Monday, January 25, 2010

My Name Is Annie

Last time my name was Shanti. Then now I am Annie. Not this leng lui annie. He was referrig to this Annie..

The caption for Annie is : I'm Annie, I'm Kind and Love to Cook.

Muahahhaha! So he think I'm as sweet as Annie. In fact she is very soft spoken and very very kind person. I'm totally opposite- I'm loud but I can be very kind ...sometimes. :)

So since I am Annie, then what about the rest of the family members?

Dadi is Dibo. Muahahhaha Explain to you later.
Justin is Ello. Ello is a naughty elephant that likes to ride on his car.
Jasmine (my niece) is Bunny who Loves to scream and is very vain. Thank god he didn't call me Bunny! I hate this bunny, she is very irritating!
And Jayden is Crow is a crow that is very intelligent and knows it all.

So when Big C found out he was Dibo he was abit disappointed. Cos he thought Jayden was talking about his size. In fact,... true la. He is the tallest and biggest among us. But then there's also other reasons. For example..

He likes to sayang us like this..

And also most important of all..

Dibo brings us gift!

P/s to Big C: So dadi, don't be upset when he call u Dibo ok? Lots of reasons behind it. :)

So now sometimes I am Annie. Sometimes I am Mami. Depends la.. what he wanna say. Abit confusing but then what the heck, just enjoy it.He's not going to be a kid forever right..... Maybe when I nyanyuk edi.. i will call myself Annie. Who knows... hehe


  1. hi so one day u might become Cinderella or Snow White too... whichever, u will always be the nice lady..

  2. I want a Dibo too. Can get any gift I want, anytime. :)

  3. hahaha... one more things, Annie good in cooking and sewing, same like you ler!

  4. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Where is Jeremy? Can he be the car?

    How about Boh Boh?

  5. Dear Sasha,,

    so shall you be Cinderalla, and Snow white,bring the magic to life.

    hey,you have a great week ahead

  6. hahahahhaha...cute cute. i like ello ;)

  7. Annie, this Crow is good at named who it represent among the Dibo gang. All so suitable to fit in...haha..

  8. so annie are you ok?! lol!

    so sweet la! jayden is really creative and definitely imaginative.

  9. wahahahahahahahaaha
    Beh tahan.. Crazy yet fun family.. wahahahaha

  10. Uiks? like this..this blog have to change name to Annie Bla Bla Bla? :p

  11. cute. my kids love watching dibo too. they can sing the whole theme song. the song's kinda cute too.

  12. Hi Annie Tan!!! LOL!

    My boys love to watch Dibo too, but they never think of their mummy's name also Annie and come out with this idea. Smart Jayden.

  13. annie likes to cook mah! yummy yummy food, so like mami lor! hehe!