Friday, May 16, 2008

His 3rd Day

Yesterday, my store boy came and told me "Sasa! You punya kereta ada ASAP O!" and I thought he was joking. So I went down and yeap my car bonet was smoky. The alternator got burnt. Anyway, I called my dad and he came to the rescue and exchanged car with me.

And so I went to pick my son up using my dad's car. Once reached the guard house at the kindy, I can hear him crying. The teacher told me that he got upset cos other people started going home and he panicked. He started to pack his bag and dragged his Elmo Pillow to the door.

He was still sobbing when we said bye to the teacher. Suddenly other kids yelled "BYE JAYDEN!!!" And his face changed imediately. He was shocked and happy at the same time. He started giving flying kiss and waved bye bye.

Once we got out, he was surprised to see his koongkoong's car and he started to dig everything he can find and he found koongkoong's specs. I guess he wanted to pretend his koong koong driving style.


Noticed that the specs was terbalik? He likes it like that. What to do, his own style.

Then we drove to my dad's/mum's house and he enjoyed himself. Ate dinner, Drank Yakult, Ate 2 bananas and lots of murukus and then another pack of soya bean. (why is my son still so skinny? But anyway as long he's healthy its good enough for me :))

And guess what? His nanny(EX) called me and told me that she packed his stuff and its ready for pick up. So excited wanna get J out of her life I assume? But anyway I'm not in a hurry so I just told her that I'll come by when I have the time to do so - when the house is just 3-4 mins walking distance from my house :P

This morning J told me again while going to school ..."Aunty..Aunty..." kesian him. Wondering why he cannot see his "aunty" anymore. I know, one day he'll forget about his "Aunty" and will start to like his daycare but he's just a kid. Even adults like us need time to adjust to new environment, what more for a small kid like him. So we're all taking a step at a time and hope that things will be better...soon.


  1. So sad lah reading all this. JD still a little boy and I can actually feel relief that other kids yelling "Bye Jayden!".. he must be so excited. Like feeling wanted. Oh so nice.

    Bah, that spec ah.. hahahahaha. Treasure this and glad that you have camera to get all this. So relax the face like nothing happen, im driving, i'm cool. Hahaha.

    Nice one Sasha.. and now im hungry. I wanna cry. I want my lunch. LOL.

  2. jacss2:37 PM

    ya, i feel pity too for kid who needs to adjust to our new hectic environmt...:(

    so far so good...and as he grows...things will get better & relief u more (sikit-sikit punya pengalaman ada la)!!

  3. good for him and good for u, sasha. you're on a faster pace than i on this 'transition' thing, my life is still a little upside down with daycare arrangements. poor j, but he'll soon toughen up.

    specs terbalik, nunu pun suka itu style. then smile, cheekily

  4. ya he still need time to adjust himself.. from "aunty" to daycare ler.. got difference ler.. haha.

  5. like papajoneh, i pun feel so sad reading this. dah lah i am so out of date; didnt even know the whole story with the ex-nanny! here's hoping that jayden will definitely get over the nanny and find daycare much much fun-ner

  6. what happened to the nanny? why doesn't want J, read his 1st & 2nd day post, seems like J really misses his nanny..

  7. hmm.... pity and so innocent kan ? See he miss the aunty so much, yet the aunty dun wan to jaga him . :(
    Is true la sasha, really need some time for a small kids to change environment and used to the new frens and new teacher . Not easy, that y my hubby not allow me to send Jeremy to day care yet, not at this moment , maybe after 2 years old . It's pity and sam tung to see them not happy ... I really hope Jayden can get used to it very soon and no more crying ... take k ya u, somemore preggie , must rest and not so worry . He be fine, just he matters of time.

  8. Joneh: Joneh now i'm also hungry....

    Jacss: u hope so..

    Raddedyanne: not faster or what la.. just gotto let go and hope for the best. What to do ...

    Amanda: yeah..exactly

    BBboon: :D hope for the best

    Huisia: :D sent u the link

    Anggie: Well, sooner or later gotto do it. The older they are the more they understand. It could be better or worst. Depends la..

  9. i'm sure things will improve. meanwhile, have to tahan while you leave him at the daycare while he is crying.
    i also felt stressed last time when girl cried when i left her at school....*sigh*.....

  10. sasha,
    I guess he needs time to adapt himself. Looking at his friends in daycare who said goodbye to him, I think they accept him already as a members in the group. So, shouldn't be a problem soon.

    Wah! He really can eat a lot! haha! He skinny meh? Not eh? I told you before what, he's getting chubbier. haha!

  11. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Jayden is a brilliant BOY. I know why he likes to wear the specs terbalik. If he wears it the right way, he will not be able to wear it properly because Hidung tak mancung, batang hidung too flat ( same like Boh Boh la ) Tapi Jayden masih hensem He He He

    Boh Boh

  12. Daycare is doing him good. He even looks happier now :)

  13. Give him some time. At least it's a good start. He likes his frens there. And they like him too.
    Eh, u let him play with the specs. Not scared spoil his eyes ah?

  14. J is so sweet ya :-) thought the ex-nanny didn't treat him so well, he's still missing her...

  15. Hey wanna hear what happen to your car. Park there also got asap?

  16. HOw come the car out of the blue can have asap wan :S

    Small kids do love people unconditionally. Before you know it he'll get used to the nursery and end up loving it more than aunty's place :D

  17. Ya ya, not easy for a kid to adapt to a new environment. He was so used going to aunty's place and he must be wondering why mummy doesn't take him to aunty's place now instead going to a place he's not familiar with. But I'm sure Jayden will forget about aunty soon and will love to be with his news frens.

    My girl dislikes the mentioning of 'aunty' (her ex-nanny), got phobia oredi. So whenever she's naughty, I'll scare her by telling her dat I'll be taking her to aunty's place and she'll scream her lungs out (heeheehee, bad mommy).

  18. When he makes more new friends, he will be ok. Maybe later he will tell you not to come pick him up so early hahaha!

  19. DAMN YOU AUNTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dramamama! J will forget abt her la...hopefully, by Day 5!

  20. alicia9:44 PM

    hmm i un how u feel, i pity my children too wen the maid left them and they have to adapt to new environment again with new maid... just need time n im sure it will turn out well

  21. Mama BoK7:29 AM

    He will forget "auntie" real soon.. and will love daycare too. :) and he is such a caring lil' boy.. :) I really think it has to do with us teaching them.. to care.. and to cherish other ppl. The transition will come.. when he is ready.. :)

  22. Oh cute lil Jayden. I'm sure he will get used to the daycare pretty soon.

    My son, Da Boss, was also pretty hesitant in the mornings when he started daycare. But now he's a happy camper and would say school school.

    Perhaps you can bring some of his fav stuff to the daycare with him so that he wont miss anything else so much and can relate to the stuff he is used to.

  23. Hey, specky boy so stylo mylo..can see ah with ah gong's specs? hehehe..

  24. he'll get used to the daycare worries! Great to have friends cheering u on...even at such a young amazing!

  25. sigh..he will forget the aunty!!

    aww so cute! he has his own style!! =D

    it's good that he's healthy n eating..who cares about others saying he's skinny..important thing is he's healthy!! =D

  26. Sasha, in my 2nd pregnancy, i had problem starting qiqi with school, and music class. Everything seems up side up (she wasn't happy and was clingy). Prob she was sensitive since I was pregnant.

    Could be one of the reason why Jayden wasn't ready to adjust to new environment...

  27. Don worry woman, by the 20 or 30 days he will forgot his aunty, he also need time to forget his aunty ma, since the aunty jaga him since he is two months old till now.

    ahahhahahha, jayden look so funny wearing his gong gong spec!

  28. children so naive.. auntie doesn't treat him nicely, he still so rindu the auntie.