Friday, February 16, 2007

What a "tiring" Night Part II*updated*

OOOOOOOOO I nearly forgot about that night until i went home last night and started to cry when i told my hubby about what happened. It was like this..after everyone went to bed and just before we were awaken by someone who suddenly sat up and "on" the tv, i dreamt about something

I dreamt that i walked into a house and saw a group of ppl surrounding a table. And when they moved away, i saw my husband lying down on the table. And his eyes, around it was all black and his face like......he looked like dead people. And someone came and told me...He died. I was like WHAT????!!!!! Cannot Be! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can felt like my heart ache so badly and wanted to hold him immediately but someone came and held me back. She told me "It's not good to touch dead people". And they pulled me away

Suddenly my hubby sat up. Everybody was stunned and another guy said.. "ooh, he must have something that he wanted to do and he didn't get to do it. That's why he woke up [to finish his stuff and then die again]". (like dat also can ka?) I wanted to hug him so badly, i was crying like mad already that time. And my hubby turned around and said "B, why are you crying?" and he proceeded to do his normal things like watching tv and walked around the house. And then he came a gave me a bear hug. Everyone was like "OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cannot touch dead people wan!" After that hubby went to toilet, and everyone quickly pulled me out of the house, scared that he touch other ppl too.They said that when he's done, he will fall and die again??????? I cried like mad in my dream, i dunno whether i cried out loud or not. Probably I woke Jayden up and he grabbed the remote and turn the tv on. That's when he woke me up. I remembered the dream but dun wanna tell my hubby about it, scared that i might scare him.
And not forgetting...we received a call at 4.30 am ..guess from who?? RINI!! cilakak! I didn't even pick it up. nmflt betull....gila la call ppl at 4.30 am. Probably my name in her hp is AMOI and she wanted to call her ter press my name.'s Valentines Day ma..Proly she horny in the middle of the night and wanted to call her lover leh? Who knows? Muahahahah (EVIL ME!)
And then after 1 hour of patting Jayden's bumbum to sleep, i slept again. And this time i dreamt that i was blogging and clicked on Angeline's site and she changed her template! i fast fast msn her "woman! so free ah? Change template. Nice wor!" and then before angie can reply my msn...

tit tit tit tit tit Dang! My hp's time to go work. That's why it's so tiring

And last night, i told my hubby about the dream. He was abit shocked, not because of the dream details...because i was crying like mad when i told him about the dream. He hugged me and Jayden also wanted to hug hug. That's when i know I LUP my hubby veli much.... still and i dun wanna die after him if not i'll be sad like this all the time.



  1. adoi!what a dream.Dont worry la, old folks said all bad dream u must said it out than it wont happen, not sure how true la.My hub also dreamt me dead before!!!!

  2. aiyoooo no worry tonite sure will get nice dream geh.... Ah Wen oledi tell the fairy no more bad dreams for U....

  3. choi! san lin lau lau dream such dreams..aiya dream only..dun sked ok!

  4. Don't worry. It's just a dream... Hopefully no more nightmare for you...:)

  5. bad dream oni la... no sked. haha really i changed but changed to WP not changed temp... haha... will like you up when the WP site is ready. Kung Hei Fatt Choi...

  6. wakakaka!! "lai liew moong"!!! wakakaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!