Tuesday, November 28, 2006

After The Mommie Blogger Meet..

So everyone went home after the gather-gather thinggy. I went shopping alone Jayden. It was quiet challenging especially the toilet and fitting room part.Jayden loves the fitting room session cos he can see himself in the mirror. But others was like wondering how come this lady in the fitting room so damn noisy wan??? Hahahaha Other than that it was Okay. So..i went round and round shopping! YAY! Bought myself a Zara top and Harajuku pants.

So went down the escalator with Jayden in his stroller..and suddenly i felt like someone is zipping down my baby bag behind me. YES..A china woman was trying to open my bag and take the stuff inside. So selamba only.. i try adjusting my bag and bring it to the front. Already half way opened! So i closed it back and buat tak tau. And that lady..pretend like nothing happened, put her hand on the escalator railing and continue talking to her partner. Cool eh? Why i never scold her? Want to die ah....sekali she kick me down with Jayden mampus la kita orang..

Mr Chan had been calling me and leaving sms .."Babe..what time are you coming home? I also want to go kai kai". Hmmm just now ask to follow tak mau..say wanna clean the house. So i replied " Okok. we're coming bek". Suddenly HP rang..aiyak my sister called. Wanna join us with my niece, Jasmine. So they arrive and makan makan at Secret Recipe and I gave Jayden Carrot cake.

Aiks why the picture so big wan? Anyway after that Mr Chan came and joined us. Walk until the leg also wanna patah! I was half dead but the other 3 (my sis, niece and hub) still very the semangat! So we went to KFC adventure park in exibition centre..The aunty there follow the poor clown who's giving away free posters. My sis got in in her hands and got snatched away from this aunty. my sis was like #@$@!#$! Where got ppl so uncivilised wan? So, my niece was like nagging and nagging that we didn't allow her to do the rock climbing and pay RM22 to play there...chi sin meh? What if she fall down? i die ler... So we brought her to the Jusco Mini Theme park instead. Jayden loves the carousel...

And since I'm abit cacated...i dun have energy to carry my wiggly worm..i passed him to Mr Chan..and snapped some pics..

Christmas decorations are everywhere..and you can hear jingles jingles.. But i only want to hear.."LET'S GO HOME". That's why i went home at 7pm. The meeting was at 10.30am....So can u imagine how tired i was...i knocked out at 10.00pm that night....Hahaha


  1. Wah... you sure kaki shopping. 9 hours!! Salute Salute.

    But.. Jayden 8 months can eat carrot cake edi meh? Hmm...

  2. wow!! Geng Geng Geng!!Year 2006 shopping queen goes to.....Sasha Tan!!hahah

  3. Christmas is coming sooooonn..... so is year end sales... but gaji tidak naik worrrrrr... another bankrupt month again.

  4. %$&%$&%$ ya ya - actually if I am by myself ~ I would really not give face to the lady who tried to pickpocket - but with bb in tow, I think that's the best way to go

  5. Wow 9 hours? Salute you!

  6. Wow,the lady so brave le, aiya, you should scream ma...

  7. Can you recognise that china lady who pick pocket you? Tell me!! I sent bangla to rape 9 her.

  8. WAHH GOOD lah u...can tahan outside so long with jayden..if me sure pengsan oredi

  9. really shopping kaki hor?

  10. really kaki shopping ah!1 Ask me to go walk walk 2 hours I will crawl home liao!! Wah tat china lady U gip face lidat ah?? I will turn around and stare at her ad then yell "pecuri pencuri " man... Yes with bb but why wana gip face to ppl like tat!! Sumore aunty leh?? No nid!!

  11. Wow...! really salute you..!! can go shopping on your own.. with Jayden..! some more.. you very smart.. didn't cursed at the china woman..!! I never shop without Papa BoK.. because i need him to look after Chloe for me.. even now. ;) I very dependant hor..??

  12. I very "suaku" wan, what is Zara top and harajuku pants? I oso wan to swee swee like you leh.

  13. Hehehe.. you were at MV for 9 hours, I was at IKEA for 11 hours. Sure feels like dying, right? At that time that is. Hehe. So, did J like the carrot cake? Please cubit his montel cheeks for me, k? =)

  14. Jayden looks very "grown up" in the 1st pix. I can finish MV in 2 hours. How to spend so long there like you?

    About the pick pocket, u should have screw her left, right & center after you reach your floor. Have no mercy on people like that!

  15. You "te rek", how to change with a baby who doesn't know how to stand yet? You got to teach me!!!

  16. Aiyooo..this Made-in-China lady..must watch out for her leh. I always bz with the 2 monyets!!! Thanks for sharing..you aunty already la you! LOL!

  17. Yvonne: I see Nadia give irfan banana cake also ..so i gave him la. Okay wor..

    Annie: Chey..u la dun wanna join me . wana go paint kuku kaki. Hahaha

    Julian: *sigh*

    Milkmaid: Ya lor...*sigh*

    Mich: No Choice ler!!

    Huisia: Afturd she tendang me how?

    Ace: Yah i remember her face. She has 2 eyes, one nose, 2 nose lubang, one giant mouth!

    Jazz: I pengsan after that! haha

    Zara Mama:Yeah. Me shopping Kaki!

    Wenn:Scared she kick me fall down with Jayden like a cempedak on the escalator la!

    Mamabok: I have no choice ler. Given a choice i wanna go with him also...

    Firehorse: Hahaha Next time i wear i take pikture for u ok? Email me ;) sashatan@gmail.com hahah

    Nadia: U oso terror! He suka the cake! Anyway cubit irfan's cheek for me too!

    IMD: Yala normally i oso can finish in 2 hours. But with stroller and baby. the spree became like x4 times long

    Shoppingmum: Wiggle along! Hahaha

    Mott: Yeah aunty edi! Hahahahah

  18. wuaah, this mommy like running on eveready tahan-lama batteri la. :)

  19. I've never tried shopping alone with Ashley. You are so brave la.

    Eh, that !@#$%!& china lady is so evil....preying on a mother with a child. Read abt this before in one of the emails but didn't know it's true.

  20. Thanks Sasha, will e-mail you soon.