Wednesday, December 26, 2007

21 months, Xmas and New Year!

Jayden turned 21 months last Friday. But since it was the eve before my holiday and I wanted a "free-from-work-issue" holiday so I rushed for my work to enjoy my holiday. :D Since today I managed to rush everything for my boss, I have a little time off to update some pics which I took long long time ago... 

Some backdated post....13th December 2007.
Flowers from Big C for our 10th Anniversary of being together....Some say better give money, but I am not the "money-minded" kinda person, so this is good enough for me. *grin*

Jayden's got a brand new bed. Its the same bed from Ikea but Big C got it cheap from lelong. And the lil one love it. No more worries about him falling while climbing out from his playpen.

He love 4 legged animals. And he love to align them in a straight line on his bed frame like this...
I went to the Edutoys warehouse sale in TTDI the other day and got him other 4 legged animals like elephant, giraffe, zebra, ant eater blablabla. Overall he still like his cow, zebra and giraffe.

We went to Midvalley a few weeks ago and managed to snap some pics...



Family pic..
Hahaha Yvonne noticed that my hands are always positioned like this. Now I realized it too when I looked at my own pics. trying hard to hold his head so that he will face the camera!




20th December 2007
Last Thursday, we went to see Barney Show in Bandar Utama.
We're late there's not much space to squeze around on the ground floor.
So we went to 1st floor.

Barney dancing...

And the whole gang danced...

Can you see Chinnee? She was right in front of the stage.

Deco In New Wing. Simply amazing!

22nd - 23rd December 2007.
We went for a short getaway last Saturday in one of the hotels in KL. It was a free-stay courtesy of my 2nd sister.

The room was double room joint together. So the 3Js (Jayden, Jasmine & Jeremy) get to spend some time together.

J loved the tv..

And the cabinets...(see his little legs?)

and the mirrors too. When he noticed it, this is what he did.

But if he missed it and thought that it was a door, then this is what happened.
Crying in pain and asking me to rub his head for him. Kesian.....

This was the view from the pool side.

And my lil one..

It was cold and he hung to Dadi like a koala bear..

and also hung onto me...

And then he began to warm up and enjoyed himself...

That night, our parents come for dinner. *burp* Buffet dinner...
Choc fountain...


A lil christmas deco at the table..

We woke up and found that there was a trolley with food. It was breakfast in bed!

And the little one messed it up for us!

And I received a call from Secret Recipe on Saturday saying that they are in front of my house, delivering a cake to me.
It was a pressie from Rachel. Thanks dear!

24th December 2007.
We're invited by the my SIL to her house on Christmas eve.

The dinner was lovely and I managed to chat with some of the guests, one of them a Japanese couple who has a 5 months old baby girl. Jayden called the girl "cheh cheh" *slap head* he thinks girls=cheh cheh!

At first he was messing with the blackboard until he noticed something on the floor...


Noticed the eye area was abit greenish. He hit his face (eye area to be exact) at his bed frame. He was sitting and suddenly he just let drop his face to the Elmo pillow I made him. But he was too near to the bed!

The whole night he went BURRRRRRRRRR while pushing the train.

25th December 2007.
Christmas day was a lazy dad for us. We woke up quite late with the lil one running around the room. We went for lunch in Mcd Centrepoint. But there was a bday party there so we played awhile and went to centrepoint and let him roamed that area for a while.

Yes, still love SPOON!

And suddenly his dadi went missing. So the lil one started to look for him and ran out of the playground. I ran after him and fell like a chempedak but kiddo and dslr selamat in my hands. *phew* So now hand abit cacated.

"Soweee Mami, i only want to look for yeh yi ma...."

Okay! That's a wrap for 2007. See You in 2008!


  1. when i browsed down to comment saying i'm first, i saw photo of sexy sasha... hehehe...

  2. The bed looks cool leh...

    Oh, must go buy 2403 TOTO... hahaha
    This is mean, but I chuckled when u show the photo of him walking into the mirror... I hope his benjol gone liao... But he samo know how to rub his own head hoh... KIUT!!!!! But the blueblack around the eye wasn't nice at all, I bet that hurt... SHITE... and the part about falling like cempedak, halo? u ok or not??????? Never say also, apalar...

    How come no photo of u in bikini, and NOT under the water... ISH...
    I also want breakfast in bed...

    Oh oh...We went to the barney show also, will post about it soon... But seriously i think parents were more excited with it than the kids... hahaha

  3. oliviasy6:54 PM

    very long post wor, and so many pics too! =D

  4. Happy New Year, sasha & family!

  5. mom2ashley7:13 PM

    merry christmas!!!'re taking alot of photos with your new cam yea? nice!

  6. sasha,
    Happy 10th Anniversary to you and Big C. Many more to come!:D

    Seems like you're enjoying your holidays hor? So happening! Eh, Jayden didn't cry for the Barney ah? His favourite cartoon leh!

    Haha! Jayden looks like dai siu yeh with his robe. Not bad not bad. haha! And the choc fondue! Gosh! That looks good lah!

    How's your hands liao? Wish you have a speedy recover. Jayden said sorry liao. kekeke!

  7. huisia10:47 PM

    Woo..this is very long long post. :)
    Haha..ya, agree with yvonne, your pose always the same. :)

    Happy Boxing Day to you and your family!

  8. you are only 26 right? and already 10th years anniversary of being together with your husband... wow, high school sweethearts!

    HAPPY new YEAR and HAPPy hOliday too!

  9. wah! so many nice photos.. the one I love most is when he hug you in the swimming pool..awwww

    yippee! J got his own bed!

    yr hubby romantic ya.. can remember 10th anniversary being together :-)

    hope your hand is better now ya..

    merry christmas & happy 2008

  10. Happy holidays and have a great 2008, Sasha! :D

    (Barney dancing .... brrrr!! Scary!!)

  11. Phew! Finally finish looking at all the nice pictures!!

    Happy 10 anniversary to u & Big C, so sweet of him for remember the date.

    Jayden's new bed look cool!

    U manage to take so many pictures during christmas, now i only realise i didn't go to mid-valley and see the deco!! From your picture can see that the christmas deco is very nice! I miss it!

    Anyway, Merry Christmas & Happy Happy Happy New Year to u, and have a great holiday!!

  12. Wow..the decos in KL Malls are better than the ones here.

  13. Happy New Year to you and yours.. Sasha.. ;) what a wonderful way to spend the holidays. :) and loads of brownie points for the man.. for getting you such nice flowers.. ;) i love it.. :) but i'm that kind who prefers gold lah. .muahahahah!!

  14. Oscar's Mommy8:33 AM

    WOW! Wat an update... sangat detail.

    loved the family pic... christmas must take family pic wan.. hahahah...

    ok, wishing you and yr family health and wealth for the coming new year... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  15. Wuah lots of lovely pictures. I like! Hehe. Just came over to wish you a Happy New Year 2008. May you have a good year ahead. Cheers!

  16. shannon: thanks for your compliment :D, got bikini pic but under water ;) My left hand cacated , hurting at the elbow :(

    Oli: yeah a long wan. This is what happen when u dun have time!

    Angel: Happy new year to u too Angel!!!

    Mom2ashley: HappY New Year! Yeah, i normally post the pics in my tag blog :)

    Kok: Always a sweet message from U. Thanks friend. Happy New Year!

    Huisia: Because I have no choice that's why pose like that la. hahahha Happy New Year!

    mamaof2littlefellas: 27 liao lo...hahah one day after SPM i kena conned edi! Happy New Year!!

    Sting: Merry christmas and Happy New Year to U, Hub And Baby Zen too!

    moby: why u sked of barney?

    Annie: Nehmind...always got next year! happy New Year!!!

    Vien: Msia is better ka? i tot overseas better.

    MMBK: *whisper* actually year i dun mind gold .. hahahha Happy New Year!!

    Angie: Yeah must take family pic: Happy New Year

    Mumsgather: Pics no need to read so much ma.. muahahhaha Happy New Year!

  17. Wow
    Really enjoy the holiday to the full eh?

  18. Foowah! Sexy momma! And I agree with Shannon - why take picture of you in bikini BUT in the water? Aiyooo.. next time out of the water, ok?

    Love the hotel room and I absolutely love the way J dances in front of the mirror. Haha. Hopefully his head and eye are better now? No more bengkak-bengkak, ey?

    I want breakfast in bed tooooo!!!

    Happy New Year and see you after our trip! ;)

  19. Oh Sasha...even i cannot see myself...kakaka!!!

    eh, you hb so romantic one...i havent been getting flowers :(

    Love the oyster!!!!

  20. wonderful photos you have!
    See you on 2008! Happy holidays

  21. wow....vely long post eh? Love the pic of Jay's legs....hahahaha. The food looks yummy leh.

    Happy Belated 10th Anniversary to you and your hubby. The flowers are lovely.

    Wishing you and your family A Very Happy and Healthy 2008!!!

  22. yenjai: enjoy....

    nadia: eh malu nak tunjuk. next time we go holiday together i show u ok. hahaha

    Chinnee: hahahh i cannot find u too!

    keeyit: thanks!

    barbara: Happy New year! Health, Wealth to you too!

  23. Phewitttt sexy legs. I love the ways you post the pics with the short updates. Happy New Year 2008 to you, lil J and Big C.

  24. wow.... sekaligus.. so many pictures here, good , pictures tell a thousand words... heh... Happy New Year to u too and ur lil one.

  25. wow.... sekaligus.. so many pictures here, good , pictures tell a thousand words... heh... Happy New Year to u too and ur lil one.

  26. Hi dear Sasha,
    I have just added you in my facebook. You are too popular, that is why it's easy to find your.
    Anyways, those are awesome posts of yours, looks like all of you have so much fun.
    How do you stay so slim after having baby Jayden? Guess you are so blessed with good genes!
    Also, wishing you and your family a Happy New Year! May all your wishes come true...


  27. Wow!~ What a busy dec! Happy New Year. May 2008 be just an eventful and fun year for you and your family.

  28. Happy Belated Anniversary. I love osyter too. How much was the buffet?

  29. Selamat tahun baru....ehhh...i tot got photo of u in bikini leh..someone told me lor..i fast fast come here liao..mana tau kena

  30. adrian9:45 PM

    Wait a minute. Ur SIL is Patrick Teoh's wifey ah?

    I have to say ur Jayden is getting more and more leng chai as the day goes by.

    And finally, breakfast in bed ah? *wink wink*

  31. wow, a long long post..
    happy anniversary

  32. Firehorse2:53 AM

    Happy New Year my dear, your flawer veri nice oso, thanks for sharing the pix. May this new year bling you lotsa happiness...

  33. wah...still got flower woh...very good lar...i dun mind either,haha!!

    is it legend hotel ka?

    i didn't make it to midval & at least i get to see d decor here...nice photos !!!

  34. IMMomsDaughter: Buffalo legs u call sexy? hahhahaha HappY new Year!

    Anggie's journel: heheh easy for ppl to see than read..HappY new Year!

    Moonlight_tears : YAY MORE FWENS! Secret to slim body= Jayden!

    stay-at-home mum : Yeah! very busy! Happy New Year!

    mybabybay : No idea!

    eve : No la...they cheat u wan!

    adrian : *waiting for a minute* *wink*

    chooi peng : alot of pics ma! Thanks!

    Firehorse : Hepi New Year My Fwen!

    Jacss : Yeah after 10 yrs, long logn time once okay la. No not legend...opposite it

  35. all the decos in KL, i tell u, australia pun kalah. really! nothing much here to shout about.

    seems jayden has also caught on with thomas. a case of parents digging for money, children spending our retirement money, kakaka.

    hope u had a great christmas and a happy new year to come :)

  36. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary!!! 10 years is a long time, congratulations!

  37. KL Xmas decor so cantik! I miss it!

    Anyway this Sunday will go KL, see got New Year decor mah!

    Happy New Year to you, Sasha, lil J & Big C!

  38. The bed looks nice as are all the photos. Guess you & your family must have some great time lately.
    By the way, thanks for dropping by my new blog. Much appreciated!

  39. etceteramommy1:53 PM

    Cool pictures there! Oooo now I know why such a hand pose :D

    Happy New Year to you & loved ones too ya..

  40. wow, one week worth of post all crashed into one super long post. those pics at one u very cantik horr..
    looks like all of you had a great time together, what a great way to end 2007. happy new year!

  41. The last one here.. nice.
    Happy Anniversary. Well done Big C. That's a pretty nice flower there. Ooopps.. next year gold lerr... ahahhaa.
    I love JD at the mirror. Is he dancing or what? Like modeling. He's so cute.
    Nice to hear and see that you have nice holiday. Now, Happy New Year 2008. More flowers, more gold and more of JD. :)

  42. merry xmas n happy new year

  43. Little Jayden and DSLR more important hor?
    Merry Christmas and happy New year to you, Sasha! May you have more blablablas ahead in the coming year!

  44. KittyCat1:20 AM

    I like Jayden's hairstyle now and also his Mami looks cute in shorts! Like a single, young girl only, not a Mum =)

    Happy 2008 to you and your family!!!

  45. I LOVE THIS POSTING!!! And the photos too.....better than reading all the words which make me pening haha.
    Happy New Year, dear!!! Jayden is such a cutie-pie (and you're such a babe! I always wanted to be a hot mama but now end up being a hot PIG *oink*oink*)!

  46. Wah... so fast 21 months liao? Big boy liao...

    Happy New year to u n family

  47. ai? what happened to my comment? kena makan...sigh.

    Anyway, i wanted to say, wow, what a lot of happening, and you know that grip when you hold your son? i think it happens with first borns babies a lot. I see lots of that with my first kid, but not my 2nd.

    And oh,yea, i love your header. very funky, the one with you going "blah blah blah"

  48. Wah! So happening geh! And so many photos to look at.

    Wishing you a new year.....
    lit up with good times, bursting with fun and sparkling with a whole lot of joy!

  49. Can buy lelong bed? From where?

    Wah.. so much fun your Christmas. Mine so boring one?