Monday, January 18, 2010

Bye Cha Cha

My ChaCha passed away last sunday while we're in PD. I took her with us and smuggled her into the apartment. Complain? What complain when my dog is paralyzed and hardly got the energy to bark. Maid woke me up at 4ish in the morning and I managed to accompany her till her last breath. We brought her back to PJ and buried her in my parents house. Jayden was sleeping when it happened and hub said better not show her to the kids- worried that they might get upset.

After the burial we went home and hub went to work. Then we drove back to my mums again for dinner. Before we came out, Jayden asked:

JD: Mami? where is cha cha?
Me: B.. Cha Cha die edi.
JD: *put head down and think* No cha cha is upstairs.
Me: No B. Cha Cha died at the beach place (PD).
JD: die?...Where is cha cha now?
Me: Cha Cha at poh poh's house. Just now mami dug a hole and buried her in the ground edi.
JD: *look confused*
Me: errr step 1, mami dig a hole. Step 2, put cha cha in the hole. Step 3, cover the hole and cha cha with soil. (need to explain using his fav method- OSO special way)

So when we reached mums house i brought him to the grave and showed him
Me: B . You see this? Underneath here, mami put cha cha.
JD: Step 1: dig a hole. Step 2, put cha cha inside. Step 3 , cover and die. Cha cha on the ground.
Me: In the ground. That's what happen when someone die. Die means cannot move, cannot eat, cannot play anymore. Cha Cha die because of accident. Something knock her back and she cannot move then she died. So you also must becareful okay?
JD: must be care...ful if not will die.
Me: Now you say bye bye to Cha Cha la..
Jd: Bye Cha Cha..


  1. AH! So sad to hear this. *hug*

    I must explain to my sons one day about what is "die" because there is one incident happen in school and they use the word "die" till i don't know want to laugh or cry. *sorry off topic a bit. :P*

  2. Me first???

    Take care. Don't sad too long ya. :)

  3. Hey Sasha, guess you have grown very fond of Cha Cha right.

    Dont be sad,ya?

  4. Hugs n kisses....
    Take care....

  5. *sobs* bye bye cha cha. look after your family from dog heaven, ok?

  6. Sha, Cha Cha will look after you and your family from above.

    At least she die under your arms. I'm sure she is sad to leave the 'Chan's' fmly behind but I'm sure she has her best fond memories with all of you.

    Take Care.

  7. etceteramommy8:21 PM

    Im so sorry to hear that. How's the big dog coping? :(

  8. so sorry to hear about cha cha. it was a good thing u brought her along to pd.

    rest in peace cha cha!

  9. Sorry to hear that. Good thing JD u'stds (sort of) wat has happened.

  10. luckily you all brought chacha with you to least she didn't die alone...

  11. sorry to hear dat... u did a rite choice by bring her along wif u to pd

  12. I also explain "death" to my 3 + years old daughter and she knows how to use it properly.

    It is sad when someone dearly passed away. RIP, Cha Cha.

  13. Its hard to talk about death to innocent children.

    Goodbye Cha Cha.

  14. Sorry to hear that...glad to read Jayden cope well with the news.

  15. RIP Cha Cha... and JD is able to use his method very well hoh..

  16. JD is so understand of the die of chacha...I'm sure he must be missing those days he played with her...

  17. jacss3:54 PM

    condolence ya...sorry!! good that JD coped well with the departure...

  18. sorry bout cha cha *hugs*
    jayden is really organise. i like the way he said step 1 step 2 step 3 ... hehhe so cute.

  19. oh my. i'm genuinely sad to hear cha cha's gone. i still remember all your entries on her. she was such a cute dog.

    thats the thing about pets.. they're so nice to have but everytime they pass on, a piece of u goes with them too.

  20. *sobs*

    Cha cha is frolicking in Doggie Heaven. Prolly scaring Bo-Bo..

  21. Sorry to hear that..sobs**
    Do take good care Sasha.

    Rest in peace dear Cha Cha.

  22. sory for ur cha cha ya .... i lost my pet dogs few year ago ... similar saiz like ur cha cha but more look like bulldog/"pack" .... so sad also .... take k k ...

  23. So sorry for your loss. But at least you accompanied ChaCha to the last minute.
    The most difficult part is explaining death to the little one. Till now Evan thinks that Furbie is sick and was taken away by the doctor. *sob*sob*

  24. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that. Cha Cha will live on forever in your hearts and memories.

  25. sorry to know about ur dog's demise.

  26. kids are just so simple. good for them.

  27. Its must be hard on u. Take care.

    Bye cha cha.

  28. =( it's so sad just to read this...poor cha cha..eventhough I haven't met her..i miss her


  29. Cha2 is in a good place now....She has RIP.