Friday, August 03, 2007

Singapore Trip Pictures

Okay I finally managed to compile my Spore pictures and combine it. Cause I know some of you guys don't really like to read long long grandmother stories and some told me they just scroll pictures. Nah! Scroll la! Haha

Big C went for training the day after we reached Spore. So only left the mother and the lil one in the hotel all alone. So every morning we will sleep till 10am and then we will walk out for makan makan session at the nearby flats.

The 2nd day, I enrolled for a Ducktour around the city and the river. But before the tour we need to get to Suntec City to get our tickets. So we went for a ride in the double decker bus. He liked it at first then he began to get irritated cos the wind was blowing towards his eyes.

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And the tour guide, talk and talk and talk non stop......
and Sasha snap and snap pictures non stop...
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Finally we got our tickets but we need to wait for another hour. So we took a quick bite of Nasi Lemak and Teh Ais before we went on the boat ride. The vehicle is actually a land and water kind of vehicle. And we're the last one to go on it, and there's no other seat available except the front seat nearest to the driver and the tour guide was just next to us. Talk and Talk and Talk again!
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Nothing special for the boat ride, Jayden slept after 20 mins of the boat ride. According to the tour guide, the river that we're at will be converted into a damp or water reservoir just in case Malaysia won't supply them water in the future. Okay, that's a good plan!
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Every night both Jayden and mami will look forward for Dadi's return from training. Then we will go for our dinner and walk walk around our hotel area. Our hotel area is near to Bugis night market. So lotsa things to SEE and buy. (But I didn't buy many things la..not working edi ma. Save money lo) Jayden was so impressed with the Giant Fan in the Bugis night market. It was so windy and nice......But most of the time it was raining in Spore so when the rain comes..brrrrr cold!
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The next day, I enrolled ourselves to Jurong Bird Park visit. We took the 2pm tour cause the earlier one was at 8am. Both mother and son still in lalaland how to wake up leh??? And there's another 2 ladies from Dubai that joint us in the same van. They're so nice. The daughter ( she looked the the hottie Ashwarai something something leh....) helped me to carry Jayden and also the stroller while we're at the park.
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But those who wish to go Jurong Bird Park, I suggest that you go early in the morning cause you won't be able to see all in 3 hours only. Our tour was an express one! The tour guide repeated told us "You need to go straight to the amphitheater to see the Bird Show. International Standard! Don't miss it!Then after that, don't take picture! Go straight to the monorail! Don't go down! wait until you reach the point and go straight to the Hawk show! Then you have 15 minutes to take picture! I will wait for you at the entrance at 4:45pm. Okay? Remember!"

The next day was just roaming around the Orchard road. Dang! It rained like mad that day. And I tell you it's so hard to travel around with him in the stroller and umbrella. Not many places in Spore is stroller/wheel chair friendly. I gotto carry him in the strolller up and down the stairs. And please remember that most of the restaurant do not have baby chair, except fast food outlets like McD or KFC.

The last day I woke up with a cacated right leg. Don't know why it was so painful but I think I sprained my leg or walked too much. But a mother got to do her duty. Still gotto walk out to buy breakfast. And it was a rainy day again. *sigh* But luckily it was the last day.

Since the journey to Spore was a mental one (read about the road bully here) on the way back I was praying all the way back from Spore until we reached our house. Thank god it was a smooth journey. Luckily no more road bullies or accident along the way.

So as conclusion,
Dadi happy cause he don't have to miss home.
Mami is happy because she get to be with both the guys that she love.
Jayden is happy because he get to travel in the bus, taxi, boat, MRT and Monorail. Only never get to ride bicycle. And get to swim in the bath tub everyday. And don't need to walk cause he travel most of the time in the stroller and get to see many many things. Buildings, fish, birds, vehicles blablabla...

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  1. good ah, now as a SAHM, can follow ur Big C around need miss miss liao..

  2. Fuahhhh... become GM life so nice hor? kekeke

  3. Wow! You sure did a lot!Looks like you enjoyed yourself here.

  4. sasha,
    You really keng oh. Can travel alone while taking care lil J.

  5. Baby chairs. Don't leave home without it.

    When my kids were young, my wife and I would only eat at places where they provide baby chairs.

  6. So, was the tour guide right about the timing we spend at Jurong Bird Park. Next time I know what to do lah. :)

    Lovely photos lei. Next time you come here and go on London eye, I think 100% better than Singapore Eye. :P

    Lastly ah, why you implied at the beginning of this post that ppl don't like long grandmother stories, are you implying my stories are very long ah? Wahahaha.

  7. typical tourist wor!
    no go Sentosa?

  8. Oscar's Mommy8:45 AM

    wa nice la yr trip. long time didnt go SG liow, i wonder how it looked like compare to some 10 yrs ago! good la being a SAHM, no need to take leave, just go oni... hehe.

  9. Sasha,
    Next time no baby chair, make sure you bring along a long sarong( not sewn one) & use it to tie around Jayden's waist to the chair (provided the chair has a back, of course!). This way, he won't be able to move & you can eat without having to keep one hand on him. :D

  10. Wow, make full use of your stay in SG. Unlike mine.....

    Next time you go SG, you know who to look for hor.. :P

  11. u very "geng" la, can go tour with ur son alone and can walk walk somemore. "Phui fook phui fook".

  12. Waaaahhhh.. nice pics! And get to spend time with the 2 boys, ey? Good on you! :)

  13. mom2ashley4:42 PM

    very detailed holiday writeup :)
    what a nice trip with the family - although hubby was at training...

  14. nice lar yur scrap !

  15.'s been quite sometime since i've been to spore...must bring the kids there end of the year....

  16. Khai Kee: No lu. now i work part time edi

    Kenny: Wah banyak lama takde jumpa

    Stay at home mum: Yeap!

    Kok:can ler...if got the heart to do it can wan.

    Adrian:no choice ler. everywhere also no chair wan!

    Judy: pssst ..i email u and tell u the whole story ah. Not talking about u wan...ok? U hamik email jek?

    egghead : go jorung bird park also i wanna die edi samo go sentosa?

    angie: changed liao....i went 2 yrs ago also diff edi

    dancing queen: HAH???TIE HIM? hahah he wont let u wan la

    yvonne: of cox!*wink*

    Annie: haha u also more keng la

    nadia: hehe yeap

    Mom2Ashley: Detailed? Not so only. haha

    Mummy To Qiqi: Thanks !

    Laundryamah: neh can go with angie. she also wanna go ma

  17. Sasha, quick, quick, tell me? Ears big, big already! Kekekek.

  18. And the conclusion's conclusion is mami only get to lepak everywhere because she no work liao mahhhhh....

  19. sound like u r having such a breeze life now.........envy so much!!

  20. Tak rak zoo?
    Zoo is a must right?

  21. Hijackqueen12:05 PM

    VEry nice scrapwork. Love the duck ride. Makes me wanna go singapore also.

  22. er... now then got the time to read your Singapore post. hehe..

    The pics are so nicely done up. Wat you do huh?

    The duck tour is fun. I took it with my son once. Jurong Bird Park is interesting too but your time is too rushed. You should have gone to the Zoo too.

    You didn't go around for nice food? aiyoooo... sayang!

  23. Anonymous8:40 PM

    actually it is call the Singapore Flyer..not the eye of singapore..