Saturday, April 07, 2007


Spoke to Shannon and she said that she's bored with cooking porridge. Actually hor...chewren dunno what is "boring" when it comes to food. They just know that "this is something new!" when you serve them anything new. So, if everyday makan porridge 3 meals a day also they wont be bored wan la...only applies to baby k?

So nowadays i go home late and sometimes my Lil J dun wanna drink milk. So, that day while hunting for the dryer (oh! Must thank the human that created dryer!) in SS2, we managed to stop by this shop that sells femes Mee Suah. And Lil J liked it so much he gobbled my portion also. (oi, i lost 1kg edi-3 more to go!)

Since i still have some left over of Mee Suah in my house. So i fastfast drop him in his play pen and his cartoon on, while i fastfast go to the bek and pingpingpong with my wok and pans. The ingredient needed (actually whatever you can find in your fridge and suitable for yr kid la) Seafood ( i used this fish called "chicken meat fish"), meat (i used my frozen pork blended with carrot - cos i so the lazy ma), tomatoes (from cameron highland), spinach and of coz..mee suah and egg (if your kid is over 1 yr old).

This is chicken meat fish.. The whole fish is cheaper than the siakap or any other fish that we used to cook for baby. This whole fish costs about 8 bucks (the head part all tak boleh makan-according to the market fella). Only lil bone in the middle which is easy to remove and it taste like chicken. So now you know why its called Chicken Meat Fish? (picture from AQUARIA)

Then u chop everything, dump it into the wok, boil it abit, add some salt, when the aroma comes out nicely (and when you think the soup base is nice) you drop the mee suah in it. Let it simmer a while, add in egg and stir stir stir.....not too long yeah, otherwise the egg become lumpy and the soup not so smooth edi (i left it too long mistake. Next time i will remember wont stir too long, hehe). And then I cut the mee suah a bit so that it goes down fast and not get stuck somewhere ya......and this is the result.

I showed it to Lil J and he started to whine, and cry. Cos its too hot and i cannot serve to him yet ma....remember to separate 2 bowls so that it cools down faster. He gobbled everything...I like this quickie meal....


  1. Wahhhhh nice wor.. I also wan.. Wat a coincidence I hv bought mee suah also on thursday... When cooking it I am not sure yet.. Mebbe I will cook sumthin like urs but then hor I dun hv chicken fish wor.. Can fly sum over or not???

  2. Chicken fish? Heh? Later i ask mummy n see, see whether we have it. Kaka!

    Eh i also want mee suah!

  3. Senang la you. Lil C eats what you eat nowadays.

    Donno why when I offer something *harder* (even pieces of apple/biscuits etc) to Ryan he gets the habit of chew, chew, chew, chew, and refused to swallow it. ?? Puzzled..

  4. I never used this fish for my kids before leh, mostly used the mah yau (tenggiri laa)... and it looks great leh... will try for Izac :P

    By the way... the mee suah you got wash 1st onot?

  5. Yer lucky .. Sasha.. my brat wouldn't eat anything..!! everything also wanna throw up.. and choked all the time..! Very difficult .. this kid..!

  6. Next time i go sea fishing i gip you giant mah yau!! Nice fish.

  7. Oscar's Mommy1:44 PM

    wei tarak invite me wan.. i also like me suah wor... yumm

  8. with kids nowadays we all have to crack our brains to think of new recipes for them la...

  9. Desperate Mummy4:03 PM

    Wah, the mee look nice ler:D

  10. mom2ashley4:30 PM

    looks good...looks like the porridge I make for ashley.....i mean the colours

  11. Wennnn : Muahahah got la..u look and see ...i dunno what is the actual name. chick meat fish is given by the pasak ppl wan..

    Rabbit : Eh ..i also feel like eating mee suah now tim..

    Etcetera~Mommy : ooo when i was preggie i hantam everything and both Big C an I also MPPJ DBKL. everything also sapu. Not picky. Thats why Lil C sapu everything ...Eh not trying to say u picky eater eh.

    Sue : Oi Mah Yau is not tengiri la...tengiri used to make fishball wan..HAHAHAHAH Eh i never wash la cos its in the plastic bag mah..

    mama bok : Eh yr brat is different k. campuran..thats why need kwai lowe recipe.

    AceOne118 : Yeah. Remember to give ah

    Oscar's Mommy : Oi last minute ma..

    laundryamah : Yeah ..mine still okay.everything also makan.

    Desperate Mummy : taste even nicer. Hahah

    mom2ashley : I was thinking about the same thing when i saw..looks like my porridge also. Hahah

  12. Thanks for the recipe. I must try to cook it for Ashley. So you just put some salt and nothing else as soup base? Wonder if I could use Dory fish fillet :D Ashley is still only eating porridge becos this mommy is too lazy ;)

  13. I put tomato too..

  14. Yay! All Hainanese sure can cook wan hor? Sukinang!

  15. Need to try yr new recipe. Look yummy. Thanks.

  16. Wen cuzzie1:21 AM

    First time commenting here. hehe!
    saw this post I was like thinking...wah... so obscene mia post. hmm....
    But then talk about food one. I like! hehe!this recipe nice ar? mebbe cook for my mommy...keke

  17. waaahhh.. i likeeee!!

    add some brandy lagi best!

  18. You mean you just use the frozen meat straight from the fridge, is it? Don't need to thaw firstlah? Like dat, I also can cook! But of course not as good as the Hainaneselah...:P

  19. aiyaa... got chicken meat ah? i cant cook la... not vege dish.

  20. Mommy to Chumsy: U can make the soup base first if u want. Should be super nice leh!

    huisia: I just like tomatoes i dunno why. Yeah SUKI SUKI!

    Malaika's mummy: Try try and tell me the outcome!

    Wen cuzzie: Oi PAM! kenot put yr link here meh? Have to hide hide..

    Ah Pek: Brandy! That should be nice!

    KittyCat: Oi long time no see u! pssst dun be lazy like me. Better if let it thaw first la

    zewt: Errrrrrrr cincai put veges and see what is the effect la. Put la yr favourtite mushroom!

  21. chicken fish? hmmmmm heheh

  22. wow, very delicious...i will try make for my boy aft he turn 1. Now he not so well chewing food...I practise him to chew rice..neh, when I eat, I just give him a lil bit to bite, but he swallow fast la, not sure he know how to chew or not...

    chicken fish meat is good, but not having it often, this fish only have big bone, less cross bone, and taste good...all the while I only give ma yau fish...

  23. Hahaha! Looks good! :)

  24. i tried with rachel, with fish and egg yolk... she wasn't so keen... but but, urs looks nice... i think cuz the mee suah i use, is those that don't get too soggy so difficult for her to eat...

  25. eh..i should get Jayden sarawak "mee suah" sure he loves it!!!!!

  26. My boy also gettin quite picky with food. So we are alternating porridge with different types of noodles. Mee Suah is one of them.

  27. wah look very delicious. i also want!