Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3 Special Steps

Jayden: I want ice cream Mami...
Me: Okay you can buy 1 ice cream. But you need to share with titi okay?
Jayden: Okay. Step 1! BUY ICE CREAM!
Me: Step 2?
Jayden: Eat Ice Cream!
Me: Step 3?
Maid: Throw paper outside!
Jayden: *look annoyed* throw paper in rubbish bin!
Me: Muahhahah Learn from Jayden la you. Throw rubbish in rubbish bin not everywhere la..
Maid: :P

The other day we're about to leave for dinner and my 2nd sis dropped by. So since JT had his dinner and BIL wanted to play with him, I have asked him to bring JT back to his house first then we will drop by after he have our dinner. So right after dinner...
Me: Oh no Jayden! We forgot about titi!
Jayden: *Look Around* TIti!!!
Big C: How? Titi leh?
Me: Then, step 2 leh?
Jayden: Step 2! Found TiTi!
Me: But we haven't found titi yet, How?
Jayden: *sat in the car and think*
Me: Okay, I am going down to find titi now okay? You wait in the car with dadi...
5 mins later I came back with Justin
Jayden: YAY! TITI!
Me: So step 3 how?
Jayden: Step 3! GO PASAR MALAM!

Recently he's been following this show called Special Agent OSO in playhouse Disney. Not a bad cartoon. Teach kids to think and solve problems in 3 steps. At least he is learning something while he is watching a cartoon.


  1. my son favorite show also.......

  2. hahahahahaha..clever boy, Jayden. Eh...this is also Ashley's fav show. She always say "oh so special" and loves to sing...3 special steps :D

  3. i think this tune is playing in nearly every household with kids (and astro-la). the tune is also addictive. :)

    clever jayden to use it to good use!

  4. My kids love this show too. Didi keeps watching the wrap present episode over n over n over again. I'm so sien of it edi. :)

  5. oh.. 3 special steps hah.. good boy Jayden, he learned.. and environmental friendly too that he throws rubbish in the bin!

  6. That's cute. Chloe watches this too but I doubt she understands anything... She does quote phrases from other cartoons every now and then but not this.

  7. what is it with kids and oso?!! they all love him!

    pfft... for me he is sooo annoying okayyyyy. but have to pretend as if he's doing the most amazing things when i'm forced to watch it with gib. huhhuuhuhu..

  8. It is also Ching Ern's fav now - she is singing everyday -> OSO Special..nah nah nah nah...:-)

  9. Jayden is a really smart boy and really cute!!

  10. Caitlin, my youngest loves this show too. Always sings the '3 special steps' song. Jayden is smart to work out the 3 steps.

  11. etceteramommy12:43 PM

    Wahh.. Jayden is sure learning fast and *hi five* Ryan's fav cartoon too but only two shows a week. :(

    The new one coming soon in Sept Olly Dive Olly is also Ryan's fav. He loves to watch the teaser.

  12. wow... Jayden is one smarties pie. hahaha... yes, ask the maid to learn from Jayden lah...

  13. ei.. wat time is the airing ar ?? hahahaha... no chance to watch it yet.. guess it's me that interested !!

  14. i enjoy reading jayden's development.. he is doing great and i can see alot of effort from the mami too :)

  15. jayden & his 3-step approach!!! good!!!

  16. Haha....nowadays, my kids are crazy over 'animal mechanical'.....aiyooh....

  17. LoL. Special Agent OSO is also one of my son's fav, but my son says there are 4 steps, then 5, then 6 .. the list goes on. Kids !

  18. smart Jayden!!! My sons love this show too! But how come my sons didn't learn the 3 steps lei? :(

  19. Very well educated little boy:)Bravo Mommy!