Friday, January 29, 2010

and the food go to the bum bum?

I drew this the other day....nice?

He is getting chattier each day and getting more matured daily. The other day he was not feeling well, been vomiting and having diarrhea. So after eating I told him:

Me: Jayden you just ate okay. So you better sit down and not move so much.
Jayden: Don't move.... Then the food goes to bum bum?
Me: err yeah. Wait for the food to go to the bum then only you move.

and he sat down .. hehe waiting for his food to go to his bum. Cos his teacher taught him about how the food travel from the mouth and ends with the poopoo coming out from the bum. He totally deleted the middle portion and only remembers the beginning and the ending.haha


That day while eating his fav food -- Bak Kut Teh. He was smiling ear to ear the moment we walked into the shop. Boy... he can eat 2 big bowls of rice (adult portion) if its Bak Kut Teh.He ate so fast, we got to ask him to slow down. If only he gobble everything like how he eats his bak kut teh..

Me: Jayden slow down. Chew your food.
Jayden: *laughing and eating*
Big C: eat slowly...
Jayden: *laugh and eat*
Me: Okay now full edi. Don't run around. Sit down if not you will vomit.
Jayden:Mami dear...The rice will go to the kukubird and the bak kut teh will go to the bum bum.
Me: Hah? hahha terbalik la you. The bak kut teh soup will go to your kukubird and the rice and pork will go to your bum bum.
Jayden: Oh!

And he sat down.. waiting for his fav food to travel to the bum.


  1. hahaha... he is cute, and cute ideas plus cute doodling Sasha!

  2. hehheheehehe...he is very adorable. btw, i like your drawing. Did you draw one of the lil cheeky lion?

  3. ahahahahha so cute la.. he is learning new stuff everyday.

  4. typical male. Got point A and Point Z. Deleted everything in between. kakaka.

    Wow..he can eat 2 bowl of rice? I can barely finish one bowl

    Lovely drawing

  5. lol, so funny! so cute how he can giggle eating his fav food. hey, u're really multi-talented, didnt know u can draw so well too. very nice.

  6. I like the drawing! cute!

  7. hahahha. wat is it with bak kut teh .. my kids also like but seldom let them take .. heaty with all the herbs. nice drawing. :)

  8. Very cute drawing. And you, very talented indeed.

  9. The cartoonified JD looks like... JD loh! hahaha Pandai-nyer. ;)
    So good that he listens to reasoning. Guai guai sit down.

  10. ahhaha..i like it, goes to bumbum! so cute!

  11. hahahahhahahahah! tis mommy ah, full of ideas. hahahahaha!

  12. Anonymous1:27 AM

    Hi Sasha I am Emily, came across your blog thru Krystal. Really enjoy your blog esp the pictures you taken, you have very good photography skill. Can I ask how you did the drawing of Jayden? Which program did you use..? Can share with me....? Hope we can be friend. I have 2 boys (4 years and 6 months) and live in London. My email, Hope to hear from you and your hot tips on photography!

  13. wuah... you v artsy fartsy hor.. really nice drawing.. me, I can't even draw an apple.

  14. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Like it... so funny, so cute :)

  15. information filtering. ;P

  16. Just jumping around, and liked your, bla blas?