Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pureen Warehouse sale!

I totally forgotten about this warehouse sale although Janice did mentioned about it last week. I never plan to go anyway but I end up being there. How come? Well, Big C wanted to go to Chevrolet and don’t know why the traffic was so bad and we missed the turning into the showroom and end up being in front of Pureen warehouse sale. So I got down with Lil J and Big C went to park the car. Smart woman, forgot to bring handphone! Anyway, the crowd was mental pushing here and there. The Q was already VERY LONG and there’s soooo many preggie woman.

I was looking at the baby shoes and suddenly a man shouted “Jangan Tolak! Jangan Tolak!” (don’t push!) and he was carrying a box of new stocks to be placed in the wagon. As he was pouring the stocks in, a few man, jumped from the back, lunged to the front and grabbed some clothes, pushing a few preggie woman to the sides. And these women …………..(nope, not indicating any weakness) PUSHED BACK! And you know what? One of the man threw the clothes somewhere else because it was girls clothes! Aiyo! Grabbing front the back and don’t even know what is in front! HaHa

And that man came again. This time, he was saying “Jangan Tarik! Jangan Tarik!”( Don’t pull) and I looked up, those ppl was pulliing the stocks out from the box, which was on top of the man’s head! OMG! So kampong! So Memalufying kan! Even Lil J was babbling as if he was scolding those ppl. I managed to grab a few girls clothes and why am I looking at girls clothes? Hahaha Nope, I’m not pregnant. Its just that the last time I went to Poney warehouse sale, I totally forgotten to buy for
Raelynn and Rachel! So this time, I was attracted to a pink set which was supposed for Raelynn and a lilac set for Rachel. And then I saw Big C and called him. He came over and said “Eh, Put Back. Don’t buy la.. You look at the Q! And I park illegally and so far away”. Okay, pissed, hot, tired from carrying lil J, I dumped the clothes back into the wagon. :( Sorry girls, no pressie for u girls.

I only managed to buy 1 bottle of Pureen Baby Yogurt Shampoo which was cash sales and can be paid on the spot.The stuff is not really that cheap. Shoes at Rm10, normal price about rm20. The clothes set is about RM8-10. The baby booties at RM3 per/set. Half price and I’m saying its not cheap..w
hy? Look at the Q. You’d know what I mean.

But today should be better , and if you're smart, go at 5pm. ;)


  1. lols~ can imagine the scenario` was any of the ladies tarik-ing the salesman instead of the shoes??


    just wondering :P wakkakakaka

  2. So today you are gonna go at 5pm ler? Keke!

  3. At least got 'sau wok' ma...:P

  4. oh i accidentally passed the pureen warehouse sale place today also cause we were looking for a furniture shop.....saw lots of ppl..didn't bother going there...

  5. Aiyooo...I can imagine the crowd. Ppl buy like no need money. I rather pay a little more... :P

  6. friend call me too about the pureen sales..but knew that there will be lot of people!!And my boys no longer is a

  7. wah.... this not sale la....

    this like doomsday la...

    fight as if, it's air and water.

    I damn scared to go for these kind of sales...DAMN SCARED! Save money, don't buy!!!!!

  8. this remind me the scene last time i was there. takut takut!

  9. Wah! So ppl eat your taufoo anot? LOL

  10. Muahahaha! Laughed at cocka's comments.

  11. a^ben: Nolah! Not hensem also! Haha

    Rabbit: Nolah! i went for another mommy gathering!

    Etcetera~Mommy: One bottle of shampoo. Haha

    mom2ashley: Wuah? Moving house?

    michelle: Yeah..but i still like to go

    Annie Q : other stuff for kids mah. But true from shopping mall better la

    mott : Hahah scared pokai izit?

    huisia : Scary innit?

    Cocka Doodle : I got my son as protection mah! Eat toufu...hahahha

    AceOne118 : i know u owes go eat ppl's toufu la. Laff samo

    tkkerouac : Hey welcome to my blog! Thanks!

  12. maraysians...dem kiasu wan!! kakkaka

    luckily u got sao wok!! =P

  13. wah so thoughtful of raelynne... but then only remember after that... cheh... hahahahaha

    psstt... jadi or not ???

  14. shucks, what the hell am I talking about in my last comment... LOL. just recovered and my brain went haywire...

    but psst... got test and jadi or not??? hahahaha

  15. lukily the mattel sale was more civilised. I heard the hytex sale is even worse

  16. Salute youlah, never miss a sale one :)

  17. Anonymous6:47 PM

    we didnt go this time. Too crowded.. hubby make noise..