Monday, August 13, 2007

Dunno what title post...

*sigh* I don't know what title to put already. Cincai la. Can?

You know the feeling of waking up and you felt like you just wanna scold someone? Or find someone to scold? But to prevent that, you chose to keep quiet and don't feel like talking the whole day. That's how I was feeling lately. I though I was going mental until I spoke to him, and he told me he feel like that sometimes. So okay, I'm still curable. Haha

This picture was taken when I picked the dragon fruit seeds on Jayden's face the other day and made this :( on my finger. My niece asked me "Mai Mai (youngest aunt in Hainanese) How come you make a sad face? " And she picked up the seeds and make this.

She said . " See .............happy face!" (See how rough my hand is.. *sigh*)
Kids are so happy all the time. So happy and free..... If only adult can be like kids...carefree..

You see, kids are like mangosteen. Why mangosteen?Because my grandma once told me "A mangosteen won't lie to you. You look at the "backside" of the mangosteen? You see how many petal, that means how many seeds you will find inside the mangosteen."

See? True enough there are 6 seeds inside. (eat full nothing to do in my sis office so play play with my camera's macro mode. See so chekai pics...)

Anyway, yours truly went to this place just now..I was scratching my head and then I turned around and bang my elbow to the shelf last Saturday night. *ouch* So today I couldn't drive properly (cos I drives a manual car) and couldn't lift heavy things. So Big C brought me to SS2 for a hand massage. And I ended up getting a massage for my hand, back and leg. That man (yeah a man) kept on asking me why my hubby is so sporting, letting another man touch the wife. Some more it's back massage (errr you dun wear bra ma...but still covered la). I guess he was worried that Big C might wallop him. But he don't know Big was just lazy worried that he might hurt me further (the veins get more tangled up). That man stopped massaging my hand half way cos I was giggling and laughing. He asked me "why are you giggling?" He don't know, when I'm scared or painful, I will laugh. So imagine me on a roller coaster? Yeah I laugh all the way.

That man told me that my body is full with wind. Never "jaga" properly during confinement so masuk angin. That's why the whole body like ache here and there. He asked me to take care when I have my second one. I asked him "what second one?" He went like this ===>O_o

Okay damn syiok after massage. I wanna go zzz liao and hope that I will wake up feeling super happy tomorrow. Tomorrow's (or maybe the day after) topic will be "Dunggu Mama". You wanna read then you come back la. Okay? Bye! Bye! Bye!


  1. sasha,
    Akhem, who's the HIM you're chatting with. haha!

    Woohoo! New knowledge again. 6 stems 6 seeds. But, I no eat mangosteen one leh. hahaha!

    Dunggu Mummy? Interesting...I'm waiting.;)

  2. Jayden had dragon fruit again hor...

    Just remember if you see red poo poo tomorrow, it's the fruit and it's not blood ar ;p

  3. Next time if you want Thai massage can call me. I can introduce you in KL. All thai kok mui massage wan.

  4. ouch pain..get well soon

  5. er, i also experience that kind of mood swing, very normal one lar, don't worry. perhaps retail therapy could help :-)

  6. Hehehe.. 'satisfaction guaranteed'??? I'm dying for a good massage tooooooooo....

  7. I passby that massage place so frequently
    Though never step into it before

  8. too much of house chores izzit?? office work easier izzit??

    have a good rest both mentally & physically, massage is a good choice.

    i love mangosteen too, next time i will count!!

  9. Hope u feel better about massage how long i nv had already..*sob sob* I miss massage & i need one!!!!!

  10. mood swing....hmm..i have that sometime too,especially when the "you know what" on the way coming to visit me every month..usually i will choose to keep quiet, else i think first one kena will be my hubby, hahaha!

  11. i think i got inside my body too..ache here and there :<

  12. The massage, you don't feel pain meh? I was writhing in pain the one and only time I went to a reflexology.

    Hope you're feeling better now. :)

  13. red dragon fruit - eat already...output also also red one la!!

    why so moody? after massage better rite?

  14. Hi,
    Your blogs are so addictive. I spent the whole night reading it ( btw, it's 1.19am here in MN). I have no regrets though =).
    Those are nice pics that you have posted. Everyone in the pics are so gorgeous, from the babies to the mamasitas and papasitos.
    Anyways, your son is really really cute (from the pics and also from the description of what he does). And also, my son's date of birth is exectly the same like your baby..what a coincident!

  15. Hi Sasha...feeling great after the massage? Hey it was nice meeting u...wahh pretty n young mummy la! was telling barbara all the moms r so young!! *sigh* we're the oldest! bleh! Little J is so cute...pity him la the mozzie bites...i use 'kwai fa' balm n it's a good repellant. u wanna try?

  16. saw u 1 big happy family eat so many supper last sat.

    soweeiii forgot to introduce meself. I'm Blogerazi no 773

  17. awww ur niece is so cuteee!!!!

  18. dun scole people, dun anger, if not grow old veli fast wan. relax, practise meditations... dun make other unhappy, think positive, dun take trouble as trouble, take trouble as challange... go for a midnight skin dipping, sure ok wan, if not, bang ur head to the wall, sure ok wan... muahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa........!!!

  19. Sasha, now you very free hor? Make faces some more.

    PMS ah?? Sure must be lah. Luckily I was not there, wait you 'ketuk' myu head!

    How is your elbow? farni one, laughing all the way (maybe you enjoyed the massage he gave you lah). :P

  20. KOk: wAIT ...SLOWLY wait la

    Labeille: Haha this time its not the red one.

    Aceone: Yrs got Ahem service wan i dun wan.

    Jazz: still ouching now

    The blue ranger: Retail now...go out also dunno what to buy

    Etcetera~Mommy : eh i dun recommend u go to this one...u go spa better : this one my hub brought me wan. If myself also i wont go

    Jacss : I memang still work in office ma

    Annie Q : go and get massaged leh

    Joanne : Hmm its not time of the month wor

    huisia : u baru habis confinement only wor

    eastcoastlifeL PAIN LIKE MAD NOW!!!!!!!!!

    mommy of 2 angels : Yeah! hahaha

    Moonlight_tears : Thanks for the compliment. Later when u read more u will be bored of me. Hahaha

    Elly : YO SEXY MAMA! U SO SEXY ALSO!!! I bought new repellent edi. Thanks1

    frostier : i WHERE GOT EAT ALOT LA???????

    Huei : Yeah she memang happy go lucky wan

    W_W_Ho : Amboi. Banyak Cakap!

    Judy : Judy u also free hor? Hahahahhaahahahaha Pain la...still painful

  21. ehh.. the mangosteen thing really tepat ah? nx time i go try n cc.
    so good, go for massage. i m dying for a massage too...

  22. Oooh, I love massages too. After that, sure no mood swings! Love those faces you made! Cute.

  23. Wah, your Grandma is so clever! I know how to buy mangosteens now liau

  24. have some chocolate sasha. it's feel good food :) indulge a bit marr.. hope u are feeling bubbly again :)

  25. Hi Sasha, u r a hainanese kah? Me yes leh. U so special one... laugh when scared or in pain. So do u cry when u hear something funny? hehehe

  26. Eh.. post la contact.. next time I 'bang' myself I can go see him too.. Satisfaction guarenteed woh.