Thursday, February 15, 2007

Are You Ready?

Are you ready for CNY? Jayden is ready. He just went for a haircut last Sunday in Hartamas.

At first his Dadi refused to let a barber cut his precious son's hair. Say might look ugly (how ugly can it be? Not much hair also!) Then while we were shopping around Hartamas area last Sunday, so happened we walked pass an Indian barber shop at 9pm++, suddenly Dadi said, come let go cut hair. It was written there that children's haircut is RM7. (okay ma...) So the indian barber placed Jayden on top of a small stool , on top of the big chair. He quietly sat down and didn't fuss at all, although he was very cranky and sleepy at that time. "Wokay! Apa Style Mau?" He asked. I was like "errrr kasi Stylo Mylo Sikit!". I was thinking...what hairstyle can make la..with this little hair? Hahahahhaha ...So Shiak! Shiak! NGEEHHHH ! NGEEHH!!! The sound of the scissors and the shaver, and he still didn't move. Even when the guy tilt his head left and right, he just obliged and follow. So good Boy!!! And he charges us RM5 (guilty la tu..cos Jayden got so lil hair! Haha)

So Jayden is ready for Cny..Are you ready?

Anyway, just wanna say thank you to all of you that Voted for him in Kindergarten Malaysia Baby Contest. He won consolation prize-RM10 voucher. Arrived in the this is what it looked like now..And I want to Thank someone for the items (bamboo chopstick and tea leaves) below:

This cheeky fella sent this stuff to me few days ago. I see the card, i know who is the sender. But she dun wanna admit its her who sent it to me. How i know who she is huh? First, who else wanna thank me besides her, i just revamped her blog for her with new skin. Second, only she will call me Sasha Tan. Only she will type "TQ" and only she will use so many !!! in a sentence.

Since she dun wanna admit, the next day i told her that I've thrown it away cos i scared someone send some jampi thinggy to me and she was like "AHHHHHHHH!! You throw it away ah?"

Annie Q...TQ VERY MUCH!!! and gotcha!

And to all.



  1. BAD SASHA TAN!!!!!!!!!:)
    But i still want to wish u & ur family GONG XI FA CAI!!HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

  2. Jayden such good boy. Obediently sat there for his haircut. Mine ar.. chances are his ears will be cut off instead.

  3. jayden is really a very good boy did you reward him after the haircut , I remeber my little son when he the same age as jayden , oh my god when I give him a haircut I need to nearly put a rope on him he will scream the whole house down but then my secound son olver < wen godson > he is very good like jayden .I can see jayden will be a very good boy .

  4. Yay! i remember voting for Jayden!
    At least he won something.

  5. yay...he won something :).

    eh must cut hair lah, cny mah..mine oso cut oredi, hansem hansem kekeke

  6. I oso want to cut Bryan's hair but my parents say cannot...later their grandson not hot still don let me cut his hair

  7. gong xi gong xi... u should put Jayden new hair cut here ma...

  8. wah Congrats to Jayden... at least he won something.... 10 bucks is better than nothing mah... at least our votes counts!

    We have et to bring Darrius for a hair cut.... only a few bulu swaying... dono how to cut also!

  9. Aisey, you didn't tell the indian barber to cut "karipop" style for Jayden ar? kakakaka

  10. RM5 is very cheap ya....

  11. hey, congratulations on your win!
    Gong Xi Fa Cai. - looks like Jayden is all set to usher in the Year of the Boar!!

  12. WOO HOO... he won he won... :D
    join again, win bigger... :D

    jayden so good? when cut hair... MUACKS...
    wei wei, never show jayden stylo after hair cut look meh?????

  13. Hehehe.. Happy CNY to you! =)

    RM 5 is cheap. I think Irfan punya was RM 7 hari tu. But the fler oyot of hair lah... I think he needs a haircut soon..

  14. i want see jayden with new hairstyle!

  15. Anonymous11:26 AM

    My Sean's head has never been shave. But he really needs a haircut. Usually I cut his hair but hubby complain so ugly I cut.