Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bobo Caca's Appointment

Since I'm so occupied with Jayden... I don't have enough time to to sleep...what more to bath and groom my dogs. I've read before in HerWorld Magazine and i came accross this pet groomer that travels to your house, pick up your doggies, go home, groom them and send them back prefectly groomed. Called her and apparently she charges the same as the pet shop that I normally send Bobo Caca to and this is better cos I don't need to send them to the shop myself.

Mr Chan came home at 3a.m thanks to AirAsia..flight delayed from 8 p.m till 1a.m. And the conversation goes like this:

Mrs Chan : Remember tomorrow Bobo Caca got appointment at 9.30 am
Mr Chan : Go Where?
Mrs Chan : Someone will come and pick them up.
Mr Chan : Who?
Mrs Chan : The groomer.
Mr Chan : Wah! So Happening. Where you find one?
Mrs Chan : Nah...see..

Mr Chan : Wah. Cool. How Much?
Mrs Chan: err....

So Bobo Caca went for their appointment....and this is the before and after pics..

I know my Bobo looks like a seal wearing a t-shirt. The groomer gotto shave him bald..because of his skin condition. Now they smell so nice...


  1. Wah, they do house call nowadays. My damn old golden retriever only has his vet's assistant come n bathe him every week, lol.

    And very nice new hairdo woh.

  2. wah..nice doggy =) thanks for ur comment sasha..appreciate it.. =)

  3. Business competition so high...

    How old are your dogs?

  4. Caca is 2 and Bobo is errrr i think 8 or 9 yrs old? I dunno, My fren gave him to us few years ago.