Monday, August 07, 2006

Latest BullShit?

I just received this sms from +628157473759. The sms goes like this:

TAHNIAH.Simcard Anda Meme-nangi hadiah Cek Tunai RM.9000 dari
AFM. [AKADEMI FANTASIA 4] Sila hubungi:006281376878277 Terimakasih.

Got such thing wan meh?

I don't remember signing up for Akademi Fantasia.

I don't even watch it. Hmmm..samo its international number...

Who wants RM9000? Call this number la.

By the way, BM u sudah salah lah. It's "memenangi" la...mau tipu pun salah. Bodoh!


  1. Ohh...I got this sms before too but I just delete la..must screw our line provider for disclosing our numbers la...must be MAXIS! bluekkkk!

  2. do not reply those SMS... all hoax la. My friend kena before end up wasted dunno how much on the phone bill. I got received before from China somemore... said I won wat wat lottery worth few millions dollar... all bullshit la.

  3. yes..yes..these sms(s) drives me up the wall...if only we could get rid of's almost like having citibank calling u all the time for their so called promotions! That's another pain in the butt. Nice blog...I must visit it again and read more of your `bla blas....happy blogging.

  4. where got free things wan.. my last experience lagi terra... win cruise for 4 pax 10-days to alaska wor... phuit! dont say alaska la, free bus ride to megamall also i dont believe la! bugger, cheat also dont know how to cheat...@#$%$#&*