Thursday, November 26, 2009


I drafted this since 24th and today is the 26th. SO damn busy keeping up with my company's request. But I better post it otherwise I'll drag and drag until my next birthday then only I'll post the pics up. hehe So here is where we stayed...
Cherating Holiday Villa.

The view facing the sea. This is where we spent most of our time there.In the swimming pool and not the beach although the kids love the beach

He love the sand.

He love the sand and water. He told me "Mami I love YOUR sand mami..."

And the sandflies love me too. Got bitten once I sat on the beach. And that's why we spend most our time at the pool.

The first night, Big C googled and found this restaurant. Many good remarks about it. So we went to try.

The very famous stuffed crab. True la.. this restaurant is very famous cos on the same row, there are 3 restaurant selling the same thing but only this restaurant is full with people.

And the person that got so excited seeing the stuffed crab is of course my eating machine.


See? Crab Shell also he wanna hantam. But the stuffed crab is so so only. Too oily and not so fresh. :P And we drove around and around the town and headed back to hotel.

The next day, very early we drove out to hunt for breakfast. After a round of nasi lemak by the kampung roadside we went to the Turtle Sanctuary next to Club Med.




And I love the way he call TURTLE.

After that we thought we wanna check out Club Med to see how nice it is.. maybe we can go there in the future. But nope.. need to wait for certain timing, need guard to go inform the office and the office ppl will accompany you to go around the place for just 20mins. Not more than that. So eksyen? forget it. So we went to Kemaman's Zoo.
It's new, so it has limited animals. Birds, Birds, Birds
Peacocks and peacocks and peacocks. Some snake, some sunbear and a waterfall which u need to pay extra to go into. We got tired and stopped by the small store and met this friendly cockatoo that loves to be tickle.
Yeap right at the armpit please....
Ahhhh....nice.. hahaha

After an exhausting walk in the zoo, we went to hunt for a cake and went back to our hotel and went to 8 at the Eastern Pavilion just 10 seconds walk from our hotel. Haha same mgmt but then high class abit la.


The entrace..

Boss wanna take picture with smaller boss..

It has many many houses. Rumah Sarawak, Rumah Selangor U get what I mean la. So i think only got like 13-14 small houses by itself.And we went to 8 further..

Each house got its own pool. Private small pool.

Eh flower also nicer flowers on this side.

So we cabutted and went back for a swim. Nothing much to do and not many ppl since its weekday. And before we left I managed to snap this pic..
Both kena smack from me cos both tried to run out the room while dadi took things down to the car. 2 culprits, one tall enough to open door and one more waiting to run together.Piak Piak both, fair and square.

That's all, not much pictures to share cos both me and Big handle one kid each. So no hands to even hold hands. hehe But nevertheless, its a nice trip and we had fun, just the four of us.


  1. wow..white peacock, very nice! At least something different from here ma. I don't see got white peacock here?

    Eastern Pavilion is a hotel?

    Good to hear that you had a fun time and enjoy the trip. More family trip to come ya. :)

  2. I'm First??? Yuhoo!! have to buy number liao. hahahhaha

  3. So pitiful, you must be bitten them quite hard, right?

  4. Annie: hahaha no need to buy number la. I should buy number cos someone is readingmyblog.

    Sheoh Yan: ha.. no need to whack also can start to cry wan la.

  5. LOL..i like the last photo. poor thing :D i like how the little one call out to the turtle also. very cute :D

  6. haha... poor both J's.

    Btw, nice trip. Can actually see you all have a great time!!!

  7. Very nice shot on the white peacocks. Look at the last pic, Kasihan The boys , sob sob

  8. what a nice holiday....i want to go on a holiday too!

  9. actually there is one shop selling kaya bread toast and coffee.. damn nice.. also around the place u ate crabb..

  10. justin can call turtle!! so good leh!! and i love the last pics of the boys crying *haha* usually ppl end a post with a happy pic, yours totally unique! *haha*

  11. aiyo poor thing kena snack LOL

  12. Haha, love your post! Especially the ending part :P

  13. Aduh....they both look so chammmm.........LOL

  14. I love tong juan stuff crab too but always full of people

  15. bet it was a memorable family outing...i still like the last photo the most, so cute....gee, LOL

  16. We also went to Tong Juan for the stuffed crabs...but I think ok only lah. But the rest of the food there quite alright.

  17. ha... the last picture, priceless.

    Glad that you have a nice family holiday.

  18. A nice relaxing hol. Sometimes it's nice to jes go laze ard a plc which has nothing much to do. :)

  19. We were there for our honeymoon!

    Your boys are so cute in the last photo... they really look like "partners in crime"

  20. really nothing nice about the stuff crabs expensive some more. u din go try coffee and bun at the famous Hai Peng? miss their buns...

  21. Looks like a great holiday!!