Monday, May 05, 2008

My Apple

If you ask yr kid to look at the picture above and you ask them "What do you see in this picture?". They will answer "APPLES!"

They wont answer like how we will answer "Red apples, Green apples, slightly yellow and green apples, blablabla and all the other facts that will make people think that we're so brilliant because we can see the different things in just a few Apples.

But to them, Apple is Apple. Red or green, its still Apple. Taste slightly different-but who cares.It's still crunchy. That's how simple, pure and innocent the mind is.

If we can nurture our kid(s) to think like how they have perceived the Apple, they will grow up to be a special Apple - unique by itself, humble and nice.

To them, they are an apple like every other people and they have their own taste. i.e they are good in their own special way- no need to compare with another person to make them self feel great.

I want my Apple to be humble and nice. How about you?


  1. Ooo..true true and makes sense...
    I want my apples to be humble, God-fearing and better persons than we are...

  2. Anonymous2:58 PM

    yooo so chim post today...i want my apples to have better self control despite having to live with that @%^#&# maid of mine

  3. wah, very chim theory...
    but VERY true...
    my apple? I hope for health and obedience... of for the real one, the crunchier the better... :D

  4. i want my apple to be just a normal apple, humble and friendly apple, no need to be extra crunchy, juicy and taste good!! But must be a SWEET apple, so that everyone will love my apple :)

  5. Oh I love this post Sasha. Very meaningful, I agree with that theory, but one main thing is if you want good apples, the tree itself must be good first, hai mai???? Gosh, now I better go reflect on myself and my parenting skills before I am requesting my apple to be so much of this this and this.
    I love my love enough?

  6. Does that mean that I am still a kid? I just answer APPLES lor. No red, green blah blah blah apples.
    Yay... I still sapp-patt-yah-yee

  7. good post & agree with it. I want my apple to be humble and nice too!

  8. wah..i sure answer as,

    fuji apple, splendour apple, granny smith...

    WAKAKAKAKAKA just kidding!

    as long as apple not orange can la...

    i don't know what i'm tokking abt!

  9. One apple a day send the DR away >>:)

    is good for kids and adult : )

    I love my apple to be little sweet but must be very crunchy :P

    think u are having a GIRL ???

  10. sasha,
    I want my apple to be simple and nice! :) Great post.

  11. My apple?
    I just wish him to be a positive apple

  12. Yes..totally agreeable...everyone wants their apple to be like yours too..hehe

  13. hmm...very theoractical matter that sort of apple we want, at the end of the day...there's nothing like a perfect apple :).

  14. erm... i wan a gold color apple... kakakakka...

    ur post very deep leh ... dun understand leh ..

  15. me too =)

    sigh..if only we all can have minds like kids..the world would be a much more peaceful place! =D

  16. Yes I want my apply to be Crunchy & Juicy Apple.

  17. If you ask me what I see in tat picture, I would say "apples" too. Not so long winded to give you details, later u fall asleep when I tell you all kind of bacteria on it....hehehehe

  18. That was a nice post. If only all Malaysians would be Malaysians and if only we can throw racial segregation out the window.

  19. Wah... so 'chim' one this post? *exit comment*