Thursday, December 24, 2009

The "Do Not Talk To Stranger" Talk

Okay. So Jayden went missing last night in Jusco. Not to say he seriously went missing. He was unseen for about 5 mins maybe less. Don't wanna tell HOW he went missing but he wasn't with me and the maid was at home, So enuff said.

Before slept, I spoke to him...

Me: Jayden, next time you cannot go wander around alone okay? You must hold hand. If not then some uncle or aunty take you away, then no more mami and dadi edi. You will have new mami and dadi.No thomas. No titi. And then they cut your hands, cut your legs, cut your ears...

Jayden:No.. No!Don't want new mami and dadi! Don't cut hand! I hold hand, Mami hold hand. Mami fren you...(me)

Me: So you must remember to always stay with mami and dadi. Must hold hand. Cannot let go okay?

Jayden: Ok.

Me: If some uncle come and ask you "come come boy... let's go playground" What must you say?

Jayden: Ok.

Me: AH!? No. Cannot follow that uncle. Later he cut your hand and leg how?

Jayden: NO! don't cut hand!

Me: So don't follow that uncle ok? He is a stranger.

Jayden: No follow stringer...

Me: Is boh boh stranger?

Jayden: No

Me: is Boh leh stranger?

Jayden no.

Me: If the uncle no name wan leh?

Jayden: stringer!

Me: STRANGER....So if the uncle say "come boy come, let's go playground" What must you say?

Jayden: No don't want playground. I want go to swimming pool.

Me: *slap forehead* NO.... You cannot follow anyone to anywhere. Not to playground. Not to swimming pool. You cannot go with stranger and you don't talk to stranger remember? So what must you say?

Jayden: Don't want. No talk to stranger.

Me: Goood... So if there's this aunty come and bring you ice cream and say "come, i give you ice cream. What must you say?

Jayden: OK! Strawberry ice cream?

Me: *slap forehead* NO.......the aunty give you ice cream, if you take the ice cream, then she will bring you home and cut your hands and legs.

Jayden: NOOOOO Don't want cut hand

Me: then what must you say?

Jayden: *sad* don't want strawberry ice cream..

Me: Good!

Jayden: How about chocolate ice cream?

Me: NOOOO any ice cream also cannot take ok?

Jayden: ok..

Me: so if the aunty bring you triple scoop ice cream leh? Got strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ic cream, you follow her or not?

Jayden: Yes!


Jayden: no.... don't want.

Me: Okay. If the aunty say give you ice cream,you just tell her NO. Mami will buy you BIG BIG BIGGG scoop of yummy ice cream ok?

Jayden: OKAY!

Me: Promise?

Jayden: Pwomise!

Jayden: (if) aunty Dorothy bring ice cream? (next door neighbour)

Me: ai...... if aunty Dorothy brings you ice cream and IF mami is around you can have it okay? You need to ask mami before you take anything from anyone. Do you understand?

Jayden: yes...understand.

Wah can vomit blood teaching this dude to understand the danger of talking and following stranger. But what to do? Gotto keep reminding him until he undertstand it. Guess this is what I'm gonna do during this holiday. So how did you teach your kid? Care to share?

and ......Merry Kissmass everyone!


  1. Can't help you, my boy understands this well, but my gal....:P Still working on it.

  2. i m still working on this too with Jeremy .... btw Merry Christmas to you and your family ........... *.*

  3. I guess kids at this age, they don't really understand the real dangers out there. You're teaching him well. No vomit blood la... I think it's pretty fun and entertaining (to hear his responses)

  4. Merry Xmas to u and family..

    ONce u know the formula already..then let me know..cos we are not that advance stage yet....hahahahha

  5. Never taught my kids that when they were young.. none that i can remember.. :) thank God no aunty or uncle gave them ice cream and asked them to follow..

    Merry Kissmas to u too!!

  6. Last time my mom just tell me

    "The stringer will catch u and sell u to india!! cut hand and leg, everyday eat curry farn"

  7. Hahahaha ... but that's certainly is such an enjoyable experience reading your mommy and boy boy's conversation :) I am sure one day he will understand what mommy means and hope our kids may resisted the temptation from strangers la :)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family dear :)

  8. i also do like u, tell her the worst scenario ever if she goes missing and pray she gets the message. so far so good, she's scared to leave us and will always see if we're around if we're not next 2 her. my no. 2, still young but already wandering off not bothered if we're next 2 her or not. will hv 2 work on her when she understands.

    merry christmas to all of u!

  9. well.. he will be able to understand de... don't stress don't stress...

    wishing you, Big C, Justin, Jayden all Merry Christmas and blessed festive!

  10. wahaahahaha..... but he ended able to understand ma!!!

  11. How to resist triple scoop ice-cream leh? LOL I guess there's no short cut. Hv to keep telling them n reminding them. Hmmm... I haven't even started this talk with ah boy. My girl u/stds but dunno how she'll react when put in the situation.

  12. Haha..we also use the 'cut hand' thing to Brae when he ran far away to the corner of a shopping mall. Really difficult to get them to stay near you sometimes. Maybe should start to use the leach again hor.

    Btw, Merry Christmas to you!!!

  13. The cut hand stories give me a chill. It is so sad really.

    Yeap, must really have to monitor them and not let them wonder around!

  14. kakakaka...ur son's answers so funny. my 5yo got lost twice this year. even after telling her the cut cut story, she still not scared so the best is leave her at my mom's when i go out shopping without hubby. she can told the tesco security that her daddy's name is Uncle David and mommy's name is Auntie Michelle! I'm sure the find it weird! lol.

    Mayweee Cwismas Ya. :)

  15. must have had a bad scare when he gone missing though it's a short period.

    another thing must teach him is not to follow stranger eventhough they say mami or dadi ask them to fetch him unless they give correct password

    Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

  16. muahahahahahahahhahha...i cannot help laughing at Jay's answers. Too funny :D Ok..seriously, i think i better have this kind of talk with Ash too.

  17. I used to share about missing children story with my girls. They are really afraid of stranger one. Not only stranger, even relatives and freinds, whom we seldom meet also they scared one. The cut hands and cut legs story is part of my bedtime stories actually, but i was a bit regret to cause my girls so frightening of people now.

  18. poor boy kena tough lesson from mummy, si beh cute man!..but hor, i think i tell qiqi too much story, until he become overly reserved and timid now :(

  19. heheh cute. maybe boys la but my girl understand. whenever i dun hold her hands she will hold on to my clothing. my son .. i slap head. :)

    merry christmas to u and ur family!!!!!!

  20. If aunty Ai Lian give big tub of ice cream, you follow aunty or not? YES! I taught my kids using the Berenstein Bear story book.

  21. Merry Christmas to you! You give him too much things to absorb at one time so he cant take it . try telling him some more day by day am sure he will get to understand!

    I am really started to teach my kids about this, :(

  22. I think it's quite difficult to teach and for them to fully comprehend at this age. Just gotta keep a closer eye lor.....that's why those Japs wear a leash on their kids in a city with MILLIONS of people. But I'm just glad that Jayden is safe. Hope you had a merry Xmas!

  23. me too have to constantly reminding my kids about this issue too

  24. funny la the conversation.

    But definitely an important one to have with the kids.

  25. hahaha... can't stop laughing.. you don'tlah traumatic jayden so much, later got night mare..

    Merry Christmas to you.

  26. Aiyoh! I feel so tired reading your post. Imagine how tired talking to the fella. And its my turn soon.

  27. I has this exact same talk with Ashley when she started going to school. It's sad how our society has turned into huh?

  28. His responses are so cute and totally innocent. Really entertaining to read how a child thinks.

    Don't worry, keep repeating a few times and he should be able to remember your warning!

  29. Hahaha, enjoy reading how you teach your son! My turn will come soon lo,let's see what my son will say :)