Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I cook Pot Pie!

What do you do when you're upset with your boss, too much work to do and stress to the max? You go down and cook pot pie. Hehe

I gathered some:
Left over chicken (ok I lied. Its fresh chicken)
Button Mushroom
Mixed Vege
A can of mushroom soup

Chop some onion and throw into a pan with butter. Sizzle it abit and throw in chicken pieces, button mushroom, mixed vege and lastly mushroom soup. Add salt (not too much-the soup is already salty) and throw in some grinded pepper. Add a lil water and leave it to cool.

The topping I used some potatoes, which I have boiled and peeled the skin. Mash it all up, add butter, salt and some milk. And you have Mashed potato. Slowly spread it onto the filling that I have cooked earlier.

Glaze the topping with some egg and I threw in some grated parmesan cheese. Bake for 20mins ( How i know? Estimate la. hantam only)

Tadaaa!!! Kids its time for lunch!

My piece of pie.

DSC_1550w Jayden. Imitating me. A true blogger's kid he is.

Mami say "Cheeseeeeeeee"

Cook, eat and then back to work.

Yeahlah I did say in my previous post that it might be my last post for this year but I so sien-lah waiting for my boss to reply my email.While waiting for more work, I post pics lor. Cos Big C didn't get to eat this. So at least he can see pics ma....


  1. god, the pie looks good man. i am drooling and my tummy is growling. it's all your fault! :( jayden is just like a pro blogger ;)

  2. I was wondering what is pot pie. Looks appetising and nutrious :)

  3. You pot pie make me so hungry.

  4. slurps...can have some ah

  5. Thanks for the recipe, I will try this. I wonder will my children like it?

  6. thanks for sharing the pot pie recipe. shall try one of these days. i think jayden is doing what mummy does every time *haha*

  7. this is call pot pie? i thought shepherd's pie? anyway as long edible..can liao. dont care what its called

  8. Merry Christmas to you and the rest of the family, hey i thank you for being my friend in 2009.

    take care now,,,,,,,,

  9. Looks yummy, good for little tummies too :-)

    Here's wishing you and your boys Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  10. oh looks good! merry christmas!

  11. Haha.. the antics of a blogger's kid. Your pot pie looks good! I thot it's cooked in a pot :p

  12. Nampak mad delicious lor...

    Fungry =.='''

    Jayden is like a pro photographer leh!

  13. hahaha... JD can take over ur 'take-pic-b4-eat' job. The pie looks delish!
    Merry X'mas to u and your family!