Thursday, April 26, 2007


Don't shoot me. Whoever who created the tag should be blamed. Not me Okay? Its just that the tag been going on and on round and round until its so so meaningless already. So i gotto spill in some ZEST and make it more "real". So, it is a TAG. Quite real and emotional hor? Those that really thought i will quit...ermmm gotcha? And those that never fall for it (esp shannon!), You are my friend! You know me well! I love blogging too much!

Anyway, if I wanna quit blogging I'll just leave la. No need to make a big fuss like this and leave. HAHA and about the commenting part...AIYOH! I am speechless! I received so many comments (kena shoot) from a few mommies. NOLAH!!!! Many of my own friends never comment because they will msn me " yr blog hor...yada yada yada" They ask me in msn ma. So never comment lor. Anyway got bloglog ma..I can see who came over. No worries. Hehe

I blog because i have ALOT of things to complaint share. Its for my own interest. And my hubby is hooked with my blog...everything and anything also tell me "EH must blog about this!". Like some mommies say I blog for my own interest and to entertain some other ppl out there (including my own sister-who also asked me to stop blogging so that i can spend more time with Big C and Lil J BUT also told me she enjoyed my blog -APA MACAM? Mau ke tak mau?). I also note down all Lil J's notty things so that I can show him what notty things he had done and all. Next time , when he annoys me I'll log on to the net and show him "YOU SEE THIS POST??" ...Better than saying "Neh...last time ah are so notty did this and this and that" you think he can remember meh? Better mah. Got evidence!!!!

So welcome back to BlaBlaBla. Good to know that many love my BlaBlaBla esp from the silent readers who finally emerged from being annon and voiced out. I felt so LURVEDDDD!! HAHA I LURVE YOU TOO!

Anyway, they restarted the whole voting thinggy *sigh*(means all the previous votes kapish!Kapush! BO LIAO! NO MORE!). And your vote previous (many thanks) had qualified me into the 2nd stage being one of the top 10 finalists. Ahem...I was leading in the stage 1 ya. *wink to you, you and you*.

Anyway, they announced the prize and it's quite an attractive prize. But too bad, smell also cannot smell. Cos i'm already 100 or more votes away from the first.( i kat belakang edi) Anyway, join the fun! Vote for them...(if vote for me lagi syiok)...


  1. hahaha... i KNEW it...
    gimme my prize...

  2. Hijackqueen4:45 PM

    Wah, 100 leads then I no need to vote for you la.

    But I will stand by as last minute voter la. Anyway, your mouth hor, make me so sexcited.

  3. misha's mum5:24 PM

    me just voted for you ... GOOD LUCK ar ... show them even became mummy already also can fight with those single leng luis :)


  5. Oscar's Mommy6:34 PM

    wei... dont quit ok. if you quit then i bla with who?

  6. yaaaaaaaaaaaa

    you see..i told you I'd vote for you using someone's lappie...all the way from...

    another ccccccold country!!!!

    Mua hahahahahahahhaahahah

    how can u NOT blog?? HOW??? U sure get withdrawal symptoms one..SURE!!!!


  7. Again, you deserved a vote from me. Kambahteh. Show then 'mummy' can still be a hot babe.. :D

  8. later i login and vote for you..

  9. vote dy vote dy!! ok least u not the last one!!

  10. sasha,
    You really keng ah! Can beat few lengluis to go for second round. As you know, I already voted for you, so GOOD LUCK!:)

  11. Told ja you were hot, whoo hoo 1,000 over vote very impressive, now must go vote again second round right?

  12. Done, one vote from me.

  13. Good to hear that u r not quitting from blog. Really scare me off. haha..

    Enjoying blogging.

  14. got consider my tips onot???

  15. ShannonC.: prize ah? u wait ah...slowly wait hahah

    Hijackqueen : HEHEH yrs also kissable!

    misha's mum : hey welcome!!! Thanks! Muaks to u!

    Tracy : I lap U MUCHIE!

    Oscar's Mommy : I BLA in MSN LA

    mott : U AH left me in MSIA ALONE!! UWA!! never bring me go kai kai!

    Etcetera~Mommy : HAHAH i'm crawling like snail man..

    huisia : Thanks!!!Cheer up ok?

    Winn : Selamat Datang WINN! Telima Kasi..

    Kok : KOK! THANKS!

    FireHorse : U more hotter..dun wanna show me pic only. Scared will melt my lappie

    TheBlueRanger : MUAKS!

    OuR NeW LiFe'S : HAHAHA thanks for yr support

    Huei : Thanks!!

    Ah Pek : Ah peK bribery ka...u so far neh in PD. how to feed y grapes? I ask Pek Soh do it for me can?

  16. sasha wont stop blogging one lah.. blogging is her life... hehehehhe.

  17. sasha gua sapot sama lu!!!!! mummy pahwerrr!!!

  18. ok .. i go and vote now !!.. *wink*

  19. Anonymous12:17 PM

    sasha leng lui,

    u wont want to upset me (ur silent reader) hoh. so continue blogging ha. im am always here to read ger.

  20. Voted! :)

    Glad the blog is still alive and kickin'! ;)

  21. This is first time I come here. Hi Sasha. Actually hor ... Eve force me vote for you... she say hor... if I didn't vote for you ... she will take out her famous whip....

  22. voted liao. hey few days never drop much drama. I am also one of those quiet readers that read and comment occasionally only. So don't stop blogging spices up my day with your hot ranting and raving.

  23. Aiyer.. Very soi one u. I baru 2 days not free to read ur blog, sekali u goan say sayonara. =.=

    And don say i no more pong chan ur blog hor. Everytime i blog hop also sure will come to ur blog one geh!

  24. Notti... *piak piak*

    But I still lap u...

  25. Eh..i first one to vote you know? Ada tips ka?

  26. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Muahhh..voted la, shiok shiok with all the pc here hahahaa..

  27. Eh leng mommy... I hv tagged U to make U famous lor.. Pls come and do the tag la...

  28. who said women after gave birth a child cannot be lenglui liao, see here got 1.
    Good luck and congratulation!!

  29. if you really quit, there may not be another sasha who can brighten everyone's days in this blogsphere lor...^-^

  30. those girls quite cute hor` must be fames liaw them all~ show all cuit cuit fotos~ hahaahahha

  31. I just read your blog today and was a bit confused. So now I know la - it was just a tag!