert : 1 pc of fruit. Recommended: papaya, guava or watermelon.


Here's the summary of your diet:

Of course before you proceed with the program, the doctor need to measure your height, your weight, check your blood pressure and all la. Then find your ideal weight for your height and if you're healthy enough to go for the program...then pay money lor. This program for 2 weeks costs me about RM100.00

How did I find out about this Clinic? Through my sis...She went and she managed to loose about 10kgs. And then she got pregnant (if you're slim [but not too thin] the chances to get preg is higher) and then she went for the program again and managed to loose the weight tat she wanted. So I though, what the hell. If she can do it, so can I. Moreover I've lost 12kgs before what...

So, now you're wondering did I manage to loose the 5.5 kgs?



I only managed to go on the diet program for 1 day only instead of the 2 weeks. How to eat so little and drink 3Litre of water a day? Bloated like a balloon man...The worst part is that, I don't even have the energy to carry Jayden after 1 whole day or dieting.

So it's back to natural diet. Cut on rice intake, less fattening stuff and drink more water lor.



  1. grandma say,
    "no eat rice where got strength to work!"
    And i listened to her....

  2. hi sasha,
    i'm here from ah pek's place.
    aiyoh, if i follow that diet hor, kaki and tangan sure lembek liao. LOL

  3. Thank u guys for visiting...

    Yalor..Beh Tahan the diet. Tat's why only try one day. But if semangat ones, sure can loose weight.

  4. This is not the right way to diet, it will kills u. To loose weight we must have balance nutrition food. For gal at least take 1000 calories and 1200 calories for guy a day and not more than 2000 for gal and 2400 for guy, if less than minimum... u will gain weight too. What doctor is that? I'm doubtful with that doctor... diet pils got side effect. If u stop it taken it... u will gain 2x size than before. Mind to tell me how much it cost?

  5. Kenny:Yes boss... that's why i didn't continue lor... I think i will die of hunger more if i continue dieting for 2 weeks.
    It costs me about RM100.00

  6. Thanks... RM100 for how many tablets and how long it will last? Actually I'm trying to loose some weight too...

  7. Kenny: HUH? i tot u say this way will kill u? hehe it's for 2 weeks and the doctor guarantee u that u can loose 2 weeks. But looking at the whole programme, do u think u want to try?

  8. definately... I won't la... haha. Just to compare the price and the reliability of the product ma. I'm taking nutrition product to help body weight control, not only loose weight but also can gain weight for those under weight. It really works and many of my colleagues also taking it and can see results. Not only weight control but also we are healthier than before. Don't get me wrong I'm not doing direct sales or what, I hate to do that, I just share good things to others.

  9. I know ..herbalife ma. Quite popular nowadays..

  10. so clever... but it really works and proven... u should try it up.