Friday, August 07, 2009

To teach or not to teach?

Me: What is this Jayden? *point kukubird*

Jayden: It's kukubird.

Me: Yeah but it's also called P3nis.

Jayden: P3nis.P for P3nis.

Me: Right. Then how about this one? *point kukuballs*

Jayden: It's kukuballs.

Me: It's also called T3sticles.

Jayden: T3sticles!

Me: Go tell your daddy what is this *point P3nis*

Jayden: Dadi. This is P3nis.

Dadi: EH! why teach him things like this?!

Jayden: Dadi...T for t3sticles!

Dadi: CLEVER BOY!!!!! *hug Jayden*


One week later the car

Big C: P untuk?

Jayden: P untuk Penis.

Me: *cover mouth trying not to laugh out loud*

Big C: Yeah.. peanut.

Me: He didn't say peanut.

Big C: I know la.. don't teach him that thing la..


He asked me why I teach Jayden things like this like its wrong to teach a 3 yr old that. But when Jayden can tell him what alphabet it starts with he was very hapy pulak. So to teach or not to teach?


  1. for me, after i think think think (really thought for a long time).. i decided to teach Philip *during toilet training* that penis is Kukujiao. So now everytime remind him its kukujiao. but he will always refer as pat-pat :( *roll eyes*

  2. i have not taught my son yet, but i think its abt time. all this while it is known as kuku bird

  3. etceteramommy8:10 PM

    Mmmm.. sometimes I wonder why don't we teach them the right calling from the start? Afterall we're teaching them to call it KKC, KKB? I'm also not sure what is right or wrong but I teach my boy the P word from day 1. I think so long they know what it is, whichever name is fine.

  4. i haven't quite touch this topic yet. we still refer that to the lil birdie

  5. i think it is nothing wrong to teach the child the correct name for kkc my son's school teaches them as well

  6. Why teach him that? Any objective...:P

  7. I think its perfectly fine to teach them the correct word to use instead of using kkc, birdie etc. After all, its just another body part.

  8. lillamb: pat pat? *pengsan*

    wen: :) yeah maybe its time.

    Etc mum: yeah. sooner or later they are going to learn it anyway.

    Jazz: oh yeah lor our kids nearly same age.

    Alicia: yeah sch teach proper names.

    Michelle: no need an objective to teach the actual name, right? Actually its better to teach them in adult words to make them speaks better.

  9. errr.. i've been using phet phet and nen nen.. so far she hasn't seen any kukubird yet. I just cannot imagine my girl saying 'vagina' out loud in school ! somehow 'phet phet' sounds more acceptable at her age, so how ?

  10. Hmmmm...till now, my boys still said that as KKB. Should start teaching them now.

  11. My 9 year old still calls it his bird bird. LOL. Good to teach though.

  12. teach! by right, we shld teach them the proper names for our private parts but for me, i'm so used to calling 'them' by their household nicknames that it is tough to use the proper words also. lol!

  13. I don't see anything wrong by teaching them about our body parts. Soon and later, they will still need to know, rite??

    Jayden is a fast learner le...

  14. Eyes are called eyes, mouth are called mouth, why cant we teach them the private part according to their formal name right? I think it is more appropriate to teach them well and correctly from the very beginning. It is us adult who gets paranoid. Kids just says it innocently! Cute.. No more P for Peanuts for Jayden! Hahaha..

  15. nice ones.. and your hubby.. so shy to teach the son on private parts meh? Ok ma.. at least JD know both names now.. :)

  16. i think u did the right thing! my sis teach shan leo when he was 1+, and each time, she bathe him, she will point to him "p3nis". so, shan leo learned abt it long time ago

  17. I say must teach. Cuz if ever (touch wood) something bad happens and you need to go to court, and if a child says won't hold in court and he needs to say the correct word or you wouldn't be able to press charges on the guilty party. Just a thought!

  18. Aiyo..
    You should tell him la.. P, for Pen, for Pop Corn, not just Penis.

    Later his ABC all humsup humsup one.

    A for Adultury
    B for balls
    C for c*nt.. U know what I mean.