Monday, April 16, 2007

Vote? Vote?

Julian nominated me for Blogger's Choice Award for Hottest Mommy Blogger. Seriously I have no idea what its all about. If i win, what will I get? I don't know. But I heard something like i gotto pack my bags and go to Florida. Big C asked "eh all paid expenses ka?" Hmm...that really gave me a BIG question mark. Anyway, I wont be going. Cos the leading hottest mommy blogger is with 208 votes, followed by with 143. And Sashablablabla is at the 9th place with 47 votes. Thanks to Aceone and Julian who promoted me thru thier blogs and msn?? But still, I have dropped 2 spots since yesterday. Anyway, since i'm not going to Florida..i wanna see a few more person leaving on a jetplane to the Blogger's choice award!

First of all, I'd like to see
Lilian waving on the red carpet. She's been nominated for :

And also hottest mommy blogger. Phewwwit!

Ah Pek will hold Lilian's, and walk together on the red carpet for The Freakiest Blogger

Rojaks will be bouncing behind for the best Humor blog.

and also freakiest blogger too! (wingz and ah pek, please don't fight,haha)

And creeping behind is

MontessoriMUm with 2 categories!

You know, you guys said how much you guys love to read these blogs...but what have you done to support them? Not only you guys read thier blogs and don't leave comment, you guys can't even register and click vote (a superbly simple process). Just to show an appreciation and its an encouragement for them to continue to entertain us. I'm very surprised that
Rojaks only got 21 votes (for humor blog) when he deserves so much more than anyone. So do your part will ya?


  1. wahh.. you so good, campaign for everybody. Lidat if i get voted, i take you along lah!

  2. AH PEK! u wanna die or u wan me to die? YOU ARE LILIAN's AH PEK! not mine. She will kill me! Hahahahah *Joking ya*

  3. Oscar's mommy1:02 PM

    WOI... still got chance ma for sexiest mommy award.. ok i vote ok.

  4. Sasha,
    nobody nominates me!:(

  5. i help promo also yeah :D