Monday, August 21, 2006

I Went For Therapy.

As I have mentioned previously, I really need a break. So I went for therapy to loosen up.

And the choosen therapy.....RETAIL TERAPHY!

I went to Winnie the Pooh’s Adventure Fest in MidValley Megamall. We got there quite early (kiasu ma..very hard to find parking u know…) and when we got there, the exibition centre (pooh’s area) was in total darkness. Overheard the staff said that they "over used the electricity". So while waiting for the electricity to come back, we took some picture outside with the standees…like every parent and children did.

It’s only 10.45 am and it’s already very crowded. No wonder, there’s lots of toys and activities for the bigger kids to play when you purchase stuff from this place. Every RM10 you're entitled to get 1 coupon, which your kid can enjoy 6 games.

Anyway here’s what we bought, Item No. 1. Darlie toothpaste. Buy I Darlie, free 1 cup. Cannot choose unless you buy 6 Darlies to get all. I think with 6 Darlies, I think can use until Jayden starts to brush teeth man… so just bought 1 for the sake of the cup.

Then to the clothes section. I nearly went MAD here cos it’s 50% discount. Since it’s so dangerous to let my baby stay in the stroller while I shop, I had to carry him. Choose & Choose suddenly “Chik chiak” “Chik chiak”. I looked to my left and suddenly a reporter started to snap pictures of Jayden and me. She didn’t even ask my permission and started to snap pictures and she can even ask me “Miss, can you please hold the clothes lower ah…cannot see the design and your son la..” Abit dazzled, I followed her instruction. “Chik chiak” “Chik chiak” ..”Ok. thanks”. So I resume to my shopping and she came again. “Miss can take again ah? Just now not nice ler..” So I posed again and again for her. So if you see Jayden got featured in the newspaper, remember to email me ya...Muahahaha.

My hubby starts to ask, “ why you buy so many?”…And to make him stop questioning me..i just replied “ er… for Chinese New Year ma”. Just when he thought I’m done, while lining up I saw the woman holding some Fisher & Price selling at RM8.95 when the normal price is RM29.90! I said .. “Babe, see this. Go! Go!”…then I changed my mind and called him on his hp “Babe, come back. I go!”. Man…it was like Amazing Race!

So overall, I’m SUPPOSED to spend like RM110++, but the girl asked me to pay RM70++. So I pay la.. then I went home and I think think, how come cheap wan? I think they want to give me discount la…So here’s what I bought…

Anyway, that’s not all, I managed to get something for myself…finally.

We also went to Jusco and its so disappointing cos they’re having renovation (during MEGASALE??WHY??) and the place was covered with wooden partition, so the customers gotto walk around like walking in a maze. So noisy..but my lil Jayden loves to sleep in noisy places.

Went home and my hubby cooked me this…black pepper lamb with baby spare pork ribs…Yummy!

Sunday 20th August 2005.

Today no more shopping for clothes… kena kantoi from my hubby cos I bought so many things yesterday. Anyway he still cannot stop me from shopping. Hehehehe this time shop for flowers, fountains, grass and whatever you can find in Sg Buloh. Here’s some of the stuff they sell there. I wanted to get some nice Bali Fountain but it was way too expensive. I think I better wait till my next round of Bali trip, buy and send it back also not so expensive…anyway, we got ourselves a whole new garden of grass.

I think this was designed based on the Kamasutra..don’t you think so?

And we managed to stop by for makan makan at the rojak store and guess who wants to eat too…Lil Jayden loves to grab our spoon and food now…a very good indication that he’s ready for solid food.

So overall it was a good therapy and good weekend.I guess my hubby wanted to give me a break after he read my earlier blog. hehe (Thanks Babe)

Oh is my Lil Jayden’s 5 Months Old Day! Show some of the pictures that we took recently…


  1. wow so syiok huh, got shopping therapy :). the baju very nice lehh..Next time got warehouse sale inform you yah..that one RM1/piece, the last i went, i bought 29pieces!!!

  2. For Chinese New Year! You ar... Say lah for Christmas.. at least its nearer. Hehe.

  3. I like the clothes and toys you bought, and it's cheaper than I've expected. Too bad I'm far away from KL, if not will shop like you too!

  4. Aiyo.. how come I didn't know about this sale one? next time advertise big big in your blog ok?

    Bought so many and paid so little.. so 'tai'..

  5. Jazzmint : OMG!! RM1 per piece???? YOU MUST TELL ME NEXT TIME YA! hehe

    Shoppingmum: I know u'll go nuts if there's Barney's sale!

    Zara's Mama:You can still go. It's until this weekend!

  6. for the water features, bali is the source. go to ubud, plenty there. onc u buy, get the locals there to ship it back to msia for you (pay lar of cos).

  7. =_=... i tot wat therapy la, i was thinking to go too... shopping ah? more tension to me la, haha. Anyway, Jayden sooooooo cute.

  8. baby gets so many things and mama gets a zara paperbag ah? (joking only, jangan marah)

  9. Wah syiok! Too bad... not my category! Have fun okay with more therapy! Tell your husband he's saving on the psychologist fee. *wink*

  10. I was there too at Midvalley pooh exhibition. cheap clothes! Amazing...but it was so crowded! Great pictures!

  11. Whatt a load of things you bought! haha....nice space!

  12. aiyo... why you didnt ad in yr blog wan... i want to go also... by this weekend the good stuff will be all taken liow la... tot of getting some for my niece, cos oscar outgrow this kind of shirts liow.

  13. haha..have a same thought as Kenny Ng. Thought u went for what therapy!! "Shopping Therapy" real good, woman nature mah! heehee..

  14. Mumsgather: Cannot la. We dun really celebrate christmas wan...

    Oli: i dun trust our shiopping guys. My fountain can come back in many pcs u know..hehe

    Kenny:O.ten kiu ten kiu..

    Nyonya: Yalor..BB get so many things.

    Aveance: Yeah..but i think he's scared that i'll go mental and start to whack him for no reason. haha

    Flowsnow: Very crowded right? Tips for parents..go early!

    Hearts: Yup.When you can go shopping only once in a while it's like this la..

    lil champ:Got big big clothes also! Go GO!!!

  15. all the mamas are here! i better cabut!!

  16. Ayo...i think better not go..i oredi bought enough to last for the next few years for both my kids!!! Ok...quite gila!

  17. Wow,RM70+ for tons of stuffs, worth lol!!

  18. how long is the winnie the pooh thingy at mid valley going on until? sounds like fun!

  19. Welcome Mom2ashley,
    its until this weekend, 26-27/8/2006. Go and have fun. Don't miss it!

  20. Next time give 3 days notice to uslah, we also wanna joinlah. Put big big SALE in your blog..ha ha