Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Farm

Backdated! Went to this place called The Farm 2 weeks ago (yeah I am that backdated!). Jayden wanted to go to the zoo again. How to go so many times in a year? So we'll bring him to "The Farm". This place is situation in persiaran tropicana (the link between Bu11 and tropicana) together with the nursery that was moved over from Sungai Buloh.

I think this is the only plot that doesn't sell anything together with a temple/church nearby. The rest are all nurseries and also Koi Ponds. So yeah, this place is FOC to visit and they even provide food for the kids to feed the animals. 

Page_1 copy
We came  to see the mummy before she gave birth and right after she just delivered this baby horsie. So Jayden is very used to patting them now.
Free food for the kid to feed the wabbits



After that is plant shopping time! Love to go and see the flowers. And  we'll bring  the kids to the nearby koi pond and see the giantic kois. Some as big as Justin!

Just in case you wanna go and visit this place,here's a map for you!


TTFN. Need to rush my work and also plan for Justin's Bday!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Let's Build A Word!

Let's build a word Mami! He said and he built this

Then he wanted to build B-O-O-K. But his Os are missing so he started to whine and said he want some Os for his B-O-O-K. So his dad told him "go and find something that looked like O". And he managed to find 2 dots from the middle part of some alphabets and used it as Os.

Then he cried and said "Not enough Z for P-I-Z-Z-A". And so he used...

An "N" And rotate it and used it to form Z.

Learnt it from Word World Cartoon in Disney Channel.Its really a good cartoon that teaches kids how to spell. I wonder when will the Msia education system is going to produce cartoons or a shows like this and teach Sejarah. Sure many people will pass. Hehe

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3 Special Steps

Jayden: I want ice cream Mami...
Me: Okay you can buy 1 ice cream. But you need to share with titi okay?
Jayden: Okay. Step 1! BUY ICE CREAM!
Me: Step 2?
Jayden: Eat Ice Cream!
Me: Step 3?
Maid: Throw paper outside!
Jayden: *look annoyed* throw paper in rubbish bin!
Me: Muahhahah Learn from Jayden la you. Throw rubbish in rubbish bin not everywhere la..
Maid: :P

The other day we're about to leave for dinner and my 2nd sis dropped by. So since JT had his dinner and BIL wanted to play with him, I have asked him to bring JT back to his house first then we will drop by after he have our dinner. So right after dinner...
Me: Oh no Jayden! We forgot about titi!
Jayden: *Look Around* TIti!!!
Big C: How? Titi leh?
Me: Then, step 2 leh?
Jayden: Step 2! Found TiTi!
Me: But we haven't found titi yet, How?
Jayden: *sat in the car and think*
Me: Okay, I am going down to find titi now okay? You wait in the car with dadi...
5 mins later I came back with Justin
Jayden: YAY! TITI!
Me: So step 3 how?
Jayden: Step 3! GO PASAR MALAM!

Recently he's been following this show called Special Agent OSO in playhouse Disney. Not a bad cartoon. Teach kids to think and solve problems in 3 steps. At least he is learning something while he is watching a cartoon.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Play Dough

Over the weekend I made these:

Very simple and fast to make. I go the recipe from this blog. But I cut the salt into half portion cos *whisper* not enough for cooking if use all man....

Of course the kids were happy especially Jayden.

The busy-body also came.

And this is the actual reason why I wanna make homemade play dough.

You never know when he "NGAP" some into his mouth. And I found some in his poo poo the next day :P

Jayden say "TADAA!"

I thought it was an elephant with the trunk. I was wrong, cos he asked me "Mami can you make candle up?" The yellow thinggy was the candle :S

He said :

Ning cheh cheh (my maid) Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday happy birthday...
Happy birthday to you...
I love PARIS *big smile*

P/S: Paris is the gf in sch. :)

Friday, August 07, 2009

To teach or not to teach?

Me: What is this Jayden? *point kukubird*

Jayden: It's kukubird.

Me: Yeah but it's also called P3nis.

Jayden: P3nis.P for P3nis.

Me: Right. Then how about this one? *point kukuballs*

Jayden: It's kukuballs.

Me: It's also called T3sticles.

Jayden: T3sticles!

Me: Go tell your daddy what is this *point P3nis*

Jayden: Dadi. This is P3nis.

Dadi: EH! why teach him things like this?!

Jayden: Dadi...T for t3sticles!

Dadi: CLEVER BOY!!!!! *hug Jayden*


One week later the car

Big C: P untuk?

Jayden: P untuk Penis.

Me: *cover mouth trying not to laugh out loud*

Big C: Yeah.. peanut.

Me: He didn't say peanut.

Big C: I know la.. don't teach him that thing la..


He asked me why I teach Jayden things like this like its wrong to teach a 3 yr old that. But when Jayden can tell him what alphabet it starts with he was very hapy pulak. So to teach or not to teach?

Thursday, August 06, 2009

A very typical day for me

to see this...


both of them watching tv.
Small one will go and press the tv, Change channel.
Big one frust and off the tv.
Small one try to on it back.
Big one push the small one away.
Small one fall down.
Big one won.
On the tv back again.
And the small one is next to him again, pressing the tv again.
Over and over again.

In and Out

of my mac, I farm.

My hong Kong Kai Lan.

And some harvested spinach but regrowed ones at the back.(cannot eat wan... very keras)

All being harvested. And replanted with more Kai Lan and Spinach.

I had a batch of spinach which was harvested for Justin's porridge. Very good to plant myself cos we only need a lil for Justin's porridge and if we buy from the supermarket, we use lil by lil everyday and end up half of it we'll throw away. Very easy, throw seed, water and wait.

Monday, August 03, 2009

it's just one of those days

Everything that used to be to normal for you seems to be so hard.

And everything became WHY? Why? Why? Why? when he is already doing it every single damn day.Why am I the only that seems to be struggling.

Its one of those days that you just wanna dig a grave and bury yourself or just hide yourself in a cave where no one can find you. No one ask you a question. No one expect a damn answer. No. Nothing. Just want to have a total silent day.

And you have to control the tears flowing and you gotto balance your head properly so the tears won't fall out. And it just stays in your eyes until it became too damn heavy and finally it falls out while you're driving.

It doesn't matter that your son finally knew that he really screwed up and he kept saying "Sorry mami. I say sorry mami. Sorry mami". And you just can't turn your head and say "it's okay babe".Cos it's not only him that is making your life so shitty today. It's as though everything that seems to be perfect suddenly became so shitty. And everything seems to be so unimportant anymore. Nothing matters anymore and you just wanna give up everything that you try so hard to practise and save.

Creative Farmer

My hub's cousin sent me this link of a farm. So I went and checked it out...


The Harley wording were made from haystacks.
Surrounding it is orange trees.
Far top is actually cotton.
I didn't go in to see the farm with the cotton bloomed.
If it bloomed, it should be fully white.

Creative eh?