Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Result!

Sms to Big C: Babe. Many ppl wish you get well soon.
Sms to me: Huh? U post in blog ah?
Sms to Big C: Yeah. Last night.
Sms to me: Oh ok. You tell them Thank You very much ah...


*Phone rang*
Me: How B? What did doctor say?
Big C: He say nothing wor. The stone maybe come out edi. That's why super pain yesterday.
Me: Sure or not? Got scan properly or not?
Big C: Scanned edi. Dun have..
Me: Okay la. How you feeling?
Big C: A bit better la now that I have Cheap Health Insurance. But not as pain as yesterday.
Me: Okay lo. So you go home and cook okay? *joking*
Big C: Orhhh. Bye. *serious*
Me: Aiks?


One the way home, I saw 2 familiar faces on the road side. It was Big C and Lil J walking home from the nanny's. Reached home and saw burgers waiting for me. *big smile* He tot I was serious when I asked him to cook.


Big C: Can we go Giant? I want to buy 1 carton of mineral water and put in my car.
Me : Huh? One Carton?
Big C: Yeah. I want to drink alot of water edi from today onwards.
Me : So late go kai kai?
Lil J : Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *want his Dadi to carry cos he heard the word Kai Kai*
Me : Okay Let's go.
(No. Never buy 1 carton. Only bought 2 bottles of 1.5 Litre. Expensive wor...*pengsan*)


At night before sleeping..

Me : How you feeling b?
Big C: Better edi. B, I sked...very sked.
Me : Sked of what?
Big C: I sked I'm not well. If my kidney spoil edi how?
Me : *giggle*
Big C: You laff ah? You not sked if I'm sick ah?
Me : That's why I always ask you to jaga yr health. Take vitamins like me. I take so much everyday so that I wont get sick cos I wanna jaga you both. And also control taking too much soft drinks and sweet things. You know yr parents, they both have history ah...
Big C: I don't want to drink soft drinks edi. I don't want to drink sweet things edi.
Me : Good.
Big C: *snore*
Me : Aiks! banyak cepat?


  1. aik......first comment ahh? yr big c sounded so worry leh....good of him...responsible man!! but it's comes on top of all esp when we hv young dependants, we shd all take good care!!

  2. it is never to late to start to control food intake! :) exercise is the key to be healthy ( that's my opinion la, but I'm just saying for the sake of saying, I'm a junkie!! ) Glad that he is well ! take care!!

  3. he willing to take the psyllium now???

    glad he's better!

  4. EstherL10:19 AM

    Great to hear that!!

  5. glad he's all good now! :D

    dun leave bottle watter in the car's not good esp if it has been under the sun!

  6. I'm also not taking soft drinks anymore same as your big C. You should help him by not taking too and besides its good for your health too.

  7. luckily no sick and tat stone ter-piss out..

  8. Glad ur hubb is alright..think i shall ditch my coke and pepsi ler.. --___--"

  9. pst, i wonder how long the i won't take soft drink edi will last yeah.... Lets count... :D

  10. Good for Big C!
    I bring a 2 liter bottle to office everyday lah :P

  11. Glad to hear tt ur hubby is OK. *wink*

  12. Good to hear all is well. Ya lah i think i better stop drinking cola... for today... hahahahahahha

  13. Lucky u no more work in Coc*Co**, otherwise every month sure got one carton free soft drinks..hahaha..
    Anyway, glad to hear that big c is doing fine!

  14. Big C also like Little C so clever to 'teh' hor? Sasha jadi nurse, cun! I heard men get turn on by white uniform and the little hat. Hahaha, anyway, good news lah, he is fine.

  15. Get insurance!

    The stones were caused by not enuf water / unhealthy diet?

  16. Glad to hear that Big C is getting better. Take care.

  17. One funny guy! Hahahaha!

    Glad that he's feeling much much better! ;)

  18. Great news lor...Sometimes it takes a certain 'condition' like this to make one realise how important it is to maintain ones health ...

  19. Tell him the water is not expensive lar! If sakit again the hospital bills lagi teruk!

    Hope he's well now!

  20. wahh!! thank God! :D

  21. Jaccs: Wah First one! Yeah esp when we have kids

    Min: Exercise time. Haha

    Mott: the husk ah. then he said the thing made him lau sai wor

    Esther: Yup!

    Huei: Yeah lor

    MG: Me seldom drink la. But my nature of my work requires it wor. How? Hahah

    Ritchie: Yeah ter pissed out

    BabyFiona: Yeah Ditch it Drink tea. Haha

    Shannon C: he is my guinea pig how to ditch it

    Egg: No need to bring la .Opit got ma

    Timothy's mum : WINK!

    Julian: Only for today

    Annie:Yeah now he drink tea edi

    5Xmom: Yeah pandai Teh.

    Etc mum: Yeah not enuff water Or always tahan from going to toilet.

    Ace: Yeah.Thanks

    Nadia: Yeah. Funny man

    EVE: YES!

    Angeleyes: Yeah hor!

    Ehon: Yeah! TQ!

  22. Thats good news!

  23. Glad to her Big C is feeling much better... :) maybe after this.. he is gonna change big time..??

  24. Glad to hear he is okay. *drinking water now*

  25. hope he is not just talk talk :)

  26. Wah, ur lou gong really learn his lesson wor.....think he will take good care of himself now onwards..

  27. glad to know Big C is ok now ..

    take good care yeah

  28. sasha, i copied this from judy's blog,
    Pineapple + Apple + Watermelon - To dispel excess salts, nourishes the bladder and kidney.

    maybe your Big C can try this.

  29. So glad to hear he is ok now. Big relieve. Health is very important, got money, no healthy body no use.

    Yeah, seems like the fruit juice quite ok, should try. But for me sked of diarrhoea, for many types of mix.

  30. Below is the treatment for gallstone, but I heard that apple juice is good to rid kidney stone too. The regimen below can be taken by friends tried. It works.

    1. For the first five days, take four glasses of apple juice every day. Or eat four or five apples, whichever you prefer. Apple juice softens the gallstones. During the five days, eat normally.
    2. On the sixth day, take no dinner.
    3. At 6 PM, take a teaspoon of Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) with a glass of warm water.
    4. At 8 PM, repeat the same. Magnesium sulphate opens the gallbladder ducts.
    5. At 10 PM, take half cup olive oil (or sesame oil) with half cup fresh lemon juice. Mix it well and drink it. The oil lubricates the stones to ease their passage.

  31. cannot drink mineral water la...lagi worse la! just normal water will do la!

  32. Glad to know that everything is fine.
    You can tell him, your readers are all very happy to hear the news. :)

  33. yes, drinking water is the best.

  34. Anonymous12:27 AM

    Hi I am Raymond. I do read yr blog sometimes. Just want to let yr Big C know tht it's not good to put the bottled mineral water in the car cos rite hot sun makes the bottle melt etc then the water will be poluted!!!!!! I heard this before dunno true or not. Take care!!

  35. Drink beer, drink beer! Beer drinkers don't get stones wan, I'm serious.
    Because when we drink, we pee alot and that helps to cleanse the bladder & kidneys.

  36. good to hear he's ok

  37. Huh? Stone came out oredi? *scratch head* Like dat oso can ah? Don't take too much salty food. Drink lots of water.

  38. Glad that he's better already. And yeahm read lots telling us not to put mineral water bottles in the car, the plastic heats up and the water kinda gets contaminated :S

  39. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Great to hear that he is fine ;)

  40. HMom : Yeah!

    mama bok : Maybe *wink*

    aprilWong : Yeah *drink water*

    huisia : Yeah i hope so too!

    CutiePrincessMummy : I hope he learn from this too

    Jessie Woo : Yeah Thanks!

    huisia : Okay i let him know thanks!

    Judy Chow : Yeah heis tummy quite sensitive wan

    Annie : wuah a long one here. Doc gave him Epsom salt too.

    laundryamah : Drank edi lor

    King's wife : He said very nice of you guys. Thank u!

    KK & WS : yeah. Now i gotto ask jayden, drink water. Big C drink water. Got 2 babies edi

    Raymond: Hi! Yeah seldom put in the car. THanks for the advice

    Cocka Doodle : Next tome u come u bring him go drink beer la. But no finding piao mei ah!

    jazzmint Yeah Thanks!

    Tracy : Yeah sendiri pecah and come out edi

    sue : Okok i tell him ya. Ten KIu!

    Rachel: Yeah :)

  41. owez the last one here.
    but better late than never... great news... Big C is ok now... but sked, eh?
    well, thats normal. for a caring husband, he shud feel scared. scared somethng really happen and not be able to hold his son again, not be able to sleep with his wife, not be able to see his son play football.. etc etc.
    More water please....

  42. Glad he's better..
    now he can buy you the other type of 'stone'.. or you are sick of stone for a while.