Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Exit Part II

Wahhhhhhhhhh i wanna do my work and leave this company fast leh...but the msgs all coming in scolding me asking me to do this post fast fast. Vien in San fran also cannot sleep. My hubby also msging asking me to fast fast write. OKAY LA!!!!!!!!!!

Okay this time don't take popcorn edi. So..Go and bring food to make BBQ ka..or steamboat.. then the food can last longer. Hahah

so...where did i stop la? ooo never submit proposal..So S thought that was the end already. Mana tau, not even 1 hour later, the manager J called and ask S whether can talk or not. So Serious voice. S thought that's it la. S friend E will kena scolding from her. So S went to the staircase to talk la..cos S's office is full with busy-body bitches and bastards. So have to talk at the staircase.J offered S the job and S quite surprised cos she just wrote an email to the mkting director to reject the offer.

J was surprised to hear that the director asked S to write a proposal. Totally unacceptable..why wanna do proposal like applying for manager position la? J asked S. S said she don't know why but anyway she didn't do it. J said , "it's ok. but anyway, i'm offering you senior mkting exec tittle only after discussion with JL. And your pay is XX. " S was dumbfounded la..XX amount..only 15% increment from her current pay. Better just sit in current company and rot to death la. So S made up her mind already..and wont join the company. But she told J that she needs a few days time to think about it. But in the mind she already decided that she won't take up the job. steamboat eat half edi la..BBQ also finish kai yek (chicken wing) edi la..Still want to hear or not? Okay Okay ...Eat slowly la..Dun choke okay?

So..Think, Thought and thoughted..

Sunday night...S wanted to sleep edi. Suddenly the handfone rang wor. Picked up lo. Its S's old classmate A. A is currently working in advert agency and longing to join mkting line for years already. After struggling for few months looking for job, she finally found one job in the fitness centre as mkting exec lo. She asked how ah? Should i take a? They offer me XX pay wor. S was thinking ...WTF!!! XX amount. I work damn 9 long in mkting line also not offered so high leh. Even new job senior also offered me a lil bit more than her. nmflt..this is not fair..NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!! And A was still talking..bliblehblibleh...How ah ? How ah? S said...Take lor. I work so damn long in mkting also not getting so high pay. Single and free, take the job la. A said ..Okay! Thanks very much for yr advise a? Good Night :) . Click! S, half asleep, half awake...canoot sleep edi. Think Thought and Thoughted....Not Fair..and didn't sleep whole night!

Monday morning, S went to office and wrote letter to J, Die Die i want my pay this much . (nicer term la) and J never replied for 2-3 days. So S said..Hahahaha Fail again. Work la..Continue to work in this company, see the same ppl's face for many more years. S msned her hubby tonight we make baby girl. S hubby said.. Ah????? errrr
No..Nothing happened that night. Hahaha

So then J called S and said , ok. We're giving you according to what you asked for. But u must come in fast. We're hiring a contract manager to guide you thru and yr position don't require you to travel. NO NEED TO TRAVEL???GET THE SAME PAY AS ASST MGR??? WOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! S told J, okay. Gimme a day to think okay? Hahhaa Still wanna jual mahal la tu. So S went home and told hubby, hubby happy (YAY! No need to make BB).

So how edi ah????? I also forgot edi la! Adoi!

Then DI DI DA DA S submitted her resignation on Friday noon. Her bossie came back at 5.25pm. Bugger! 5 Min before the day end????? Even the receptionist said to S, ask her to go home la. Ppl go home now only she come back. Dunno where she went..Ish Ish Ish...

Okay la...VIEN wanna go sleep edi, so have to post this up fast fast....

So to be continued la!


  1. Watlau eh! Still to be continue? You really want me to start brewing coffee ar?? LOL! Okay la, thanks again for complying to my request. :P

  2. eh your hubby didn't know the story meh? how come he also come to read your blog for the story geh?

  3. OMG must pat pat Big C why he said no need to make baby when S said got good offer. He thought S is baby machine ar *pat pat*

  4. walau, this is bollywood story 3cd one

  5. Wat lar Sasha, now is advertisement time issit? hahaha!

  6. aiyoyo...still no ending yet ar?? hurry up...episode 3 pls!

  7. beckysmum4:42 PM

    eh, when you write about want to find a new girlfren for Big C I tot you mean try for a baby girl! Is this what you mean? Aiyo.. why ur story always tergendala one??!

  8. TNS, popcorns sudah habis, biscuits sudah habis, kopi sudah habis, ada Part III pulak! Ur stoli damn long. Must bring my blanket along lor like dat.

  9. can you just msn me the end of story ar?
    BEHTAHAN!!! SUSPENSE betul...

  10. I call you now!!!!!! LOL

  11. Congrats with your new job..hope you have loads of fun..!

  12. Wow, soap opera series, any spoilers? So many signal to you also you took so long to dump your current/ex boss ah.

    Congrats on your new job. Now when is the celebration of treating us?