Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What’s wrong with the world.

WTF is wrong? War, Rape and Murder. I felt that its so unsafe to live in this world already. No wonder ppl start to book space in the moon to stay. At least if got crime, it’ll happen much slower and maybe can avoid being killed.

This morning while feeding my son, I watched MHI and they’re reading headlines from our local newspaper. Another girl got rape and murdered and another got snatched and fell down and mampus-ed this morning. And most of these happened because some SOB want to get his fix badly, so go and snatch and robe ppl..So got money edi, buy drugs and enjoy..high high edi go rape and murder ppl samo. SPKHKC!

These ppl should not be jailed only. They need to be treated the same way they treat their victim. They should be gang rape by a bunch of AIDS gay guys, cut their KKC and make jeruk for the tigers to eat, or just cut out the KKC and do some plastic surgery and stick it on their head. So ppl can recognize them with the dick on the head.

Ok, cool….cool…

You guys wont understand why I’m so pissed with this kinda ppl. Not that I got raped before la. CHOI! But I’ve stayed with a drug addict uncle before. And for the period of time when he was with us, our life is always in fear and because of that, my mum brought me to my dad’s workshop. So I grew up surrounded by cars, screwdrivers, grease, oil and blablabla.

I used to stay at home with my grandma. But my uncle used me and my bro (the only son) to threatened my grandma to get money for his fix. He would pinch my tights until its blue black and he would place my bro on top of the lazy susan (on the dining table) and turn him around while asking him to write his A-B-C. Of coz when turn-turn the writing sure senget-senget wan. He then uses that excuse to slap my brother. And sometimes he will tell my grandma that he is bringing my brother out to buy ice cream. Fearing that after the buying ice cream session, my brother will not return anymore..(Only grandson ma..) She gave him money and that kinda torture lasted for many many years.

All of us (4 of us) slept in the same bedroom. Not that our house have limited bedroom but it’s easier for my mom to monitor us. There’s this special lock that my mum installed from her room that can open and close our door. (cool eh?) I’m always dressed in dark clothes cos its so dirty at the workshop and I always play with giant plastic covers (that my dad used to cover ppl’s car seat) and make clothes out of it with staples. My bro ended up developed fixing car skills and that’s the only thing he can do now. My mum was so afraid that my uncle will influence him, so he’s not allowed to go anywhere besides the workshop after school hours.

My uncle was in and out of rehab centers. I think he tried all the rehab centers in Malaysia. (Must enter Malaysia Book of Records). He will even stand at the roadside and sell my dad’s car- freshly pumped petrol to anyone that can offer him money. Jialat or not???

It all ended when my Grandpa makes the final call to the police and caught that bugger up and locked him up. He was then in rehab for very long time and then he joined a church and later became a pastor. Now he owns a Rehab center and he’d help anyone that come to him. Thank god his kids is not infected with any diseases. But this experience of his really made a deep scar in all our family members and all his ex-gfs. Because of drugs, he wasted nearly 35 years doing nothing, he spent most of my grandpa’s fortune, he broke up with few wonderful girls and most important he made our life miserable that time.

So now u know why I so tuulan with drug addicts. They’re really sampah masyarakat. If know how to make a u-turn also nevermind (Maybe they never attend driving course la) samo wanna kill and rape…pity the family members have to live with that kind of shame and fear.


  1. Aiyo.. should have just moved out.. why still live with that crazy uncle!! So unsafe for everybody.

    Yes, I sometimes worry as well.. what is this world coming into and how can we protect our children from all the harm. *sigh*

  2. First we must know y ppl getting violent? coz they r too hungry... it's same as animal instinct, when they hungry... they will lost control n do watever. now we can see so much ppl jobless... enforcers only panai catch those selling pirate stuffs, those ppl got no more income n will hungry then will act violent. enforcers shud concerntrate on serious crimes. who's fault? i think we all know the answer la.

  3. Ya ya..totally agree with ya cos there's someone liddat in my family too..jialat!

    As for the rapists..I heard when they go to jail they will kena rape too and if they dun get to jail, they will get it when they go to HELL!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR

  4. God gave your uncle another chance. He was lost but at least, he has realised his folly and is now trying to help others who also took the wrong path...

    There are many others out there, trapped in drugs. Some may have been tricked into it. We don't know. Sometimes it is easy to just blame them. But sometimes, we ought to see the bigger picture why they got themselves into it in the first place.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not defending their drug taking as right. I am just offering an alternative view.

    Same goes to those addicted to porn and alcohol.

  5. Zara's Mama: *sigh* Its not safe being in your own house oso these days...

    Kenny: Ya, we all know. But we can't do anything but to teach our children not to be liddat.

    LaundryAmah: Only ppl like us know how it feels living wit a person liddat.

    Pablopabla:Agree wit ya.

  6. true sampah masyarakat. but our society is not turning to the better to welcome the rarara Vision 2020 but its towards some 3rd world country standard liow. sometimes when i come to think of it, i really want to just stay home and not go out... its much safer that way.... love yr blog... keep it up.

  7. My Lil Champion: Me too. I dun dare to bring my Jayden out alone. To scary outside.

    Everyone: Thanks for your support! I will try my best to blog nice nice things! hehehe

  8. Kill them all ! May they go to hell! Wau lau eh...you made Lin Peh so tulan also :-(

  9. tsk tsk... oli geleng kepala