Friday, August 11, 2006


My dad used to swear so much that the bad words just stick to his tongue so badly that he wouldn’t miss using a bad word in every sentence. Of cos the 4 of us won’t use or try not to swear in front of him…otherwise will kena hantam from him. When I was about 13 yrs old.. I don’t know what got into me one night. My bro asked me to do something and I replied.. "Diu". And he got so shocked, he asked me " what did u say?" I said…."DIUUUUUUUUUUU!". He got so shocked and said, " who taught you that?" And I slumber-ly said " of course from my father la.. Who else?"My bro looked at my dad and my dad looked at me. Total silence.

There’s another time that my dad scolded me "Niamafulat". I then turned and ask my mum.. " Ma…lei yau mou fu lat" (mom yr pants fall down edi ka?). My mum slumber-ly replied… "Moula..Chung Hai chiok chee" (nolah, it’s still attached). Hehehehe

Now he don’t really swear in front of us esp in front of his grand children. But we, the four of us do swear once in a while. For us, sometimes we swear when we’re damn pissed or just for the fun of it.

I remember when i used to drive my niece home from her babysitter’s place, I’ll always meet with jialat drivers (still with P licence ma). So sometimes I swore too fast and my niece will follow .. "STUPID ASSHOLE!" "SHIT" "OI KOPI-O Licence Ka!". But since now that I have my own child, I should control more. Like what Michael said, "It's getting harder to be a parent". We have to jaga what we do and say in front of them. Cos we’re the biggest influence to them….and why I’m so worried?

You say I should be worried or not?


  1. Haha!! Damn 9 farnee post. Welcome to blogsphere!

  2. sign language! your baby's a genius. LOL

  3. hahaha.. it's in the genes...

  4. swearing is good for health, i read that before, some doctors did a research on swearing is a way to express our stress, anger.. and bla bla bla... u keep it too long will get heart attack or high blood pressure.

    But swearing not for kids to learn la anyway...

  5. haha... oscar use to do the middle finger but i dont know where he learned it from but now no more cos daddy hantam him once sudah takut liow...

  6. cool finger...u ah..I think u purposely post it right? :D
    I swear and will always swear. hubby complains I swear too much but sometimes can't be help. Old habit die hard plus I think it's `inherited'. My dad swears when he is you sow is what u reap. Oh man....I have to prepare myself for 2 swearing kids soon!

  7. Cocka doodle: Thank Kiu Thank Kiu :)

    Nyonyapenang: Cannot help it. He IS my son ma..Follow his mom Hahaha

    Ah Pek : Yalor..wat to do Hehe

    Kenny : Sure or not? Liddat..lets swear and no need to take vitamins! Wah good ah.. u use "blablabla" oso

    lil champ: kids not only learn from parents but from tv and peers too. My niece told me she learn about sex from watching "Mr.Bean". U believe or not?*pengsan*

    flowsnow: hehe yeah. But my son's finger position is memang liddat when he sleep since birth. I dunno why...

  8. hehhehehhehe! jayden's learning fast. but i think it's better to learn from the parent than to learn from a stranger.

  9. haha your son's mia handsign dem cool ok?!!!

  10. brother also swears a lot and i've witnessed his daughter say the 'F' word! tai sei! anyway this reminds me of my fren from hong kong who said girls must be more ladylike cannot say bad words, if must say, say sugar instead of shit!