Wednesday, May 21, 2008

At 26 Months...


Looks like a big boy eh? Picture taken in Laundryamah's house during Kylie's bday.

He attended 1 month (approx) of playsch and 2 weeks of daycare. He still cries every morning when I send him and mostly everytime I pick him up from sch - cos he get upset when he sees other kids going home. Yesterday as soon as he saw me, he did some dance for me and sang in the car. Sekejap cry, sekejap happy.

But other than that, he changed quite tremendously.

He became more independent:
  • He carries his own school bag when teacher said "Okay, Let's go" or when I say "Let's go home". Last time he refused to carry his bag.
  • He drink more water by himself with the water tumbler. Last time, we gotto pass him the water bottle and ask him to drink.
Express himself more and talk (babbles to be exact) in longer sentences. But it seems like only his mom know what he is talking about. Hoping that he will string his words more... He also demands for his fav show -ELMO and ask for food (Yakult, Egg, NenNen/Milk). Banyak mintak ini itu o...I cannot even sit down and warm the chair

Being able to tell me that he wanna poop. He used to poop in adult toilet or potty since he was very very young (about 1 1/2 months old) but he somehow rejected pooping in toilet after he was hospitalized last time. Now, he will ask me to "GO! GO!" when he wanna poop. It's been a week now and he only missed once. I think I'm going gila but I'm damn happy that my son can tell me that he wanna pangsai.

Being able to tell me that he wanna pee. I thought that pee training might take longer than poop. But he surprised me for the last few days when he grabbed my hands and asked me to "Go! Go!" and ran to the toilet. But of course, many many false alarm (cos he just wanna play with the flush) and also accidents. We're not using the training pants cos I want him to know if he doesn't tell me that he wanna pee, he will dirty his legs and the floor. So, the plan is working so far- long way to go before he can go and do his own business by himself.

Knows his ABCs better than previous month. Teacher always praise him saying that he knows his ABCs although he cannot speak in sentences. Well, at least the teacher never call him useless like his ex-nanny. Btw, we went to pick his things up from nanny's house. She was painting the babycot, I think new baby is on the way and to my surprise, J refused to look at her. (YES!!!) and he seldom say the A word (aunty) anymore :)

ROARING - Lately he roars when his demands are not met. I have no idea where he learnt that but everytime we say "no" to him he will ROAR! He thinks we're scared of him if he roar at us.

He became insecure-Very very insecure. He need to hug me when he pee and poo, hold my hands in the car when we're sitting at the back or when I drive, when he eat, when he watch tv, when we sleep and many many more. He will look for me as soon as I'm out of his sight. But the "wanted" feeling is so nice but tiring at the same time.

I'm still looking forward to see him play with his sch mates or other kids. Right now, he just sticks to the teacher all the time until he sees me. That's all I can think of...the brain memory RAM ran out. I nearly forgot that today is 21st and it was his 26th month today, and I thought he was 27 months. Damn blur edi....


  1. sasha,
    Lil J has grown up a lot lah. Look at the pic, he's like "tai lou" like that already (although still holding his favourite spoon :P). 2 years old can speak ABC is good enough. I don't think I know what is ABC when I was 2 years old...

  2. miche3:33 PM

    when my girl started kindy, she too cry when seeing all her friends go home so i tried to come before the school ended. now after a year, i have to look for her among her friends, reluctant to go home! it takes time, your boy will be ok soon...he is only 26mths.

  3. Jayden = Big Boy & Smart. Mummy & Daddy did taught him very well.

    Gd to hear that Lil' J forgotten bout Aunty. Really hope he can familiarize with the kindy soon.

    BTW, Happy 26th Months.

  4. Your lil J is growing up to be a fine young man....

  5. yeah...he is a big boy now :D Looks more and more like his daddy ;)

  6. Yay! He never asked for Auntie already.

    Not insecure la.. just want to bond with you mah.. he knows after baby is born he'll no longer be the center of universe.

  7. *sayangzzzzzzzzzzzzz jayden*

    i thot he was always a smart boy. just wait till he can speak in sentences..u sure pengsan one!

  8. woah... Lil J so big boy liao... from the baby pic and now big boy pic... very lengcai also... heheeheh

    RYN: my maid abit siao 1... 1 cawan kopi tiga sudu besar gula... u say la... later diabetic or not.. .@@''

  9. wow, start school so early..but actually it's good too, he learns faster and knows how to mix around well....but y need day care young... :(

    have u done this?

  10. hey.. J looks like a big boy in that pix... time really flies ya.. awww... so nice to feel "wanted" ya :-)

    happy 26 months J!

  11. jayden really big boy lar...
    dun say mami, auntie shannon also feel so proud jayden growing up so fast...

    and WOOHOOO! 2 weeks oni can ferget about the loousy ex nanny liao... CLEVER BOY!! :D

  12. whoisbaby11:15 PM

    he still very attached to holding his spoon.

  13. Anonymous7:20 AM

    i like the roaring part! hahahaha...ok ok...not supposed to be good hor...clever boy Jayden, actually the best part is the toilet training part...

  14. etceteramommy8:48 AM

    It's a good start he's starting to forget the 'evil nanny'. I cannot be happier for you and him!

  15. however much he change..he'll still be ur baby boy!! =)

    look on the bright side of the wanted feeling..u feel LoOoved, and u can exercise at the same time! =P

    i find it so amazing that mums knows wut their kids say when the rest doesnt..just shows how lovely the bond between mother n child is! =D

  16. I see the ever loyal spoon in still in his hands LOL...

  17. Happy 26 months! He looks all grown up already. I still don't know when I'll send Irfan to playschool. Haha. But glad that J's enjoying himself there. :) I think he's insecure because he knows after this he won't get your undivided attention alreadylah.

  18. not insecure lah...i think it's more like separation anxiety

    happy 26 months

  19. Happy 26 months... all our kids are getting older... blink of an eye 2 years plus liao...

  20. yes lah, jay has grown up sooo much. u know what, i think gib will be like him.. gib doesnt want to talk much and i doubt he'll make full sentences anytime soon too. my MIL said husband was also like that. so in our case, genetics lah kot?? anyway, good that jay doesnt mention "A" much anymore! yayyy! and i think its SOO superb that he's halfway toilet-trained. noone in my family was toilet trained before the age of three! hehehe

  21. uh huh, J still take pic with spoon! hahaha!

    Time flies, from baby to toddler now.

    yeah yeah, finally Aunty is no longer in his mind!! and he even refuse to look at her!!!

  22. Did you buy the elephant baju set in Thailand? My boy has the exact same baju. It wld be so cute to have the 2 Jaydens together wearing the same baju...haha!

  23. Happy 26 months!

    Aiya, Fearles go to nursery, now still crying, don't know what's wrong with him. :( But some day are in good mood and will bid bye bye.

    Bravo Jayden, keep up the good work!!

  24. Nice outfit! He just need more time to settle down. Don't worry. Soon he will refuse to follow you home when he is too engrossed in playing.

  25. sasha, i kno how u feel. Bryan has also been in full daycare for 1 month and 1/2 day for 2 weeks. So same length as J, and he is still very insecure. CLings to me all the time and ask for me all the time. Cry everyday while going to school. But when i pick him up at school, I saw him playing happily with his frens.

    His teacher tells me he get mood swings, happy one moment, ask for mummy another moment.

    It is normal, and they have to go through these period of insecurity. It hurts but we have to keep telling ourselves to be brave for them to get past this hurdle.

    Jia You! Jia You! Hopefully J and B will stop crying soon.

  26. Way to go Jayden! Glad to see he is more independant and adjusting better to pre-school.