Thursday, May 15, 2008

His 1st and 2nd day at Daycare


On his first day...
As usual At 11.30am, he asked the teacher to help him with his bag and he wanted to walk to the gate to wait for me. But teacher told him no need to wait for me at the gate and ushered him to the daycare place. He cried.

At 4pm, Daycare's office called me and told me that Jayden is having fever. So Big C went to pick him up. But as soon as he sees his Dadidi, he was okay. He told Dadidi "Aunty.....Aunty....." And so he went to aunty's house.

On his second day...
He asked the teacher to go to the gate to wait for mama (yeap that's me. He changed his style of calling me from mimi to mama). And teacher told him that mama is not coming, come and bath. Teacher tried to take off his shoes and he refused to let her take off his shoes and socks. And he cried.

Once he woke up, he cried and asked teacher to bring him to the playground. The teacher told him no and he cried, for one hour. When I saw him yesterday, he was still sobbing. He stopped when I placed him in the car seat behind me. From the rear window mirror , I can see that he was looking out of the car and suddenly he started to cry again. And then I asked him "why? and please don't cry". He tried to hold his tears and he sobbed and sobbed but burst out crying again. Must be too unhappy about not being able to see me standing at the gate at 11.30am.


Today was his 3rd day.
He woke up at 6 plus and asked for milk. After he drank his milk, he played by himself on our bed. He said "M...N....O.....P".....Ffffhhh Fhhhh Fhhh Fish..... and he said......Aunty...Aunty...Aunty......

While we're on our way to his sch, I told him "You be good boy okay? You go to school to play with your friends. Play with teacher...okay?"

He looked at me and said "Teee Cher"........"Aunty......"

I said " No... No aunty...Teacher will bath you, Give you mum mum, then you sleep and play. Mami will come and take you later okay?

And he said again "aunty..."

*sigh* My son..You love her.. but she don't want you...What to do?