Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Exit (Tai Kit Kuk)

You guys bored edi or not? Like what Tracy said..

Tracy said...
TNS, popcorns sudah habis, biscuits sudah habis, kopi sudah habis, ada Part III pulak! Ur stoli damn long. Must bring my blanket along lor like dat.

So go and bring yr blankie la..*yawn* But i plomise u read also you feel like throwing yr dirty and smelly underwear to the computer screen edi! You dun believe...Come i tellyiu.

So before the 5.25pm..S smsed her current boss asking her whether she's coming back from dunno where la. And the bossie never reply. knn. Then 5.25pm only called.. S, you looking for me? Pop by.. Diu la. So late only come back. Better dun come back la. So S asked her to sign a quotation and the bossie turn around to take a file and when she turn back.. she saw an envelope on the table and her eyes like juling juling abit ..roll eyes konon la. The Bossie asked ..S are you resigning? S said..Yeah. And the bossie fast fast (Nadia's favourite) Fast Fast open and read the resignation letter, written " althought under the employment agreement I have to submit 2 months notice, however i wish to request for an early release due to the fact that i'll be joining another company under its XXX division" (which falls under the same product S is handling another words....some sort of competitor la

The bossie fastfast ask..which company you joining jek? S replied XXX. Bossie said Ah?? That company ah? So small? Good Meh? Here no good meh? And S replied.. I'm going to do Brand. Bossie said AH???????? Why everyone also want to go Brand? You all think Brand very Glaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*roll eyes*aaamouurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr meh? Here, if you wanna go anywhere also i can transfer you. You wanna do Mkting services..National Account? Bla Bla Bla You tell me. I can transfer you. S damn beh song edi. She just replied, yeah i know can transfer. But i see some ppl wanna transfer long time also not moving anywhere. Besides, even if i stay here, in any position also, it wont bring me to anywhere close to where i wanna be in the future. Bossie Tulan Edi. Roll eyes samo(yalah roll samo..tersekat then become juling then u know , hahahah)

So she try to use other factor to pull S back. You join this company ah, very busy wan hor..Then your son how? (yeah like you care, suddenly so caring) He is so small only..then you have to travel and all...then you cannot spend time with your baby. And your hubby...He has his own business right ? (Damn all think my hubby is wan tan mee man) He wont have time to take care of your son. Then you how? S very the beh song. How can the bossie use the son as a pull back factor. S said, Yeah. Initially they offered me APM but i rejected them cos i need to take care of Spore and Msia mkt and need to fly here and there. But then now they offered me Senior, and no need to travel at all. So that's good for me. Bossie wanna start cakap again....and rolling eyes edi...S stopped her. Actually I never apply for this position. I thought i wanna stay longer here, but they looked for me. (Action la...saja wanna make bossie angeli) I thought about ALL the FACTOR for VERY LONG TIME before i tender. Boss got cut off straight. I think cat got the tongue or something

Bossie beh song(Not happy). Counter attacked. Bossie said..Actually I know u have potential that's why I FISHED you out of that dept. When you join, you're BLUR. Then your boss also BLUR. Means BLUR plus BLUR equals to BLUR BLUR DEPT. Just like your new JOB!

Okay...Don't throw the shoes yet! Wait! Wait! S won't simply loose in the arguement wan okay?

S counter attacked.

Yeah. We are new and blur but we managed to get things thru. But too bad K gotto leave and after that i went for maternity. And when i got back everything is in a mess. I also very susah hati looking at the condition like this.

Bossie said. You not happy with your current job function meh?

S tot..NMFLT! everyday ask me to arrange meeting and write minutes! Sei la! S said..I'm very happy with my job. in fact I'm SO COMFORTABLE...come to work at 8.30 go home at 5.30. Arrange my schedule properly and my work is okay la. (Yeah right. Blog la!)But comfy is one thing but all these while i like to do branding. And if i stay here forever, it wont get me there.

Bossie said small company, cannot get you anywhere wan la.

S said..Big company like ours now is good. But small also can have opportunity. In fact more cos I'll be the pioneer to XXX and there's more possibility for promotion.

Bossie Tu lan Edi. BIG SMILE. Okay..But i'm just afraid that the catalogue cannot come out in time. blablabla.. S cut her off. I will make sure everything is done before end of Feb. By March you wont need me here, March is only the printing part.

Bossie giving Fake Big Smile. Okay. I'll see how first.

S said. Okay . You let me knowla . So i can tell my new boss.

Bossie. Okayla...Say so much. Turn around.

S walked out of the room.

Like dat lo..ending liao....So now S just sit there and wait la. But confirmed that the resignation went to HR edi and they're looking for ppl edi. Some ppl avoiding S cos they heard she's joining competitor. Some bosses Jeling Jeling.

So S just wait and see lor.




  1. *wipes sweat off forehead*

    So kan cheong this story!

    Good on u! Now..all u gotta do is tie up loose ends..and toodaloo!! TA!!TA!!

  2. full of suspense and such a loooooonnnngggg story. Haven't read such a long one in a very long time :D Yr boss is very tricky eh? If she can't find a replacement, sure will come out with story and won't release you early. "siew sum, siew sum".

  3. wah.. yr boss so *yin sat*. fast fast chap pau fook ciao!!!

    So, tmr got new story or not ar?

  4. Sasha Tan!!! Salute salute u for the long long long stori!!! Lucky i can read part II and part III together.Otherwise i will like Tracy scold TNS already...hahaha!!

  5. Hahahahah luckily me too when to la la land and come back read together part 2 and tai kit kuk if not ah I msg all the way from London wake U up and ask u do it no nid sleep la... I am even worst then ur boss.... Anyway good for U la wat is done is done no nid to worry wat other ppl say or think long as U are happy with it then fine.. Okie!!

  6. At last the ending. Dun listen to wat ppl said just be urself cos u know urself better than them *Cheers Ya*

  7. aiyoyo ur story super duper long.. but v funny la.. have a good laugh...

    now only i know u r in marketing line... hehehehe... next time have to "cham cha" for sifu liao lol...(going to graduate MKTG student) hahah so u gonna mengaku this "tou tai" or not? hahah

  8. Wow finally THE END. You very good in capturing your reader's attention...with all your funny effects.

    Anyway all the best in the new job.

  9. at looooooooooong last! hey, hang in there for a little while more n good luck in ur new one. Cheer up ok!

  10. forgot to ask CNY bonus leh!! kekeke

  11. Finally finish reading yr long long long story. I tot u are joining the SAHM club.

    Very suspence lo. Good luck in yr new job.

  12. FireHorse1:02 AM

    Wah very long story, will come back and read when have more time, tot you got blog lausai again at first, hehe, btw I like your new format, very nice and easy on the eyes.

  13. PHEW! FINALLY ar??
    i have a question, when u start, that would mean lesser bloggin... AIYOH!!

  14. *clap clap clap*
    totally inspiring... this story teach all the bosses out there not to "dak jui" women! LOL!

    ur story inspired me to put up mine also... too lazy to write earlier... just put title only... LOL!

  15. your boss is such a BIatch lah ... Dun gif her a damn ler.. just leave the company ler..

    I sapport you !

  16. aih...i'm having the same dilema too ler...resign or don't resign...but i'm not as lucky as you...i want to resign, but still haven't found a new job...

    anyway, wishing you all the very best in your new job!!!

  17. Actuarrrry when u involved in sales/marketing job, and when u resign and give 1-2 months notice, the company will ask u to leave early one and maybe also compensate u ur notice. Cos u are going to work for a competitor, sure ask u to cabut ealry so that u dont take any secrets (konon lah) with u... hehehe. Like here, sales ppl give one month notice, then they tell u, within one week u can cabut liao, even pay u extra to cabut.

  18. Wow, Your kan cheong stories make my eyes blur blur liaow. Good for you la, finally ur dreams come true. ur boss must hv like u s o much eh to sweet/sour talk u to stay.

  19. Wahhh....ur story if go for filming think ngam ngam 3hrs! Megablockbuster!!! Anyway, congrat for getting a jow with higher pay, nicer tittle and hopefully fewer workload! shiok or not like tat?! hahaha!!!

  20. aiyo aiyo - I have read blogs for so many many weeks, and then when I click your link, for a moment tot that I got the wrong site !!!! Nice nice....but apologies, I got no time to finish reading the story.....

  21. wah didn't check ur site a few days onli....wah so much drama happened!

    wah u real terror...i like the way u stand up to ur boss...ahahhaha

  22. FINALLY! So loooonggg until my rice pun nak habis dah. Hehe.

    Good luck with the new job. But don't neglect the blog, yah? ;)

  23. waraoeh! u r right darn long but then hor..nice to read wor! hahahahhaa...good for you that u got a better offer. eh i don't see your name in my msn list leow,,,new job don't fren me ledi ah?

  24. Clap, clap hands for Sasha!!! Good move. Sigh, wanna be like you also and enjoy the rest of the month. Nice new skin but I liked the other one also coz you are cR3@+iv3 =)

  25. Wahhhh... is it the place you said you were at the last time you MSNed me? Near my office ah??

  26. NO need to work liao lah....can snake BIG TIME

  27. Hijackqueen2:34 PM

    Lol, the way you put them is so farnee. I keep a watch out if any of my workmate is watching me sniggering. lol.

  28. walau.. so the drama one you resign?

    Anyway, the current company can say don't let you leave one meh? Can say 'see how' one meh?

    Good lar you.. so young and so full of potential.. me lazy bum liao.. just stay put and see when they give me big envolop with big package to ask me to leave lar.

  29. very good story, got potential to be published as a movie.

    very good lar your new company, offering what you want. very seldom can come across company that appreciate your quality.

    i don't think your current company can reject your resignation as you already given enough notice for them to find another replacement. wishing a good start on your new job ya!

  30. Dat day u posted ur Part III, I sudah balik lor, tak boleh tunggu lagi and yesterday the flu sudah caught me so did not 'watch' the Part III.

    I sudah makan ubat, so the first time read, still blur blur, so got to read the 2nd time.

    Wuah seh! Finally, sudah the end. I thought if u got Part IV, u better censor dat lor.

    I tell u hor, u can go an apply for the job of a scripwriter lar.

    So how? Whether they release or do not release u, u pun cabut lor, so why wait for them to release u leh?

    BEST OF LUCK on ur new job and hope u can 'snake snake' to chat and blog!

  31. Opps almost burn my popcorns. Hrmm...really wanna know where you are going to.