Monday, February 26, 2007

5 reasons why i blog meme

Berkali-kali I kena tagged and berkali-kali I said i don't wanna do tag but i berkali-kali still answer tag. hahahhah OKAY! Last time ah! Dun tag me anymore! This time die-die must do cos this sifu tagged me.

So why i blog?

1. I like to talk too much until nobody (including my hubby ~ well, sometimes) wanna layan me. So i gotto talk to the internet and let ppl know what I wanna talk about. Sad huh? And you know what is sadder? My hubby reads my blog. When I tell him something at home, and he goes like "ah huh..ah huh" and forget about it...but he can remember what i write! You say sad or not???

2. I learn alot from the mommies online. Free and easy tips...everyone is creating more and more easy ways to cook for kids, how to take care of cranky kids and all. Don't you wanna learn too? Free tips wor!

3. Free jokes to cheer you up~ read posts from Ah Pek, Ace, Cocka, LinPeh and Wingz everyday is like vitamins... Although sometimes you have already read the posts but somehow these guys managed to twist and turn and make things sizzle abit and still make you laff.

4. I wanna show off my son. Yeah, although my son is not as cute as some other kids, not as smart as other kids, not as chubby and other kids, but it's an achivement for myself to remind me that I'm still doing a good job after my 18 hours of labour!

5. Make new frens la! Before blogging i only have 30+ ppl on my msn list. After blogging, my list is so so long. Sometimes i get mails from ppl, especially from readers telling me that they love what they see in my blog really makes me happy.....Happy to know that someone actually like to read my blog crap.

Now I'm gonna Tag Another 5 bloggers:
Desperate Mummy
Baby Ryan Lim


  1. I so happy oso you No tag me! Tank Q. *wink-wink*.

  2. Alamak! I kena tagged by sasha! I think I die die also must do the tag liao eh? I'll do it after I settle everything ok? After I do the tag, I hope there's an angpao in my mailbox. haha!

  3. See, I know you cannot give up blogging no matter how busy. ;P

  4. Ha! Almost the same as my reasons...

  5. U always kena tagged becos u are soooo famous mar. Hahaha.

    But seriously, I'm sure everyone who visits ur blog loves and enjoys reading ur posts.

  6. Agree wi Tracy la.. we all love your blog. Gonna miss you a lot once you start work at new place...

    Btw.. i answered your tag edi. :P

  7. Thanks ya, woman! U got tagged berkali-kali because we LAFU mar..heh heh...oklah, this is last one from me :P