Thursday, December 03, 2009

Sasha Cook: Seaweed Roll

It's been a looong looong time since I have posted my masak masak here. It's always very pressuring to give some food to my neighbour cos her hub is very particular and fussy about food. So that day, I cooked extra and after everyone tried (maid + hub = guinea pigs) and said its "ok" then only I passed a plate to her. When she saw the plate, she said "Can I try one now ah?" She said "yummy" and "sasha I wanna learn this also. Good to serve when we have some guests over". Some of you might know this but what the heck, I already took some pictures. So why not post it here right? muaahaha

Rolled it too small, so you cannot really see the pattern nicely done. Better to roll it "fatter".

Very Simple dish. Preparation is longer than cooking time but if you plan it well, I think it's a sap sap suey dish, if you know what I mean.

Ingredients 1:
Egg curd Sheets ( go pasar and tell the taufu woman, she will know what to give you)
Japanese Seaweed

Ingredients 2:
Fish paste
Minced Meat (you like: pork/chicken/beef)
Water Chestnut, cut to small small cubes
Carrot ( cut small small cubes)

Ingredient 3:
Crab Sticks
Aspagarus (didn't use this cos couldn't find it)



How to do it:
1. Mix fish paste + minced meat+ water chestnut cubs + carrot cubes + seasoning
2. Spread fish paste mixture onto the egg curd sheets.
3. Place seaweed sheets on the fish paste spread.
4. Another layer of fish faste.
5. Put carrot strip + asparagus + crab stick on edge and roll it like sushi roll.
6. secure and steam for 5mins.
7. Remove from wok and coat it with egg and cover it with cornflour and deep fry till golden brown.
8. Makan!


  1. So appetizing! I wanna try too :D

  2. maciam very good...mau try 3!!

  3. Looks like the one in the hotel. Can I try some too!!!

  4. hey, i never thought of steaming it first before frying... i think it cooks faster this way.. thanks for giving me the idea :p

  5. looks very lucky laur neighbour. i wish i am ur neighbour than once in a while u can bring me makan :P

  6. From the recipe, seems like a lot of ingredient and a lot of work, but I think yeah, it shd be easy actually. Will surely try.

  7. what is egg curd sheet? is it like egg skin popiah? or the egg curb sheet cook already?

  8. so yummy-looking...sasha...any vacancy near your area? Where do you stay...can I be your neighbour?

    Wahahah...will try it out someday (vegetarian version of course!)

    Thanks for sharing the yummy recipes and appetizing picture!



  9. Looks really good! Cook summore and soon, everybody wanna become your neighbour haha.

  10. SO nice arr, can get egg curd sheet so easily... I made once (and that's the last) because so troublesome to make that sheet :P

  11. it look so nice and yummy!! Good! If i got time i want to do this. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I also wanna try, thanks for sharing Sasha!

  13. Anonymous11:12 PM

    first catch your hare, then cook him........................................

  14. I want to be your neighbour to get nice nice food toooooo....

  15. This is truly nice, like restaurant food - one of the items in the hot & cold platter. I love it. But SO much work, I won't hv the time to do it. Next time you make, just inform me, I'll drop by ur place :)

  16. Sap sap suey? I think it's A LOT of work leh. Ur neighbour's so lucky.