Thursday, May 29, 2008

Week 23

According to the ticker in Jayden's blog I'm officially 24 weeks today. How do I feel? I felt like a very heavy guni sack and I always have a wiggly feeling in my tummy. Its like my baby is always awake and wanna play and chat with me. I can say that my baby is more active than Jayden. *pengsan*

*wake up from pengsan* Anyway, I think baby J (or maybe some other alphabets-not sure yet. but most probably will be J) can hear us talking and singing. Cos baby J always kick harder than before when we sing nursery rhymes for Jayden. Not bad eh? Satu kali sing, semua dengar and ada reaction. Anyway Jayden never let us finish a song, he just like to flip away the pages and ask us to sing another song.

Gainingg 10kgs (approx but I hope not more than that), I'm real "bulat" now. My thighs are huge. So huge, Jayden had the opportunity to bite my thigh lately when I smacked his hands for trying to pull the astro card out from the decoder.  Sigh..see how he changed. He also likes to flip my baju and turn the two very vulnerable nobs (my ni nis) proly cos its bigger now and more noticeable than before. If i sit down, I look like a ball. No joke.

Sigh..........Sigh..Sigh........*looking at my Levis jeans and wave bye bye*

So why is this post called 23 weeks when I'm already 24 weeks? Cos I met up with Flowsnow when I was 23 weeks (my first time meeting her) and we did a preliminary round of maternity shots. Since my extra weight went to the wrong places (e.g my butt, my arms, my thigh and blablabla) and not to my tummy, she focused more on my face. Here are some of the shots that I really like. She managed to edit 12 pics and uploaded in her site. Please don't faint after you viewed my pics.

She gave me a very glamour name on my header...

Yup, you can see the mist. So imagine how early we got there :)

The venue was in TTDI park with many ppl jogging around. I can say that the people are not so "ulu / kampung" cos they're MYOB-ing and some shouted "Hey how many months?" and "You're carrying a ____ right?" hehe farnie bunch of people.

Anyway, thanks Tricia (flowsnow) for taking some time off to shoot me. I had a good time and can't wait for our next round of shoot. :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Boy and Girl

This morning I accompanied J for a while before heading to work. The kids surrounded us and tried to make him laugh. They brought toys for him to play. They even put a basket over their own head and made silly faces. He laughed at them.

So I told him:

Sasha : *point at the boy* He is a boy.
Jayden: Boy....
She: *point at the girl* She is a girl.
Jayden: Girl............
Sasha: *point at the boy* Boy.
Jayden: Girl.
Sasha: *Point at girl* Girl
Jayden: Boy.
Sasha: *point at boy's chest* BOY.......
Jayden: Nen Nen.
Sasha: *pengsan*

Monday, May 26, 2008

Cuckoo Mama

This morning, as usual I ironed his clothes, packed his daycare stuff and asked hub to help him to wear his school uniform and shoes. He was fussing and refused to cooperate. Anyway it's normal for Mondays to be a bit havoc compared to other days because of the long weekend. As usual, we I drove and I told him "nah.. you go to sch and play with your friends blablabla okay?"

Then it hit me. Dang! It's school holiday! You say I cuckoo or not????

No wonder there were less cars on the roadlah.

But luckily J wasn't the only one in school uniform *wink* But he cried la.. Oh man. Damn stressed to see him cry everyday like this.

Anyway I managed to video him reading ABCs while watching tv and this is exactly how he react in school while teacher teaches ABC too. Enjoy...

Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm Sorry...


I'm sorry you need to go through what you're going through lately...
I'm sorry you have to cry everyday when I send you to school...
I'm sorry you have to cry everyday when I pick you up cos you missed me too much...
I'm sorry you're having nightmare everynight cos you've cried too much during the day...
I'm sorry that I took it out on you last night...
I'm sorry that I cannot control myself when you're being cranky...
I'm sorry that I shout at you and made you cry even more...
I'm sorry that I caned you when you refused to come to me when I asked you to...
I'm sorry that I pulled yr ears and asked you why you wont listen to what I'm saying...
I'm sorry that I scolded you although you don't understand what I'm saying...
I'm sorry that I cannot be a happy mother all the time...
I'm so sorry my Jayden Boy...and I hope you understand
And I hope things will be better soon, so I can be your super mom..again.
I Love You.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Little Neglected Bump


I noticed that I seldom talk about the little bump on my tummy. Cos I'm seriously so tied down with Jayden's issue with Nanny And Daycare. I even went for my 20th week checkup late (in week 22 last Sat). Not that I forgot about the check up but then I was busy with my dslr class and I gotto accompany Big C to KK the week before. Anyway, since things are better this week, I think I gotto be fair but to focus on the little bump.

I will be in week 23 this Saturday and I'm already 60kgs, with 8-9 kgs gained. I'm sure the weight didn't go much to the baby cos baby J is only 500gm ++ for now. My tummy is already 36 inches compared to J's bump that came max 40inches last time. So imagine a giant penguin walking around.

Baby is fine but very shy cos baby refused to show the face entirely to us, using both hands to cover the cheeks. Doctor somehow confirmed the baby's sex but then anything can happen. So we just gotto wait till baby is out then I can tell you that its a girl or boy, ok?

Covering the face/cheeks with both hands at week 22.

As for Jayden, he saw the scan and told the doctor "oh oh! oooohhhh Baby!" and he will sayang my tummy once in a while IF he's in a good mood. Baby is moving well, VERY WELL. Sometimes I felt very uneasy cos baby kept kicking the same spot for a very long time. Jayden was the same when he was in my tummy. Hubby asked "Can you imagine we have 2 Jaydens?" Okayyyyyy........Don't wanna think so far! Till then, I just wanna chill and enjoy while I can.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

At 26 Months...


Looks like a big boy eh? Picture taken in Laundryamah's house during Kylie's bday.

He attended 1 month (approx) of playsch and 2 weeks of daycare. He still cries every morning when I send him and mostly everytime I pick him up from sch - cos he get upset when he sees other kids going home. Yesterday as soon as he saw me, he did some dance for me and sang in the car. Sekejap cry, sekejap happy.

But other than that, he changed quite tremendously.

He became more independent:
  • He carries his own school bag when teacher said "Okay, Let's go" or when I say "Let's go home". Last time he refused to carry his bag.
  • He drink more water by himself with the water tumbler. Last time, we gotto pass him the water bottle and ask him to drink.
Express himself more and talk (babbles to be exact) in longer sentences. But it seems like only his mom know what he is talking about. Hoping that he will string his words more... He also demands for his fav show -ELMO and ask for food (Yakult, Egg, NenNen/Milk). Banyak mintak ini itu o...I cannot even sit down and warm the chair

Being able to tell me that he wanna poop. He used to poop in adult toilet or potty since he was very very young (about 1 1/2 months old) but he somehow rejected pooping in toilet after he was hospitalized last time. Now, he will ask me to "GO! GO!" when he wanna poop. It's been a week now and he only missed once. I think I'm going gila but I'm damn happy that my son can tell me that he wanna pangsai.

Being able to tell me that he wanna pee. I thought that pee training might take longer than poop. But he surprised me for the last few days when he grabbed my hands and asked me to "Go! Go!" and ran to the toilet. But of course, many many false alarm (cos he just wanna play with the flush) and also accidents. We're not using the training pants cos I want him to know if he doesn't tell me that he wanna pee, he will dirty his legs and the floor. So, the plan is working so far- long way to go before he can go and do his own business by himself.

Knows his ABCs better than previous month. Teacher always praise him saying that he knows his ABCs although he cannot speak in sentences. Well, at least the teacher never call him useless like his ex-nanny. Btw, we went to pick his things up from nanny's house. She was painting the babycot, I think new baby is on the way and to my surprise, J refused to look at her. (YES!!!) and he seldom say the A word (aunty) anymore :)

ROARING - Lately he roars when his demands are not met. I have no idea where he learnt that but everytime we say "no" to him he will ROAR! He thinks we're scared of him if he roar at us.

He became insecure-Very very insecure. He need to hug me when he pee and poo, hold my hands in the car when we're sitting at the back or when I drive, when he eat, when he watch tv, when we sleep and many many more. He will look for me as soon as I'm out of his sight. But the "wanted" feeling is so nice but tiring at the same time.

I'm still looking forward to see him play with his sch mates or other kids. Right now, he just sticks to the teacher all the time until he sees me. That's all I can think of...the brain memory RAM ran out. I nearly forgot that today is 21st and it was his 26th month today, and I thought he was 27 months. Damn blur edi....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I need one wok and 2 mangkuks

I've mentioned before that I need a suit or armour since J likes to kick my tummy in the middle of the night. Many suggested that I should use a wok. That's not a bad idea. Now, I need 2 mangkuks.

Its been a few nights since he kept crying in the middle of the night. He constantly kept asking me to hug him, hold hands, and even wake up to play with him. And when I refused and go to bed, he will join me in bed and lie on top of me and turn.....turn.....turn......trying his very best to find the right position to sleep.

You know that when you're preggie your breast tend to grow bigger and the Ni-Ni areas are very very sensitive right?

So imagine he turn...turn.....and turn on top of you.

Very...very...very...TORTURING!! It felt like its gonna fall off man...

I guess he is just too scared of me leaving him ever since he started daycare. Daycare and sch really turned him into a very insecure kiddo. So while I wait for him to adjust to the new routine, I need one big wok and 2 mangkuks.

Friday, May 16, 2008

His 3rd Day

Yesterday, my store boy came and told me "Sasa! You punya kereta ada ASAP O!" and I thought he was joking. So I went down and yeap my car bonet was smoky. The alternator got burnt. Anyway, I called my dad and he came to the rescue and exchanged car with me.

And so I went to pick my son up using my dad's car. Once reached the guard house at the kindy, I can hear him crying. The teacher told me that he got upset cos other people started going home and he panicked. He started to pack his bag and dragged his Elmo Pillow to the door.

He was still sobbing when we said bye to the teacher. Suddenly other kids yelled "BYE JAYDEN!!!" And his face changed imediately. He was shocked and happy at the same time. He started giving flying kiss and waved bye bye.

Once we got out, he was surprised to see his koongkoong's car and he started to dig everything he can find and he found koongkoong's specs. I guess he wanted to pretend his koong koong driving style.


Noticed that the specs was terbalik? He likes it like that. What to do, his own style.

Then we drove to my dad's/mum's house and he enjoyed himself. Ate dinner, Drank Yakult, Ate 2 bananas and lots of murukus and then another pack of soya bean. (why is my son still so skinny? But anyway as long he's healthy its good enough for me :))

And guess what? His nanny(EX) called me and told me that she packed his stuff and its ready for pick up. So excited wanna get J out of her life I assume? But anyway I'm not in a hurry so I just told her that I'll come by when I have the time to do so - when the house is just 3-4 mins walking distance from my house :P

This morning J told me again while going to school ..."Aunty..Aunty..." kesian him. Wondering why he cannot see his "aunty" anymore. I know, one day he'll forget about his "Aunty" and will start to like his daycare but he's just a kid. Even adults like us need time to adjust to new environment, what more for a small kid like him. So we're all taking a step at a time and hope that things will be better...soon.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

His 1st and 2nd day at Daycare


On his first day...
As usual At 11.30am, he asked the teacher to help him with his bag and he wanted to walk to the gate to wait for me. But teacher told him no need to wait for me at the gate and ushered him to the daycare place. He cried.

At 4pm, Daycare's office called me and told me that Jayden is having fever. So Big C went to pick him up. But as soon as he sees his Dadidi, he was okay. He told Dadidi "Aunty.....Aunty....." And so he went to aunty's house.

On his second day...
He asked the teacher to go to the gate to wait for mama (yeap that's me. He changed his style of calling me from mimi to mama). And teacher told him that mama is not coming, come and bath. Teacher tried to take off his shoes and he refused to let her take off his shoes and socks. And he cried.

Once he woke up, he cried and asked teacher to bring him to the playground. The teacher told him no and he cried, for one hour. When I saw him yesterday, he was still sobbing. He stopped when I placed him in the car seat behind me. From the rear window mirror , I can see that he was looking out of the car and suddenly he started to cry again. And then I asked him "why? and please don't cry". He tried to hold his tears and he sobbed and sobbed but burst out crying again. Must be too unhappy about not being able to see me standing at the gate at 11.30am.


Today was his 3rd day.
He woke up at 6 plus and asked for milk. After he drank his milk, he played by himself on our bed. He said "M...N....O.....P".....Ffffhhh Fhhhh Fhhh Fish..... and he said......Aunty...Aunty...Aunty......

While we're on our way to his sch, I told him "You be good boy okay? You go to school to play with your friends. Play with teacher...okay?"

He looked at me and said "Teee Cher"........"Aunty......"

I said " No... No aunty...Teacher will bath you, Give you mum mum, then you sleep and play. Mami will come and take you later okay?

And he said again "aunty..."

*sigh* My son..You love her.. but she don't want you...What to do?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our KK Trip

We're in KK last Friday till Sunday to accompany Big C for his business trip. We left our house at 5.15am hoping to get to the airport on time for our 6.50am flight. But our superman driver took more than 1 hour to reach the airport and when we arrived at the airport, the gate was already CLOSED. Probably they saw Big C panting like mad carrying one sleepy boy and another mad looking pregnant woman carrying bags, they opened the gate for us and we rushed to the gate to board.

J enjoyed the plane ride, and luckily we brought his gadgets to keep him entertained.

Once reached, we took a cab to Promenade Hotel. Big C already informed them before that that we'll arrive early so we need a room early. But however, we still need to wait more than 1 hour after many rounds of asking. Big C left us for training not long after that.

And luckily again I have my gadgets to keep lil boy entertained.

We ordered room service cos I was half dead when we got into the room. Luckily he was okay. He ate whatever that is edible in the room...
Eating keropok...

And even told himself Shhhhhh...
And discovered the "flushing game" in the toilet. So he kept telling me he wanted to shh shh and he did! And he wanted to flush for me also.....ekkk!

Big C got back near to 7 and we went for quick dinner opposite our hotel, facing the sea. And then the hotel called us to ask us to go back and change our room to a "better" room? And it was exactly like the first room. And because of the room changes, we lost Henry's (Awi) backside.
Neh...the one with no3.

He loved the tub as always..
He look different now eh?

The next day itinery was to go to WildLife Park. But it rained since early morning till........the next day. So we walked...and walked...and played in the shopping mall's playground...
A very rare look of Jayden's - The Innocent Look.

Ever since he started school, he know how to play with other kids.
But they seem to reject him..err cos he is a boy!

And he played and played until he got so bored...

Don't talk about Jayden being bored.. I'm also bored..

and suddenly I remembered I'm pregnant.
This my tumtum at week 22. No, that's not my naked tummy. I was wearing an orange blouse when I took my picture.

And then when the weather got better, we hang around at the Hotel's pool.


Yes, his mouth can be opened very very wide...

And at night we met up with Papajoneh & JPPMOM and their kids.
Seeing double! Yes, the twins are just so ............ (pls fill in the blanks yourself).
A. Biteable.
B. Kissable.
C. Huggable.
D. All of the above!

And I secretly nibble on this fella's arm and fingers...
This is the younger twin, Presley. How I know which is which? I have no idea. I asked the mother :P

J enjoyed himself while running around with Joneh's eldest son-Josh. We hardly sat down and eat together because the twins wanted to walk around. The older kids wanted to run around. And the parents were occupied with the kids. We took turns to eat. But then after that Joneh brought us around in KK town to show us around. J vomitted in Joneh's car (Sorry again Joneh *shy*) and thanks for the lovely dinner. Next time when you come to KL is our turn yea..

That's all we did in KK. It was the wrong timing -raining season. But J seems to enjoyed himself and we get to spend sometime with him. And that's all that matters.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ma! Shhhhhh!

Usually I'd walk into the sch and accompany him to wait for the sch bell to ring. Yesterday, I waited outside the gate. And of course the little one saw me and started whining.

Then he started to cry abit and told me:
"Ma! uwaaaaaaaaaa Shhhhhh!"
(putting his finger on his mouth).

He was crying + calling me + telling himself not to cry at the same time. 


He's one funny fella!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Point Point Finger...

Over the weekend I was at my aunts' place. Another uncle of mine told us that his son got an E for his Mandarin. He kept making fun of my cousin - E is for Enough. And he kept attacking the son "You think you're car izit? E is enough and F is Full"? The poor boy just put his head down. "Tomorrow when I go and see your teacher then you will know what is ENOUGH.

It was his first time taking mandarin exam and mandarin wasn't his core language. Besides speaking mandarin in mandarin class, no one teaches him or speak to him.

I asked my uncle "Who won't get red marks when they reach secondary sch? You never get red marks before meh? And also who teach him mandarin?"

The father kept quiet.

I added "Come to think of it, scoring all As doesn't mean you're smart. You're good in memorising the answers to the question. The most important thing is understanding what you learn. Do you want him to be book smart or street smart?"

He kept quiet.

Not enough I added somemore salt to the wound "Some of my straight A friends cannot find job. Why? cos they don't know how to answer in an interview. Not being taught in sch before and it's not written in the text book. So they are like dunggu".

And the wife agreed "yeah yeah some ppl came for interview don't even know how to fill in the forms". The wife is a principle in an intl kindy :D.


What I am pissed of was, the father only know how to scold and point finger at the kid(s) for doing badly in the exam. But he never ask himself "Why did he score badly in the exam? Did he get enough guidance? What did I do as a father to help my own son?" Worst come to worst blame it on the mother for the son's bad results. That's what we human always do. Point one finger at another person and totally forgot that there's at least another 3 fingers pointing back to our self. It's always why YOU never do this and why YOU never do that. What about yourself?


Just like our kids being naughty. Normally, parents will say "My kids is notty la."
Think again.
They are notty because....they are not doing things according to the way WE want it. Its always about how we want it. How about their feelings? Did u ever ask them how they want it to be? We want things to go according to us so that our plan can go on smoothly, just the way we want it. But does it mean that your way is the ideal way? The best way? And one more thing, do you ever wonder that they are notty because ....they followed your footstep?


Another thing - Hyper kids. The parents cannot cope. So the parent will say "Oh they are hyperactive!". I went to a talk that day and she told us that there are no hyperactive kids. There's only under active parents like us. Cos we're so lazy to chase after them. But why are they moving so fast ? Cos the brains are working twice and they are 2 times smarter than US, adults. So do you think they wil sit still? If they sit still, you should be worried. HAH! One good example that she used is "Have u seen Tom & Jerry sitting down in the cartoon? No right? They are moving. That's why children love to watch them. But we adult dislike it. Instead we like to sit down , watch Korean Drama for 3 days 3 nights, cry cry cry, no eat no sleep and still enjoy it. Why? No need to move and use brain..that's why.. That's how underactive we are now. Nah Nah Nah...dun come and attack me cos i said the Korean Drama ok? I know many of you guys watch it, I'm just repeating what she said during the talk.

So sometimes when I see ppl scold the kids or say that they are naughty, I really want to laugh out loud. Cos they forgot to evaluate themself and just like to blame others for own mistake. Okay dun wanna laugh at people too much, I need to evaluate myself also. I'm also a new parent and I'm not perfect. Ok,I wanna do meditate now and think about it..


Monday, May 05, 2008

My Apple

If you ask yr kid to look at the picture above and you ask them "What do you see in this picture?". They will answer "APPLES!"

They wont answer like how we will answer "Red apples, Green apples, slightly yellow and green apples, blablabla and all the other facts that will make people think that we're so brilliant because we can see the different things in just a few Apples.

But to them, Apple is Apple. Red or green, its still Apple. Taste slightly different-but who cares.It's still crunchy. That's how simple, pure and innocent the mind is.

If we can nurture our kid(s) to think like how they have perceived the Apple, they will grow up to be a special Apple - unique by itself, humble and nice.

To them, they are an apple like every other people and they have their own taste. i.e they are good in their own special way- no need to compare with another person to make them self feel great.

I want my Apple to be humble and nice. How about you?

Friday, May 02, 2008

Stoned Woman Blogging.

  1. I am so stoned today. Jayden had nightmare, so he was crying and kicking the whole night. Wanna hold hands la.. want me to hug like this, like that and dunno like what. And the little one is kicking me like his big brother from inside too. Happy or not? Bahagianya aku............... I felt like banging my head to the wall and pengsan for few hours without interruption. Can ah?
  2. I used to buy stretchable working clothes because I hate ironing. Big C send his working clothes to laundry cos he said they iron nicer than me. But last night I ironed Jayden's uniform. You see how he turn me into maid?
  3. I cannot believe what I said "Jayden you need to sleep early okay? Otherwise you can't get up for school..." Sounds very familiar. But I don't believe I'm saying that already and my son is only 25 months now. In another few years more I'll be saying "Do you have homework today?".
  4. I'm like a programmed robot. I wake up, brush teeth, make milk for J, on the tv to wake him up, get dressed, draw some eyebrows, colour the cheeks abit and comb my hair, dress J up, Wear socks for him, Fill up his water tumbler, take his bag, drive to his sch, send him to class, go to work, wait for 11.15am, rush to J's sch, pick him up, send him to nanny, buy lunch, rush back to office, eat lunch, try to work, wait for handphone to ring, rush to nanny, pick him up, go home, cook rice, watch Bella, eat dinner, bath, play with Jayden, make milk with him, and sleep. Tomorrow start again. Sound like your day too? Welcome to FTWM gang.
  5. Okay sekian terima kasih. And thank god tomorrow is Saturday.